Europe Wins The 2012 Ryder Cup

In what some would describe as one of the best golf finishes of recent memory, the European Team came back from a huge deficit to defeat the US in the 2012 Ryder Cup. Going into this year’s event, many described the US as rather large underdogs, but that was quickly forgotten as after early matches, they were considered a mortal lock to keep the Cup on US soil. Then came Sunday singles and one amazing comeback that left the European squad with a chance at victory and they secured it late in the day.

What were your thoughts on the 2012 Ryder Cup?
Was it a choke?
Bad player moves by the captain?
Certain players step up when needed?
US Players fall flat at a crucial time?

You tell us what happened in this closely contested event.

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  • Shocked. That’s all I can come up with at this point. Congrats to Team Europe, the better team won indeed.

  • I belive the US did almost all they could bad moves bad shots affected them then the Europeans captilized on every move Great job to both sides.

  • Two big names for the US on the tee box at 17, each up 1. Neither wins a point. Neither halves. To me this says it all.

  • couple of bad captain’s picks. Maybe catering to one person. Some big chokes

  • Best Ryder Cup I’ve ever watched.
    The Americans were steam rolled from the opening hole and the Euros simply took it man to man.
    Does all day Sunday count as crucial?

  • The ownership of blame sits squarely on the backs of the entire US team. You can’t let the Europeans get that early momentum, and you can’t let leads go late. You can’t sit a hot team on Saturday, and you can’t let your home crowd get silent.

    This all being said, what a monumental and momentous comeback for the Europeans. They had the momentum from late Saturday and didn’t give it back. Ian Poulter is a beast, and the team just seemed to make every crucial shot at the exact time needed. Some of the best TV I’ve ever watched.

  • WCBM makes a great point. Gotta win those

  • Was it a choke? Yes. And a big one.

    Bad player moves by the captain? Yes. He should’ve played Keegan and Phil on Saturday and he should’ve let the Hot players go out last in Singles.

    Certain players step up when needed? Poulter was clutch on Saturday was clutch and Keegan was on fire. Also showing up to your tee time is important (Haha Rory).

    US Players fall flat at a crucial time? Yeah. Mainly Stricker, Furyk, and Sneds. All of them didn’t play well at all this week.

  • Best Ryder Cup in awhile even though it didn’t end the way I wanted it too! I do believe it was a choke. Some bad choices by DLIII for his Captains picks. I really don’t think any one U.S. player stepped up “TODAY.” I think a few of the players fell flat today. Furyk and Stricker were the biggest flops today. I think the Tiger match was a scrub, but if it would of mattered it would of ended differently, Tiger lost all interest after he knew it was done.

  • It was the single most incredible golfing event I’ve ever seen. The European team played incredible today, they held off some great golf from the American squad and capitalized on the misses. It was something to witness, that’s for sure. DL III did a great job I think, he played strategy golf and it just didn’t work out for us today, there were some poor shots and putts on the U.S. side and when we did hit a good shot it was followed by a poor putt or a good putt that lipped out or came up just short. I blame no one but the game of golf, it’s how it goes sometimes, you play well but just don’t win.

    Congrats to the Europeans.

  • What were your thoughts on the 2012 Ryder Cup?
    – Amazing from a spectators point of view. Coming down to the final couple of matches is what we all want to see.
    Was it a choke?
    – I’m going to say no. The Euros were riding a lot of momentum and just got outplayed. They made the putts when it mattered more.
    Bad player moves by the captain?
    – The Captain is not the one hitting the shots.
    Certain players step up when needed?
    – The Euro players stepped up when called upon.
    US Players fall flat at a crucial time?
    – They had some key guys maybe not play there best today, but they also had guys play better than expected.

  • What were your thoughts on the 2012 Ryder Cup? Europe pulled a Team Hackers and took this thing.

    Was it a choke? To the nth degree.

    Bad player moves by the captain? Yes. Should have left Keegan and Phil out and sat Eldrick and Stricker in the fourth round.

    Certain players step up when needed? Europe kicked ass.

    US Players fall flat at a crucial time? Couldn’t seal the deal.

  • It was amazing and painful to watch…..

    Was it a choke….I have to say…somewhat….some really poor play by some of the US players today…12 matches and you only need to win a third of them and tie one more and you can’t do that…that’s choking a little

    Bad moves by the Captain….maybe, I think his choices for Captains picks are suspect….considering one of them went O-4….should have broken the Woods/Stricker Combo

    Euros had players step up big today….Westwood, Kaymer, Lawrie, Sergio, Molanari

    US players fall flat.,.,..yes….Bubba went cold, Snedeker…losing to Lawrie was a joke

  • Massive choke by Strick and Furyk. An even Phil I guess. What a horrible showing from those first two guys overall too. Good win for the Euros. I’m still mad, I can’t believe the US lost. What a great tournament though. So much fun to watch.

  • What were your thoughts on the 2012 Ryder Cup?

    Loved every minute until the US lost. Already looking into how I can be at the event in 2016.

    Was it a choke?

    Yes. From the huge lead to the missed putts, I would say this is a choke.

    Bad player moves by the captain?

    No. I can’t blame DL3 for this one. He had team in position to win on Sunday and I don’t think you could ask for much more.

    Certain players step up when needed?

    People are going to have a bad weeks. In the end it is a team event and the Euros are not being given enough credit for how well they played.

    US Players fall flat at a crucial time?

    Yes. I think the needed some higher energy players at the end of the matches. Maybe it was because they had a big lead and thought there matches would not be the factor. It felt so much like the 2012 Morgan Cup to me it was scary.

  • For me the Ryder Cup was an exciting watch .
    I don’t feel that DL3 made any bad moves overall I thought he did a great job as Captain.
    Golf is Golf and some of the players for the US Team didn’t play their best today.
    I’d give anything to have been in their shoes in contention to win ,the pressure in the last few matches was tremendous.
    Congrats to the Europeans on a fantastic finish.

  • Today is golf in a nutshell. Great one day, dog the next. I would not blame Love, by any means, because he was also responsible for the big lead going in to today if he’s responsible for the loss, like some are saying. He didn’t swing a stroke!
    Snedeker, Woods, Stricker, and Bubba were shaky all weekend. Bubba only scored a point when Simpson had 7 birdies! I never would’ve guessed that the US wouldn’t have picked-up 4 1/2 points today. Never. Poulter’s 5 birdies to end Saturday, and Rose’s last 3 holes today were as much a part of the European win as anything else…
    So glad I watched it, but bummed for the US… When will they ever win another? The last time the US win, Woods was not on the team… Anyway, congrats to Europe, Olazabal, and the memory of Seve!

  • What were your thoughts on the 2012 Ryder Cup? I didn’t see as much as I would have liked but what did see was stellar. Great golf beat great golf until today’s rounds.
    Was it a choke? I wouldn’t call it choke as much as I would call it an emotional let down. I think the US was emotionally spent after the huge wins on Friday and Saturday. The US expelled so much energy that they had nothing left for singles.
    Bad player moves by the captain? There is no way TW/SS should have played Friday afternoon. SS was not very useful to TW. I think front loading would have been a better strategy. Secure the points early with stronger players, get some red on the board and let the emotions build as the euros did. Seeing blue just put more pressure on the later matches to be perfect.
    Certain players step up when needed? On Sunday those that didn’t step up further tainted their reps.
    US Players fall flat at a crucial time? Most certainly they fell flat. Never expected that.

  • I couldn’t say it better than Jersey Nate or Trout Bum. It was spectacular TV and golf.

    Oh how I wish Tiger could have had a “redemptive” win on the last hole to gain the cup. I wish Furyk could have lifted himself out of a horrific year. I wish Keegan could have made Rory look mortal. I wish Phil would have jumped in the water on 17 after canning that incredibly almost-perfect chip. I wish Stricker could have capped off an amazing resurrected career with a point for the US. I wish Bubba could have stomped all over Luke Donald and whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

    If wishes were horses we’d all ride ’em.

    I cannot wait for the next Ryder Cup!

  • What were your thoughts on the 2012 Ryder Cup? GO EUROPEEEEE!!!
    Was it a choke? No, the Europeans deserved it
    Bad player moves by the captain? Maybe
    Certain players step up when needed? Yes for the European team
    US Players fall flat at a crucial time? No, the Europeans just played better

  • What a weekend of golf. From start to finish, we saw putts lipping out, chips holed, fist pumps and passion from both sides. One of the best Ryder Cups I’ve seen, no matter the outcome.

    I would say certain players could be accused of choking. Not Phil though, that’s harsh. Rose birdied the last 2 holes to take his match, sometimes it happens in golf.

    Europe as a team stepped up on Sunday. Guys we haven’t seen for months suddenly came alive. Kaymer! Westwood! Looking at the matches, I was worried about the last few from a European perspective.

    Did the US players fall flat? Maybe, but we saw on the first 2 days that it’s difficult to fight momentum, and the Euros were just firing. Chips and putts which were lipping out were suddenly finding the bottom of the cup. I have to admit that I expected better from the US team though, I expected a couple of points from the bottom matches.

  • I agree completely with WickedCoolBeardedMan, “Two big names for the US on the tee box at 17, each up 1. Neither wins a point. Neither halves. To me this says it all.” That is it in a nutshell.

    I did enjoy the golf and place no blame on the captian as he did have the US in a huge lead heading into the singles. Captian’s choices are always a toss up going in as to how they will perform, he had a difficult job determining who to pick and his choices looked pretty good going into the Ryder Cup.

    I feel that those of us who are hardcore fans of golf were the real winners this weekend, it was some amazing golf to watch and the Euro’s earned the win. It was not a choke IMO.

  • After the US played so well the first 2 days, I certainly am shocked to see the outcome. WCBM hit the nail on the head, just an inability to close it out, quite disappointing.

  • Was great for golf but what a terrible collapse by the US.

  • I think it was a choke. Europe had nothing to lose, USA played not to lose. You can see what happens when you take your foot off the gas. I was pretty upset by it.

  • A great event for sure, but as an American very disappointing!!!

    What were your thoughts on the 2012 Ryder Cup?
    Overall it was enjoyable to watch and we were glued to our TV and mobile coverage, but the end left something to be desired as the US just flat our choked.
    Was it a choke?
    A choke is caving under pressure. Not living up to the moment, collapsing under pressure and not living up to potential.
    Bad player moves by the captain?
    I really think both captain’s did a good job and the moves I disagreed with from Captain Jose were actually good in the end.
    Certain players step up when needed?
    I’d say there were quite a few players that stepped up when needed especially on the US side the first two days and the Euros on the last, I was actually more surprised by those who didn’t step up when needed.
    US Players fall flat at a crucial time?
    Absolutely, it seemed like when the pressure was on they just couldn’t pull through, it’s almost as if they needed their teammate there to support them and couldn’t do it alone!

  • What were your thoughts on the 2012 Ryder Cup?

    Unreal, just unreal. While the outcome wasn’t what I wanted, I believe we witnessed something historic.

    Was it a choke?

    I don’t believe it was a choke. To me, that’s just golf. Some days the putts fall, some days they don’t. To call it a choke would be to discredit the efforts of the Euros.

    Bad player moves by the captain?

    Yes, I believe that DL3’s lineup for Sunday was pretty poor. I think he was trying to ride hot hands but they were inexperienced for that situation.

    Certain players step up when needed?

    I think so for sure. For two days, the US squad just flat out dominated the team formats. The Euros were really quite lucky to be only 4 points down heading into Sunday. IJP and Justin Rose were just clutch heading into Sunday. Without those two, man, it may have been over.

    US Players fall flat at a crucial time?

    It’s easy to say that they did, but I would rather put the blame on the Captain. I just think his thought process of who to send out when on Sunday was right, but it just didn’t work out.

    In the end, one of the most memorable Ryder Cups I can remember. I mean, as Americans we always go back to 99′ and how tremendous our resolve and fight back was, so I think as a fan of the game of golf, it’s important for me to recognize how tremendous the European comeback was, especially on US soil.

  • What were your thoughts on the 2012 Ryder Cup?

    This was the best Ryder Cup to watch start to finish in a long time. Over all, the competitive environment was intense yet still had a friendly feel to it. Great theater and drama provided by the level of play by both teams and by Medinah.

    Was it a choke?
    If you define “choke” as “performing poorly due to the pressurized environment”, then I would say that it was a choke for some of hte USA team members as well as a few of the Euro team members. However, I don’t believe that it was primarily a result of “choking”. I believe it was primarily the result of the majority of the USA team being emotionally spent after Saturday’s matches.

    Bad player moves by the captain?
    There are only a few things that I would have done differently, but there is only one that I would classify as “bad”. The “bad”: I would have put Van Pelt on the team instead of Stricker. I like Stricker and his classy sportsmanship, however, he just hasn’t been playing nor putting well leading up to the Ryder Cup. I believe that this one change would have made the difference.

    Certain players step up when needed?
    There were three US team members that I believe didn’t step up this year: Stricker, Furyk and Snedeker.
    Stricker – he just wasn’t very “present” during his matches overall – he had only moments
    Furyk – we really needed him on Sunday. He had another opportunity to close the deal and he didn’t. 2012 hasn’t been kind to Furyk.
    Sneds – I’ll give him a little break because I believe he should have been paired with Tiger instead. He would have been a better inspiring partner for TW and would have been inspired as well. The US team needed him to play much better and he just didn’t show up this weekend at all.

    Before moving on: Tiger played very well all weekend, he just ran into Colsearts who had a career best on that day, and got very little help from Stricker. Poulter finishes with 5 straight birdies to just win by one over USA team of Dufner/Johnson.

    US Players fall flat at a crucial time?
    Most definitely!
    Bubba fell flat emotionally to Donald (somewhat expected of Bubba once he is down);
    Simpson fell flat (didn’t expect that one! How can you not be emotionally up when playing Poulter);
    Stricker fell flat (expected that one from the beginning);
    Bradley fell flat on Sunday (somewhat expected after his emotional rides on Friday and Saturday)
    Furyk fell flat on Sunday (should have put him off first on Sunday morning – we needed someone steady and gritty in that first match; he played good on Friday and Saturday morning)
    Sneds fell flat all weekend! (Lawrie played average and won 5 & 3)

  • It was a great event to watch. I could not stop watching. Congrats to Europe for the great comeback. I thought going in to this that Furyk had not played well in pressure situations all year, and Davis put him at the back end of the matches where there would be the most pressure. Not a good move. But he was not the only one to play bad, it was a team effort.

  • I thought it was one of the best Ryder Cups in a long time. The crowd was really involved and the atmosphere was fantastic. The players put on a clinic of first class golf that went right down to the wire.

    The USA team did not choke. I felt the Europeans just kept grinding away particularly late on Saturday and gradually wore them down. Ian Poulter’s performance in particular was amazing, he never gave up and the emotion he showed really typifies the Ryder Cup.

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