ESPN+ Price Going Up

43%. That is the amount of the price hike that ESPN+ will getting next month. The sports giant will rise from $6.99 per month or $70 a year to $9.99 or $100 a year. Outrageous? Perhaps on the surface, but diving in more might say that they were underpriced for golf fans.

Before 2022, PGA Tour Live was a service that offered extended coverage of events. The migration to ESPN+ included far more golf than was offered by NBC previously in either their stand alone app or the NBC Sports streaming outlet. With ESPN+ providing over 4,000 hours for fans to catch both exclusive and concurrently running live feeds.

ESPN+ price increase

The price change does not impact the price of the Disney Bundle, the company said. ESPN says ESPN+’s new higher price points still compare favorably to other sports streaming services like DAZN or Bally Sports+, which are currently right around $20 each.

Are you an ESPN+ Subscriber? Does this price hike make you consider changing or leaving the service?

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