Fairway Styles Review Part 1

My name is Josh B. and I have a problem. What is it you ask? I am addicted to golf apparel. While some are thinking about the latest driver, I am thinking about shirts. The latest wedges? Not me, I am looking for new plaid pants. Putters you ask? Nope, simply belts and buckles. If my addiction is apparel, the “pusher” is Fairway Styles and last week The Hackers Paradise had the opportunity to interview John Coleman the man behind the madness that feeds my problem.

Have you ever noticed that all golfers do one thing exactly the same at the range or course? No, not their swing or their setup. Each and every player I encounter is always checking what everybody around them is playing. It’s human nature I guess to want to know who has the latest and greatest and who is playing with gear from the stone age. Well, I take it a step further. I am always looking at what every person is wearing to the course. Some people cringe at the thought of people playing in jeans or a t-shirt. This addict takes it one step further, I cringe seeing golfers in plain old khaki pants and white shirt.

When looking for apparel, it is not always about crazy and loud patterns that draw attention. It can be subtle things such as argyle or stripes. But one thing is for sure, quality and style should not be something that is overlooked. I know that cost is a factor but for barely more than the price of a dozen premium golf balls that last just a few rounds, someone can purchase a great shirt that may last years. For years I would search stores and online looking for that outfit to be my “go to gear” for the golf season. Then I stumbled across this site.

To have me describe Fairway Styles is like having a food critic describe a fabulous meal at the perfect restaurant. A few things are a “must” to earn my business when it comes to stores.

1. Selection of Brands
2. Customer Service
3. Shipping Times
4. Price

I will go through each one of these over the course of the review, but from the point of view from this “addict”, I mean reviewer, Fairway Styles has all four criteria covered and goes above and beyond when it comes to some of them.

When it comes to brands there is no place out there that has the selection of high quality golf apparel like this store has. Right now Fairway Styles features 10 brands on their website and each one of them has been personally selected by John Coleman. With his brand selections and customer service it is like getting a personal shopper online. For The Hackers Paradise, few reviews have been more enjoyable to write than this one. Before I lose our readers to my insane obsession with golf style, let’s get on with the brands.

When it comes to men’s golf apparel few brands get THP as excited as Sligo does. Created by golfers for golfers that want a little more out of their clothing. We had the opportunity to review Sligo last year and the new line looks even better. For all of my math friends, I have a question for you. Perfect Fit + Great Style = What? Sligo Wear Apparel. There are very few companies that want to please customers as much as this one does and it shows. Anybody can come in and ask them a question anytime in our forum section and you will get an answer from the company directly. That is dedication. While at the PGA Show in January we had the pleasure of having John Coleman show off the Sligo Wear line to us and captured it on video to share with our readers.

But we did not have the opportunity until now to try the stuff on and see first hand just how nice it is. The best part about Sligo Wear apparel is the fit and just how good it looks on, but after that, another feature we love about this brand is that you can go fairly wild with colors, but you can also go very tame with simple patterns that have very little flash. With the fit you get a shirt that is not too “slim fitting” and at the same time not too baggy. With the style, well, we will let the pictures speak for themselves. They really have something for just about everybody out there, and the fit and quality will make you want to wear it every time you tee it up. You can see all the Sligo gear that we got to try out HERE.

Just about every golfer out there knows J. Lindeberg Golf Clothes and Apparel. The company started more than a decade ago and since that time has been a stand out choice for high end golf apparel and sportswear. In the past few years we have thought of J. Lindeberg as the epitome of sophisticated golf apparel, however this year at the PGA Merchandise Show, we came away slightly unimpressed with their 2009 line. Well, leave it to our “personal shopper” John Coleman to convince us to put some of the stuff on and then make up our mind. He sent over a few outfits and as usual, he was 100% right. From the perfectly feeling materials, to the simple and sophisticated designs, slipping on a J. Lindeberg outfit immediately gives you a different kind of confidence before heading to the course. Their apparel brings you to another level that few clothing companies out there can do. Check out all the photos of the outfits that Fairway Styles put together for us HERE.

When the word “fashion” comes up on the PGA Tour, one player comes to mind more than any others. That of course is Ian Poulter. Whether you love his clothes, or hate them, they do one thing very well and that is draw attention. This year Ian Poulter has launched his apparel company here in the states and THP was lucky enough to get a private showing and from the minute we got to look at the clothing a couple of things stood out. First, the quality put into this line is like nothing we have ever seen before. Even the lining of the clothes stood out and “wreaked” of quality. Second, do not discount this line strictly by what Mr. Poulter is wearing out on the course. The Ian Poulter Designs that is sold at Fairway Styles has something for just about any golfer out there. Although the line is high priced, when you step into the Limited Edition Tartan Shorts, confidence sets in as well as comfort that few companies can compare with. You can see all the pictures from the review HERE.

A few years back PUMA entered the golf world and immediately made a name for itself as something that has some serious style going for it. They are always at the forefront for technology in clothing and their style is something that stands out on the course without being outlandishly flashy. It was a line that we were looking forward to for quite some time and the pieces that Fairway Styles sent over did not disappoint at all. The tops are definitely an athletic fit so we recommend sizing up if you like your clothes more loose fitting. The shorts and matching gray belt that they sent over were two of the most complimented items we tried from Fairway Styles. All of the clothes offer sleek designs, top notch materials, and great quality construction. For all the pictures of the gear that was spoken about from PUMA, click HERE.

CBUK is statement golf wear that is made by Cutter & Buck. It is sleek, edgy, and modern with top notch performance fabrics. It is definitely something that we were excited about and glad that Fairway Styles sent over for us to try out. Right out of the box one thing stands out and that is the quality of construction. Our “personal shopper” Fairway Styles put together a few outfits that were absolutely perfect. One thing stood out for all the brands that they carry especially CBUK. These clothes are not made strictly for the course. They can be worn anytime and are so comfortable and look so good on that you will want to put them on day in and day out. The CBUK line was one line that I had not tried before this review and I can assure you they hooked me. Starting with the great style of their gear and the fact that they have something for everybody have had me staring at their online catalog on Fairway Styles what seems like the last 24 hours. You can see all the pictures from the CBUK apparel in our forum HERE.

Few brands are quite like Travis Mathew. They are more of a “lifestyle” than a brand and when Fairway Styles announced late last year that they would begin carrying the line THP was pretty excited. When we reviewed the brand late last year we were immediately hooked and have grown more fond of them with every passing week. No clothing line out there fit me personally better than Travis Mathew. Look, style, and fit are all perfect for my taste and this is one company that I get excited for each season. If you have not tried their apparel or accessories out, do yourself a favor and check them out on Fairway Styles. They have style without being crazy and you will love the quality of their line. You can check out all the pictures from the clothing we tried out HERE.

Original Penguin has a tradition of over 50 years and in 2003 when the brand was relaunched THP was pretty excited. Their clothes have a young and trendy look that really stands out on the golf course. Their fit and quality is unique in that each item seems to fit better than the one before it. Original Penguin is available in stores such as Barney, Saks, and other high end department stores. However none of those places have hand chosen the best of the golf line and carry it in its entirety. Fairway Styles has a great selection of Original Penguin and if you have not tried it out, you are doing yourself an injustice. Comfort, quality, fit, and style are all evident with each piece that we were able to try on. And of course, the Penguin logo still stands out on each garment. I was not as eager to try these on as the rest of Fairway Styles’ store, however I am hooked now and since trying them out for this review have purchased an outfit that is one of my favorites. I find myself wearing it all the time regardless if I am going to the club to golf or not. Tradition, luxury, and quality craftsmanship all shine through with every piece we have tried and the use of bright colors really “pop” when you are on the course. You can see all the pictures of Original Penguin from the apparel we tried out HERE.

Since the beginning of The Hackers Paradise one brand has been there that we have praised each and every season. That is PAHR Fairway Essentials. Last year we simply fell in love with so much of their line that we had this company make our THP Shirts for our store. Fairway Styles knows a great brand of course and has been carrying PAHR for a while now. We got a chance to preview the new line for 2009 at the PGA Show and here is a short video of it.

It seems as though I have said it over and over again in this Fairway Styles review but style, fit, and quality are what makes great golf clothes stand out and PAHR hits on all of them. Many of our readers have now experienced just how nice PAHR shirts are thanks to our THP shirts and can testify first hand just what kind of quality we are dealing with. This year’s line is no different. The level of detail on each piece that we tried out was outstanding and we look forward to seeing more from their new spring line. Check out all the pictures from the pieces we tried HERE.

Quagmire Golf made a huge splash on the golf scene when Chez Reavie, wearing this line, won the Canadian Open last year. I saw it on TV and was immediately hooked. Their slogan “Not fit for the fairway” describes the company perfectly. We consider this brand (like most brands on Fairway Styles) “lifestyle wear”. It is perfect for golf, but also perfect for a day out to the beach or just having a drink with some friends. Their designs are extremely unique, with lots of style and sharp edges in every pattern. We will let the pictures do the talking and you can check them out HERE.

Earlier in the review we mentioned the four things that I look for in stores. We have gone through the selection of brands and the quality and style that each one has already. However I want to touch on customer service briefly and let everyone know that to us when doing reviews this weighs as heavily on our thoughts as merchandise does at times. Well, this store has the BEST we have ever encountered. Some of our readers can already attest to that fact. They are quick with every response you send in and try to answer each and every question. They can help you shop or give you ideas, but most of all, they are always fast, extremely friendly and helpful. The 4th thing we look for on our list is price, and while some of the apparel can get quite expensive, there are always great sales going on. In the end, you will pay a premium for style, fit, and quality of this level anywhere. But we found Fairway Styles prices to be right in line or cheaper than we expected going into this review. They carry stuff for just about any budget and can assist you finding things in your budget if you would like some help.

I mentioned it before our interview with John Coleman and I will say it again here now. While some consider large golf stores with rows and rows of equipment their dream come true, a place like Fairway Styles is absolute nirvana for this addict. When the package came with all of the clothes to photograph we felt like children on Christmas Morning as we dove right in. I used to believe that Fairway Styles was for the golfer that wanted a little more out of the way they looked on the golf course or in life in general. But after reviewing each line that they carry, I firmly believe that every golfer should have at least one go to outfit that makes them proud to put it on while getting ready. While appearance should not and does not make the person who they are, it is the first impression we put on to the world.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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