Election Day Golf – What Would You Do?

Today is election day in the states and that means people head out to cast their ballot. It makes you feel good leaving the booth, patriotic in a sense and wearing that “I Voted” sticker proudly for the rest of the day. Better than a day of golf? Well that is debatable and why THP is asking the question…What would you do?

If someone gave you a round at Augusta, home of the Masters in exchange for the ability to vote in the Presidential election for this year. Meaning instead of going to the both, voting early or using an absentee ballot, you would play the course on election day.

What would you do?

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  • I would play the course. Right or wrong, I am one of those that feels that my “vote” means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

  • Yes I would. My state usually is one-sided anyways so my vote wouldn’t make a difference. Plus, I could vote in any other election in my life. Playing Augusta is a one in a lifetime chance that I wouldn’t pass up.

  • I’d play in a heartbeat. Life’s been the same for me through a few different presidents, but life wouldn’t be the same if I got a chance to tee it up at Augusta.

  • My right to vote is way more important then a round at Augusta.

  • Ooh that’s hard, playing Augusta is everyone’s golf dream, and it would be a once in a lifetime op, but the outcome of the election is important too, ugh If the round at Augusta was free and fully exclusive, heck I’d take the round at Augusta

  • While I vote in every election, I would trade that vote for a round at Augusta. Voting comes every two years, a round at Augusta comes around never for 99% of the population.

  • Id like to say Id excericse my right to vote, but I doubt that would be the case for Augusta

  • Well civic duty is important, but I’m sorry I would be golfing it up. There will be another election in 2 or 4 years, Augusta most likely won’t give me a second chance.

    After all, I can always move to Canada right?

  • Life is too short to miss once-in-a-lifetime chances. I’d feel extremely guilty…on the way to the course.

  • Play the course. No question.

    It’s Augusta!

  • Play at Augusta. Can’t vote in America anyways.

  • That is so unbelievably difficult. But, I would vote. I would probably regret that decision, but I know for sure I would regret not voting. At least there’s always a chance I could befriend some member and maybe get a chance later to play that course.

  • golf. period.
    that was easy.

  • I would vote. You gotta vote.

  • I would vote. Without a doubt.

  • Deciding on who would be a better bad choice, or once in a life time opp…easy enough for me.

  • Golf, and it’s not even close.
    Voting in my state means nothing. Maybe I’m too young to realize it, but the differences to me personally regardless of who is president is minimal.

  • Easy choice. Augusta all the way!!

  • I’d like to say this was a tough one because I’ve been running through all the politically correct statements I could make to try to justify skipping voting for a round of golf. But truth is, I would go to Augusta in a heartbeat. I love our country, and elections are huge, but the more important thing for me is making this country a better place each day through my own actions and decisions.

  • Well, since the popular vote doesn’t count for squat, I’ll see y’all at Augusta!

  • Augusta. I get to vote every two years in some way or another. I will never get to play Augusta twice. Especially after they see me tear up that turf.

  • Augusta, no question about it. Once in a lifetime chance.

  • What time is tee time?

  • Augusta, I have been so many times it would be a dream come true to actually tee it up there. I live in a county here in Georgia that usually votes predominately the same as I do, so I would have to pass up on the privilege of voting in this unique case.

  • Sorry….golf wins.

  • I would vote. Might make me a bad person, but I would vote. Romney is winning Texas whether or not I vote and I know that isn’t good logic, but Augusta is impossible to pass up

  • Golf! With that being said I would waive my right to complain about the choice for the next 4 years.

  • Absolutely golf wins especially at Augusta. I could never turn that down!

  • Sorry it should obviously say I would golf not vote. I dont know how that happened.

  • People have died so that I have the ability to vote. No round of golf is worth that much.

  • No question I’d play Augusta. My state is not a swing state, and I’ve lived through some bad presidential candidates before. Augusta all the way.

  • Golf. You can vote every 4 years. Playing Agusta is once in a lifetime, if that.

  • No question. I would vote. Surprised people would rather golf than do something hundreds of thousands of Americans have died protecting the right to do. Whether you feel your vote matters or not is irrevelant.

  • Simple. Augusta. No brainier!

  • I’m playing Augusta, I wouldn’t even contemplate it.

  • My answer would usually be play golf. This year is different. This year my little unincorporated section of the county is getting sucked into a new city, and we are voting for our first mayor, city council, and other city political offices. There is too much riding on how much additional tax I will have to pay, and where that money will go, so I gotta vote.

  • Interesting theoretical there. Given that my chances of ever playing Augusta in the normal course of things are nil, I’d go play. Problem is, where’s the cutoff? Do I take a round at Sawgrass? A local muni? A popsicle instead of voting?

    There’s an old joke that ends with “We already know what sort of girl you are, we’re just negotiating on price”. Looked at in that light…ah, I’d probably play Augusta but feel really dirty about it.

  • Where’s the first tee and hand me my driver! While I wouldn’t skip voting to play my local track I would skip pretty much most things short of the birth of my kids and my wedding to play Augusta National!

  • I’m playing Augusta, no question.

  • Augusta. No doubt

  • Good question. For ANGC I would have to miss casting my vote. I could vote again in four years, wherea chance to play Augusta is a once in a lifetime opportunity .

  • I would Golf. You might not ever get a chance to play that course again, but you could always cast your vote again in 4 years.

  • I’ll take the round at Augusta, thank you. 🙂

  • Where I am at in my life with job/money I would play Augusta. While it would bother me not voting, Augusta is a once in a lifetime experience.

  • Solid question!! I am pretty political but I think I would have to say Augusta haha

  • Golf. No if, ands, or buts about it!

  • I would cast my vote. I care more about the future of our country than a round if golf. 5 hours or a life time.

  • I would feel like less of an American if I gave up my right to vote to play golf. Even for Augusta.

  • Augusta. Definitely. But knowing it’s dodging my civic duty, Karma would step in and it would rain and I wouldnt get to play. 🙂

  • Augusta. Wouldn’t even really think about it. The decision for president is usually decided before Oregon’s votes are counted so my vote technically usually doesn’t matter anyway.

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