Eiseles Ultimate Golf Utility Clip Review

Let’s face it, most golfers have some quirks. Certain things make players comfortable or feel better about their game and in this crazy game we call golf, every little thing matters. Some have lucky ball marks that they use while others can only have certain things in their pockets at all times. Me, I have only one criteria, and that is that I cannot play with ANYTHING in my pockets. I find it distracts me and never just feels comfortable.

Each month we are lucky enough to have our readers point us in the direction of certain products that they would like more information on or things that they would like us to review. So when we had three different readers request that we review the Eiseles Golf Utility Clip, we were a little curious. I must say when I first took a look at the website, I was not so sure what to expect. But after reading a little more, I realized that this was something that this reviewer may very well certainly like. Think of this little device as a golfers little version of Batman’s Belt. It has a little bit of everything to make a player’s life a little easier out there on the course.

After taking that further look, we contacted the company and they were nice enough to send us over a couple of samples to take out for a test drive. We received a clip in both black and brown color and they come complete with just about everything you could imagine.
From the company:

The Eiseles Ultimate Golf Utility Clip was created with all golfers in mind; your concentration should be on the game and there should be no discomfort when taking a swing because your pockets are full with divots, balls etc. Let the Eiseles Clip take care of it all. It is a perfectly designed leather clip that holds your extra ball, two tees, a divot tool, ball marker, and your golf glove. It is truly the Ultimate Golf Utility Clip!

Eiseles Clip is hand crafted and designed so that golfers will not even realize they are wearing a clip on their Hip. This Leather clip bends around your hip and Does Not Interfere with your golf swing at all. That’s right, it is extremely lightweight and the Eiseles clip sits perfectly around your Hip by clipping either to your belt or your pants. Because the clip is made of leather, it will form comfortably to each individual’s Hip.

This utility clip will make your golf game complete. As a golfer, you are now finally able to have access to all the utilities while playing by using the Eiseles Ultimate Golf Utility Clip. The clip was designed to sit on the side of the right hip for both Left handed and Right handed golfers.

As you can see by the pictures, if it is something you will need on the course, the Eiseles Ultimate Golf Utility Clip has you covered. Like to have a spare golf ball on you? The clip has the spot for it. The leather clip has a spot for not only the golf ball, but also divot repair tools, spare tees, a ball marker, and a very cool little piece of velcro that will hold your glove on while you take it off to putt.

We put up some pictures in the forum when the clip first arrived and most had the same feedback, that it was too bulky and that it would get in the way while they were playing. We decided to put it to the test and see just how it felt while playing 18 holes wearing this leather belt accessory. Each day I headed to the course I strapped on the clip and took it out with me. For 4-5 rounds I played with it on my hip and I will be the first to say, that after the first swing, you do not even realize it is there. Although it is fairly large looking, the way it bends and where it sits on your body, you really forget that you are wearing it. However in the FL heat, you do get VERY WARM where the accessory is sitting on your belt.

I sent both of our samples out with our testers for 8 rounds total and all the testers had the same feelings that I had. In the Florida heat, it feels like your side is almost boiling with the added weight and heavy leather on your person. Like me, none of them had any issue with it clipped and said that if the heat was not a factor, they may like this thing quite a bit.

At THP we care a little more than most about style and I must say that I did not care for the look of this device as much as I did its functionality. I found that as much as I pride myself on my golf apparel, this little gadget seemed to set me back a little bit. So it would really come down to which side of that you prefer…Form or Function. The weight of the belt clip also did cause a few issues with keeping everybody’s shirt tucked in properly as that particular side where the leather utility clip was on seemed to sag just a bit.

Overall we found the Eiseles Ultimate Golf Utility Clip quite a good little gadget. For people that do not like to carry things in their pockets, this one could be a great little device for them. While we had a few issues with the style of the clip, we had no issues with it getting in the way. Available in Black or Brown and includes ball marker, divot tool, and 2 tees. If you do not like to have anything in your pockets during play, this just might be what you are looking for. For more information including pricing, please check out their website.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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