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Introducing Edel Array Putters.

It has been a whirlwind of change for Edel Golf in the last year, and while big changes can often be reactionary, these have been purely proactive. When Doug Coors (yes, that Coors) purchased the company and an impending move to Colorado was announced, there was some hesitation to just what might happen to all the momentum that the brand had found with EAS putters as well as SMS wedge and iron lineups. 

There need not have been any worry, as it was his being blown away at the education potential that Edel held for golfers which spearheaded his desire to acquire the brand. That potential was the focus when they unleashed their R&D teams to take the core of what has made Edel unique and make it even more digestible to more golfer. 

That is where Array Putters come in, the new lineup from Edel seeks to shift the tides on the war against aim bias by making putter fitting more down to earth than ever while not losing the science. 

Array Putters

What is Aim Bias?

If you have read about my prior experience with Edel and their putter fitting process (here:  The Edel Fitting Experience – The Hackers Paradise) then you likely have a pretty good understanding of what “Aim Bias” is when it comes to putting. There is no exaggeration when saying that it is Edel who has changed the way we think about putter fitting, and they have had the science to prove it. 

The reality is that all golfers have aim bias, specifically when it comes to putting. Part of that is because it is such a precise stroke we place added stress on ourselves via manipulation and compensation. The other aspect is that every single line and curve of a putter has a massive impact on what you think you see, and what you really see. 

Edel Array Putter F2

In fact, their testing has shown that from 6-feet only 3% of golfers aim correctly, 20% can aim within the hole but have loft issues, and 80% cannot aim within the hole even presenting the ideal loft at impact for their stroke. All told, 94% of the direction your putt is going to roll is dictated by face angle at impact, and if you aren’t seeing what you think you are, then the deck is stacked against you from the start. 

Yes, part of aim bias is indeed your eye dominance. However, it is everything about a putter that impacts your alignment as it draws the eyes to a specific spot. For example, an elongated alignment line will pull the golfers eyes back away from the ball and to the rear of the putter increasing right bias, while a dot on the topline will bring them forward also shifting things left. Similarly, the offset, neck style, and even the shape of the putter head itself will push and pull your eyes when standing over a putt without you ever realizing it.

This is where EAS and the precision fitting system which Edel Golf created was nothing short of revolutionary. By using a laser fitting system in which the golfer has a mirror attached to the face of their putter and is asked to align for a straight 6-foot putt, aim bias is revealed. After setting up, the laser is activated and reflects off the mirror, back to the target where it will appear on a fold out screen showing both right/left bias as well as loft bias. From there, the process is repeated after changing shape, alignment, offset, length, and every other aspect imaginable to dial in a putter specifically fit for that golfer. 

There has been to this point one hiccup to the EAS fitting process, for as thorough as it is, it also is at times quite complicated for some fitters. That is where the new Array lineup comes in. By narrowing the number of shapes while making three of the four new models entirely modular, Edel believes they have done more, with less. Don’t worry though, that doesn’t mean there is any sacrifice in quality, if anything, we are about to see an era in that regard which could open eyes and drop jaws. 

The Edel Array Putters - Mallets

Edel Golf – Array Putters

Why so much talk about aim bias before getting to the meat and potatoes of what Edel Golf is bringing in 2024? Because aim bias creates path bias, it causes rotation issues, it affects the ability to put the correct speed needed to hit different lines, and all of that causes compensations which affects green reading. 

The Edel Arrary F3

Why aren’t more companies talking about it then? To be honest, because they look at comprehensive fitting of putters down to every minutia as a headache, so they make as many options as possible while slapping the “most common” alignment setups on them and run with it. Does that mean you can’t find a putter that fits off the shelf? Of course not, but just as every single golf swing is unique and we urge fitting for that, so too is every putting stroke unique, and Edel believes that it too deserves the opportunity for thorough fitting.

The Edel Array Putters F1

The word Array itself means “an impressive display or range of a particular type of thing”, which makes is quite the apropos name for this putter release from Edel. The line itself consists of four different shapes, three mallets and one blade. The aim with Array, pun intended, is to help golfers find their aim and make more putts because of it. Simplification was a critical goal, but not at the cost of performance or having something for everyone. 

High end materials are meeting next level modularity in a putter, where all told there are four head shapes, four hosel options (slant, single-bend, short plumber’s, long plumber’s), six alignment options of mallets, two alignment choices on the blade, adjustable dual sole weights (5, 10, 15, 20, 25g), Tour Lock Opti-Vibe internal weighting options (30, 50, 75g), and four different stock options. Mix all that together and you have options upon options to dial in a fitting which yes, is still utilizing that amazing laser fitting system. 

There are three mallet shapes within the Array line. The Array F-1 is a high MOI design which is reminiscent of a Spider and seeks to get the weight back and increase stability while providing a more square overall look. Next, the Array F-2 is a traditional Seven style fanged mallet with Edel’s twist on it and giving golfers a very familiar look in a new manner. Finally, the Array F-3 is a unique rounded mallet which has a shallow half-moon cutout in the rear of the head.  

The key to the mallet options is that previously mentioned modularity, which has also taken Edel on a journey to create an innovative multi-material construction. First, the striking surface is made of 1025 Carbon Steel finished in DBM Black and features the same Hex Milled face pattern which was in the EAS to optimize roll across the face. The heads also use four different 1025 Carbon Steel hosel options as previously mentioned. Those pieces attach to a 6061 T6 Aluminum body finished in silver upon which one of the six different DBM black alignment plates (also 6061 T6) affix to. All these pieces are brought together using screws, rubber inserts, and vibration tape to ensure fit, function, sound (feel), as well as future modularity. It is also worth noting, the screws all use the T25 Torx fitting, which is most used across the golf industry guaranteeing everyone should have a wrench that will fit. 

Edel Array Putters - Alignment options

But the blade users need not worry, while there won’t be as many options for you as with the EAS lineup, the Array B-1 should appeal to many. This is a wide-body blade head shape which is fully milled out of 1025 Carbon Steel and finished in the same DBM Black finish as the mallets.  These won’t rust while also being extremely durable without sacrificing the feel which carbon steel is known for in putters. It will only have two alignment options in a topline dot as well as traditional single flange line and will have the same four hosel options as the mallets. 

Edel Array Putters - The Blades

There are of course some notable changes with Array compared to EAS like the departure from Torque Balanced (Toe Up) design with its single weight system in the sole. Here, Edel is now utilizing a two weight system with a plethora of weight options which can be used in any number of combinations during a fitting to dial in for a golfers aim bias. With Array, there are four different toe-hang situations for each head depending on what neck is installed. Combining that with the dual weight system has Edel believing they can reach a wider audience now as well as less apprehension from some with the industrial and abstract qualities which Torque Balance created in the past. 


Array Putter Tech Specs

Toe Hang:

Edel Golf – Array Fitting Kit 

While we will have much more to come on the entire range of Array putters from Edel, THP was able to also get our hands on the brand’s new fitting setups and it only makes sense to share.

Edel Array Putters Fitting Kit

Not only is it probably the coolest briefcase ever, it brings a lot more function and mobility than the kits for the EAS did. While I personally loved the tool-chest fitting kits, this makes the task far less daunting while still being packed to the brim with importance. 

Internally, it is a golf nerd’s dream. From all the laser pointer accoutrements to the simplicity of the string target used for dialing in speed fitting there is functionality galore. Of course, eyes do also immediately find the full range of sole weights (now that each head uses two this time around), Tour Lock internal weight system, as well as the alignment plates for the F-Series putters. This might be the coolest fitting kit ever. 

The DetailsEdel Array Putters

Streamlined might be the best way to put the Array Putter lineup that Edel has created here. They have managed simplify things with cleaner and more normalized tech while also keeping their roots of innovation when it comes to being the leader in comprehensive putter fitting. 

Each putter is priced at $399.99 and will come with one of four proprietary Edel grips as standard (Round, Round Slim, Flat, Flat Slim) that are now a more modern material composition and no longer solid rubber. Perhaps the most exciting news though, all three mallet shapes will also be available to left-handed golfers (minus long plumber’s neck). 

The new Edel Array putters will officially hit fitters and retailers worldwide starting on 2/16/24. Stay tuned to THP as we will have much more to come on the entire lineup, fitting kid and more, very soon. 

For more information on the new Edel Array Putters check out their website at www.edelgolf.com.

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