Evolve Vireo S3 Golf Tees Review

It seems that each year more and more “performance” tees are coming to the marketplace and here at The Hackers Paradise we have actually found quite a few that we are fond of. One of those was the Evolve Epoch Golf Tee, so when we got word that they were coming out with a new line we were quite interested. The Evolve Vireo S3 golf tee is different than most of the tees we have encountered before in our reviews.

With drivers coming out at what seems like a record pace, one thing is consistent, that the shapes and sizes of each driver are inconsistent. With that said, proper tee height is very important. We have seen many new tees designed to promote teeing the ball up properly, but most of them have a “disk system” or some gadget that attaches to the tee to make sure that you keep it in the same spot each time. While many of our reviewers liked these, I found the process to be kind of a pain. Well, that is where Evolve Golf steps in and takes over with their new Vireo S3 Golf Tees.

The Vireo S3 is constructed completely from environmentally-friendly materials, featuring a wider, deeper cup for greater stability than traditional wood tees. The side of the tee has four gray dots that help you in figuring out exactly where you should be teeing the ball up. I know you are thinking, that if you are doing it wrong now, you may still do it wrong with the gray dots. Well, that is where Evolve Golf steps in and incorporates their groundbreaking new system. It is called the Sweet Spot System. It consists of two parts, the Evolve Golf Tees and their new (still in beta testing) internet application.

Using the Sweet Spot System is very easy on the internet and in some ways is very cool. The system asks you to enter the make and model of your driver, followed by the year of the driver. Then it shows you in the diagram exactly where to tee the ball up on the course in correlation to the gray dots on the Vireo S3 Tees. You can check it out for yourself and try out a few different drivers by clicking here.

One thing that stood out to me was that I had noticed I should be teeing the ball a little lower according to their system. Whether or not I was hitting the ball better with these is up for debate because my scores all seemed to be around the same spot. However the consistency and confidence factor cannot be overlooked.

The Vireo S3 is constructed completely from environmentally-friendly materials, featuring a wider, deeper cup for greater stability than traditional wood tees. I must point out that I was quite glad that they were environmentally friendly. Because they did lack some durability for me. I was snapping them at what seemed like the same frequency or moreso than that of traditional wood tees. However this was not the case with all the testers as we had a few people play entire rounds with the same tee.

The Evolve Vireo S3 golf tee is designed to help you find the sweet spot and promote greater accuracy and distance because of that. Does it work? In my mind it does. The fact is that most people struggle with distance and accuracy because of their swing a lot more than because of tee height. However why add to the problems. These tees are a simple and affordable fix to a problem that seems to be plaguing the golfers that we gave them to. Did it make them hit drives like a touring pro? Of course not, but it certainly is a step in the right direction.

Overall, I think the Evolve Vireo S3 golf tee is a keeper. With a retail price of around $6 for a package of 35, I think it is definitely something worth trying. The internet feature seems to work as well as promised and the “dot system” combined with that will keep golfers of all levels dialed in where they need to be on the tee box. For more information on these or any other Evolve Golf products head over to their website at www.evolvegolf.com.

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Josh B

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