Edel Wedges: Moving Weight

Back in April, we reviewed the new Edel wedges. Premium craftsmanship, but more than “just a wedge”. The ability to manipulate weight in the back of the product to match your game moved to the forefront of the discussion.

Our testing showed it not only worked as described, but possibly better with every aspect of wedge performance exceeding performance with the right fit of placement. Lots of questions came in about those weights, so we asked Chris Koske from Edel to come to the THP Tech Studio and walk you through what they are and how they work.

In the video above, we walk you through the tech specs of the weights and then explain who might benefit from weight placement in certain spots. And most importantly, how changing the weight might alter performance.

After watching that, where do you think you would place the 8g weight in your Edel wedges? For more information on this or their entire product line, check out their website www.edelgolf.com.

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