Fairway Styles Review Part 2

If you just won a major and someone asked, “What’s the first thing you are going to do after this win?” most would say “I’m going to Disney Land!” If someone asked me I would say, “I am going shopping!” Sure I could go to the mall and walk around aimlessly for hours bouncing from store to store OR I could sit in my comfy chair and browse the web for the newest styles and fashions at fairwaystyles.com. This is the first year Fairway Styles has carried ladies golf apparel and I have been lucky enough to get a taste of what they have to offer.

As of right now Fairway Styles has ladies Puma, PAHR Fairway Essentials, Original Penguin, and Quagmire Golf. The ladies don’t have quite as many options as the men and that is fine with me because I am already in clothing heaven with just the four labels mentioned. What I like about these particular companies is that there is something for just about everyone. Original Penguin is more of the classic look while PAHR can sometimes push the envelope (but in a good way). I often compare people’s style choices to ice cream flavors. Some people like chocolate, some like vanilla, and some go crazy with rocky road. Whatever your favorite flavor is Fairway Styles has something to tickle your taste buds.

The first of the four brands I want to touch on is Puma. For the longest time I really only thought of Puma as a shoe company. I always loved their running shoes, but never really paid much attention to their apparel, that was until the PGA Merchandise show this year in Orlando, FL. We got a behind the scenes tour of their 2009 Spring/Summer line and ever since then I have been hooked. I know black is slimming but sometimes you need a little color and that is exactly what Puma has done this season. I just love the lavender top and white and lavender skort outfit in the photograph. The silky material of the skort gives a beautiful sheen in the light and matched with the very bright lavender top you have an outfit that is sure to brighten anyone’s day. The beauty of a brand like Puma is that you get the fun bright colors with subtle patterns pleasing both the flashy and the conservative golfer. In past years I have found Puma tops to run a bit small but this year the tops seem to be true to size and so do the pants. The skorts, however, seem to run a tad large so you might want to consider ordering one size smaller. To view more pictures click here.

The second brand that Fairway Styles is now carrying happens to be one of my favorites, PAHR Fairway Essentials. I was absolutely in love with the 2008 collection of PAHR and I can confidently say 2009 has lived up to my expectations and then some. PAHR is a company started by extreme athletes so their styles are a little more daring but in a classy way. The plaid skirt and yellow shirt pictured is a perfect example of fun patterns and bright colors brought together in a way that is sexy, stylish, fun and feminine. PAHR has a way of taking something like an ordinary pair of shorts and by adding a pinstripe here and a plaid pattern there, these shorts are transformed into a fashion piece everyone will be talking about. In my experience PAHR bottoms run very true to size and their tops for the most part do as well. There are a few tops, such as the yellow one in the picture, that run a bit snug in the arms and for those tops I recommend trying one size larger. You can view more pictures of PAHR here.

I have to admit Original Penguin was not a brand I was very familiar with until coming across them on Fairway Styles. If you are a traditionalist than this is a brand I highly recommend checking out. The quality and construction of these clothes is just outstanding. These are the kind of clothes that are built to last. I found Original Penguin to have more of a conservative fit which mostly means it is a little less form fitting than some of the other brands. I loved the colors and texture in the capris and I especially love the little penguin. Of all the logos I have seen the penguin is by far my favorite. Of all the Original Penguin pieces we got to try out I liked the track jacket the best. The fabric is fabulous and the orange accent really adds some pizazz and pop to the jacket. You can see more pictures of the Original Penguin items here.

As much as I love bright colors every now and then I fall back into my old comfort zone of black and white. When we received the clothes from Fairway Styles to review I was immediately drawn to an outfit that to me was 50% golf outfit, 50% school girl uniform, and 100% out of this world adorable. There was something about the black and white pleated skort pictured that spoke to me and I couldn’t wait to try it on. I was grinning from ear to ear when I first looked in the mirror, this skirt was everything I thought it would be and more. The length is modest but still shows a bit of leg and the pleats are gorgeous, and add a playful element that reminds me of the “school girl” skirt. I was worried all the pleats would be unflattering to the hip and thigh area but I can assure you that was not the case. I really liked the Quagmire line last year, but I must say I am even more impressed with their 2009 collection. The fabrics are wonderful, soft on the skin, light weight, and very flattering to a woman’s figure. Don’t let the classic pleated skirt fool you though, Quagmire has lots of great patterns and colors in their apparel and I have found that their clothes to run very true to size. Check out some more pictures here.

For a long time now I have been hearing about this website called fairwaystyles but since they didn’t carry women’s clothing I wasn’t particularly interested. However, now that they carry four incredible ladies lines I find myself surfing their site daily. I have always been a little weary of shopping online but Fairway Styles makes you feel like you are shopping live in retail store. Their customer service goes above and beyond anything I have ever experienced or could ever ask for in a company. Since I know I am a shop-a-holic and I could easily max out all my credit cards I have made a deal with myself, I am not allowed to buy golf apparel unless I can wear it outside of the course. The beauty of all the brands discussed in this article is that each and every one of them is what I consider to be “bridgewear.” These are the kinds of clothes that I can wear to work, to the course, or out with my friends in the evening. For me fairwaystyles.com is like a one stop for superior clothing and stellar customer service. To see all the great styles offered by Puma, PAHR, Original Penguin, and Quagmire check out Fairway Styles.

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