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ITR is back with an all new episode this week as we talk with Nate from Cleveland Golf about the upcoming release of the Cleveland Black driver.

This Episode Features:
The Cleveland Black driver and the technology behind it.
How does it differ from other drivers on the market?
Who is the Black driver designed for?
And much much more.

To see a video unboxing of this driver click here.

Join us for this episode of In the Rough w/ JB & GolferGal and let us know your thoughts. You can listen by clicking play right below, or download our episodes to play at a later date.

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  1. tadashi70 says:

    Very good information being provided in the radio show. Geared toward sub 100mph swing speed. Slower transition player with a smooth swing. I like that Cleveland is looking to slow down the golf swing. The hole grip it and rip is not for everyone.

  2. TC says:

    Pretty awesome show! I like it when Nate comes on to THP to educate us. He’s certainly full of knowledge and answered a lot of questions I had about the Black series from Cleveland. I feel as though I’m right on the cusp of this being a perfect driver for me or not. I’m still very interested in trying it out, mostly b/c it looks awesome! Thanks for the show and thanks to Nate for his time!

  3. Paulo says:

    Excellent show!

    Big thanks to Nate from Cleveland Golf for coming on again and really opening up the technology and the philosophy behind the Black line. These are some awesome looking clubs and seem to be targeted at a demographic which I probably sit in nicely! I’ll be keen to swing them.

    Really interesting to hear how the XXIO line inspired them.

  4. war.eagle says:

    Great show, was interesting to hear to details behind the Black Driver. I like the fact that Cleveland is gearing a driver toward players with slower swing speeds. The info related to the weight feel in hand vs the weight during the swing is very interesting as well. Thanks THP!

  5. Michael Cook says:

    For starters, thanks to THP for the show and big thanks to Nate from Cleveland Golf for being on the show!!

    Being a golfer around that 100MPH SS, this is extremely intriguing to me!! Very interesting to Nate talk about the grip they have on this club and how this shaft is intended to work. The discussion about head design and the weighting to make it easier for launch and getting the club head square (something I struggle with at times) is keeping this driver in my head.

    I will hit this as soon as it is available to see what kind of numbers I get.

  6. Kmacâ„¢ says:

    Nate is full of good information. Im come full circle on this diver and now Im looking forward to its release, again. Love all the wealth of information he brings to the show.

  7. ole gray says:

    Great information and something you need to listen to if you are in the market for more speed!

  8. Damaikis says:

    Fantastic show, very informative! Thanks to Nate for coming on the show! My SS and tempo may be a bit high for this line, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try them! Een if this may not work for me, I’m very curious to get a feel for all of the technology in this line! Thanks THP and Nate from Cleveland Golf!

  9. Ryan H. says:

    Nate always does such a great job when he talks gear.

    A huge part of me feels like this is a club that was designed just for me. Interesting thoughts as to why the line doesn’t have hybrids. It really seems like they took a target group and focused on what they really need.

    Love to hear that Cleveland has invested in making sure that LM’s are available at their demo days. I obviously need to find one around here so I can take some swings with this line.

  10. TheDue says:

    Ton’s of information here. Very interesting how this club reacts to the transition of your swing and how the average ss person can benefit from the proper swing weight/spin. He mentioned the head closing back to square at impact better, not sure I understand how, but can’t wait to give this a try.

    Thanks for taking the time Nate!

  11. mattykrack17 says:

    Great show, this just makes me want to hit it more since I’m sub 100 swing speed. Thanks for another awesome show!

  12. One-T says:

    This was an excellent show with a ton of info. I hate to say that my SS is gonna be too fast. This line is intriguing. I still cant wait to hit it

  13. yorkem says:

    Tons of great information. I was especially interested/surprised about the information given in regards to hybrids versus fairway woods. It was not something I had ever even considered. Also, the discussion regarding the partnership with Miyazaki, and how long they have been working on their shaft technology in Japan before we ever really knew anything about them. Awesome job JB, and thank you Nate!

  14. John says:

    The lucky folks that hit on the range near THP HQ! I’d like to have someone come up to me and have me hit a new club with a launch monitor. That is awesome.

    And the club sounds very interesting, too, especially as an average/slower swing speed player.

  15. Howzat says:

    Looks like I am going to have to hit this one. My SS is 105 so it will be interesting to see if this a good fit. Another great show JB!

  16. d_in_la says:

    Another great Cleveland-based show. Love the history of a slow swinger metal wood line in Japan and the specifics of the difference between the Black and the 270, and the fairway woods. “An easier to turn over version” was a pretty interesting statement. I like how they focused on swing weight as the key factor for feel instead of simply the lightness. Another great show!

  17. Dmb012 says:

    Great show guys! I am really interested in this driver. I have a SS around 105 and this sounds perfect for me. I like the other Cleveland drivers and I think this might be the one that does it for me. Thanks for all the great info and a great show.

  18. ddec says:

    excellent show. My swing speed is right in the target demographic for this driver. Can’t wait to give it a try

  19. Smallville says:

    Thanks to Nate for coming on this weeks show.

    I like the fact that these are for slower swing speeds, as mine is 90-95 mph. Are the black irons designed for slower speeds as well?

    I enjoyed hearing the technology that went into the making of this driver. I hope to get a chance to get one of these in my hands and out on the course. I think these have a very unique look to them and I like it a lot.

  20. Freeze says:

    Great information it is good to hear how much technology goes into the design and the way they made so subtle

  21. 10YardDraw says:

    Tons of great info on this show, great show Nate and JB! I love the looks of this driver and would love to pick up some yards(who wouldnt hehe) but the only thing that scared me from this show was talking about moving the weight toward the heel so its easier to turn over, very bad for my miss which is a hook. Def going to give this one a thorough test when it comes out

  22. TripleBogieTim says:

    Great Show! Thanks to Nate and Cleveland Golf for the great information, this driver sounds like it was made with me in mind!! I can’t wait to hit it!

  23. Puttin4Bird says:

    Wow, talk about a guy knowing everything about the equipment his company produces. Nate is always great to listen to and Cleveland really seems to have some amazing products coming out. Thank you so much for this show!

  24. Dirtydawg67 says:

    Great show! Slam packed with information about a driver I have been drooling over for the past few weeks. Looking forward to getting it on a launch monitor next month. Thanks THP and Nate for another great listen.

  25. Griff says:

    Definitely want to hit this. Feels good to be comfy with what I have now, but ya never know.

  26. Hanks says:

    Awesome show! I originally thought that this driver may not be a fit for me and my SS but after hearing Nate talk about and explain the technology that went into this driver I really want to give it a try. well done!

  27. wcueb923 says:

    I want that Driver!!!!!!Nice show

  28. DawgDaddy says:

    Just had the opportunity to listen in and I must say this is an extremely interesting show to me as my SS is roughly 92-95, right in the target range. I am starting to think it is time to change my driver and The Cleveland Black is at the top of my list of drivers to try on a monitor. I may also consider the fairway woods as well. Thanks JB and Nate for such a great show.

  29. SW says:

    Finally got a chance to listen to this show. Nate is an incredible guest and did an excellent job explaining the entire Black line-up.

  30. hongman says:

    Wow… great show and verrrrry interesting for those of us with less than tour level swingspeeds. This should definitely raise Cleveland’s profile in the driver market competition, and I can’t wait to be trying one out on a launch monitor soon.

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