Erik Anders Lang – The Most Interesting Man in Golf?

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Erik Anders Lang, the host of Adventures in Golf and lucky lottery winner to play Augusta National, joins the Par Train crew for an unforgettable conversation.


-Every detail about Pro Shop heaven on Monday after the Masters

-The top 3 must have golf gear items when you go to a big tournament or famous course

-Would the prestige flip if Augusta National was public and Pebble was private?

-The magic of Augusta National and why it’s like the world’s most interactive museum

-What it’s like winning the lottery to play Augusta National

-Did Augusta National really not allow Erik to play a yellow golf ball?

-What all Augusta National caddies have in common

-The differences and similarities of Augusta National and St. Andrews. Is one better?

-Behind the scenes of Adventures in Golf series

-How Erik’s life is a contradiction to golf

-Which Adventures in Golf episode Erik would pick to be a movie

-What grows the game more: Walk Up Music on Tour or golf boards at your local muni

-Why we will probably be in the next Adventure in Golf

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