First Look – 2011 Cleveland CG16 Wedges

This is the THP FIRST LOOK at the new wedges coming out from Cleveland Golf in 2011. These are in hand pictures and THP has had the opportunity to test these extensively before release and a full review will be coming very soon. This wedge line was one of the biggest hits at the 2010 THP Golf Outing & Demo Day and people have continued to rave about it for the last month. Now we can show off what people have been talking about.

With traditional stylings in the club head at setup, the golfing purists will be incredibly happy. When looking down at the club, not much differs from previous models, however that is where the similarities end. Cleveland has changed the technology in the CG16 line to give you the ultimate in feel and performance, yet still packed with some forgiveness, something you rarely see in a traditional wedge. The club head is slightly larger overall compared to that of the last few lines and the back of the wedge has a slight cavity that lowers the center of gravity and increases MOI to help with off center shots. Adding the forgiveness without changing or altering the versatility of the wedge is something that many have been asking for and it appears as though Cleveland Golf has delivered.

The new Tour Zip grooves on the Cleveland CG16 wedges are conforming to the standards set out by the USGA for manufacturers in 2011. The company has kept the laser milled lines in between each groove and the look is one that will scare the ball into spinning. While many have said they are seeing a difference in the spin they are getting from both fairway and rough with the new grooves, we are just did not see it with our amateur testers and the new CG16 wedges. The new for 2011 Tour Zip grooves did a fine job of getting the golf ball to stop and dance and the laser milling looks incredible. While 2010 is the Year of the Wedge, rest assured, you will be in good hands after that as well.

I will leave that to those that had a chance to test it out at the THP Demo Day and their feedback. Click the link right below this and see Hi-Res pictures (larger) and tons of feedback from everybody in attendance at the outing. Get feedback from 50 regular consumers that got a chance to try out this new wedge line pre-release.

Feedback & more pictures are available by clicking the link below.

Cleveland CG16 Wedge Pictures & Demo Day Feedback

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