Fila Golf Men’s & Women’s Spring Fashion 2010

Each year for Spring Fashion we try to introduce at least one new company to our readers. Fila is a name that has been around for years in sports, however, it is just now making it’s mark on the golf world. We wanted to make sure to have a little something for everyone so today we are bringing you a sampling of the men’s and women’s Spring 2010 line from Fila Golf. We found Fila Golf to have a nice mixture of more traditional cuts and fabrics as well as newer tech materials and styling. We have two outfits for each gender to preview the new Fila line.

For the ladies:
Bright colors and soft fabrics seemed to be the trend for the ladies line. We saw a lot of blues which was actually a nice change from the usual pinks and purples often seen for women. Both outfits have similar bottoms but by changing the tops it truly makes two unique outfits.


Top – Sussex Textured Women’s Polo (Aqua):
This top was a big hit with the ladies. The moisture wicking and antibacterial material was incredibly well received by all the ladies at the women’s clinic at a local Florida club. The blue and white stripes are quite eye catching, especially with that beautiful aqua blue color. This top has some wonderful feminine embellishments including a gathered front shoulder yoke. Another notable feature is the solid colored collar. Those subtle extras transforms this polo from ordinary to extraordinary. I found the Fila tops to be of a modest length, fall nicely on the body without being extremely form fitting, and for the most part be quite true to size. This top is offered in three colors and sizes run from XS-2XL.

Bottoms – Rimini Women’s Golf Skort (White):
The best way to describe this skort is flirty, fun, and sexy. This skort has a beautiful textured, moisture wicking and antibacterial fabric that both looks and feels fabulous. The addition of the ruffle at the bottom is what makes it so flirty and fun and the fact that it falls a bit above the knee makes it very sexy. Just a quick note for all my lefty friends there is only one back pocket but you are in luck it is on the left side! I found the Fila bottoms to run a tad small so I would suggest trying one size larger than normal. This skort comes in the white shown, black, and navy and runs from sizes 0-14.


Top – Marseille Striped Women’s Shirt (Navy/White):
When I initially saw this top I thought it would be great for a day out on a fancy yacht. The blue and white stripes made me think of sailing or brunch on a fancy boat. Normally when someone thinks of a golf top they expect it to have a collar and it took some getting used to for the ladies to see this shirt as appropriate for the course. As far as the fabric goes, Fila did it right. This 87% Nylon, 13% Lycra top feels simply incredible. On a hot spring day the soft cooling material is a pleasure to wear and the ladies just loved it. Just like the first top this shirt falls nicely on the body but is not terribly form fitting and seems to run true to size. Offered in Navy/White or Silver/White the sizes run XS-2XL.

Bottoms – Malaga Golf Skort (Navy/Red):
I really enjoyed the first skort but this one was my personal favorite. I loved the fact that it is all blue with just hints of red. I know that can sometimes limit the number of outfits that can be created due to the red but it really is visually appealing. Even more then the red accent my personal favorite feature is the pleated hem. I just adore how Fila seems to take a simple skort and really turn it into something feminine and special. Similar to the first bottom this one also runs a little small so you might want to go one size up. This is offered in three colors and runs from sizes 0-14.

For the men:
The ladies selection that we were given to review had a very modern feel both in look and in fabrics. The men’s clothing is a true marriage of tradition with technology. The bottoms are both 98% cotton which is very reminiscent of a more traditional golf style, however, the tops are all tech material representing modern day golf style.

Outfit #1:

Top – Palmero Men’s Polo (Heritage Blue/Vanilla Ice):
Texture seems to be a theme for Fila Golf this season and we are really enjoying it. A very interesting design element to this polo is the fact that it is not only textured in appearance but also to the touch both inside and out. Some might not care for the feeling against their skin but our male testers found no issue with it. The ‘Vanilla Ice’ is actually more of an off white color which was a huge bonus to many of our testers because they felt it was a better match with the shade of blue used for the polo. Another great element to the color combination is how well it paired with different bottoms. The men felt the options were endless. Several of the men commented that they enjoyed the simple yet stylish design of the top and were pleased to see just two colors. They said that sometimes companies will try and add too much color to be ‘trendy’ and they were happy to not see that here. This is not an athletic fit and everyone felt this polo was very true to size. Sizes run from XS-3XL and comes in three color choices.

Bottoms – Manchester Men’s Bermuda Shorts (Vanilla Ice):
As described in the polo above the ‘Vanilla Ice’ is sort of an off white color and with these shorts makes them look almost khaki. The lighter color is a great choice for spring and matches just about anything. Being 98% cotton these shorts are definitely a bit on the heavy side but the other 2% is spandex which is nice because it offers a little bit of give. Many testers really enjoyed the look of these shorts because of the flat front. These shorts come in four different colors and run from sizes 28-40.

Outfit #2:

Top – Madrid Men’s Polo (Navy/Viva Red):
Everything about this top says modern. The moisture wicking, antibacterial elements are perfect for the warming trend of spring. Even more great features are the mesh shoulder and side panels which not only look great but serve a purpose as well. The hidden zipper placket seems to be a love it or hate it component of the polo. Some people seem to miss the button closures but the ease of a zipper is definitely something to consider. Because of the two contrasting colors of this top mixing and matching is not quiet as easy as it was with the one in the first outfit. The fit is exactly the same as the polo mentioned above and also true to size. This comes in three color choices and sizes run XS-3XL.

Bottoms – Oslo Men’s Pant (Navy):
These pants are just like the shorts in outfit number one in both appearance and feel. Made of the same 98% cotton and 2 % spandex these are also a bit heavy but offer some give due to the spandex. Also like the pants above these have a flat front which all the men really liked. The legs of the pants have a slightly slender fit and unhemmed they have a 34” inseam. The waist is just about true to size possibly a half size small. Compared to your normal cotton pants these are definitely more stylish. A huge positive was their anti-wrinkle/anti-crease appearance. These bottoms did not seem to have any real issues with wrinkles and that was a major plus for all the male testers. These run from sizes 28-40.

Overall our first experience with Fila Golf and specifically the men’s and women’s 2010 Spring line was very positive. We really appreciated their blend of fabrics and style and their great use of texture. We only got a small sampling of the entire Spring line so to view more you can check them out on their website here. We were very excited to get a closer look at what Fila Golf has to offer and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future.

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