First Look – Adams Speedline F11 Driver & Fairway Wood Preview

Speedline F11 Drivers
The distance of aerodynamics meets easy-to-hit in the new, larger foot print of the fifth generation Speedline F11 driver. The addition of Velocity Slot Technology (three visible channels precisely located on the sole and crown to keep the airflow attached to the club head even longer) creates 35 percent less drag and increases club head speed, making the Speedline F11 driver faster than ever. The result is over six more yards of carry distance, confidence-inspiring shaping of an expanded hitting area and a higher moment of inertia (MOI) that creates higher ball speed and forgiveness, even on off-center hits. Other design improvements include a lower and deeper center of gravity that produces a higher launch angle with a lower spin rate.

“As the leader in aerodynamic technology in driver design, we are pleased to offer golfers of all abilities a club that delivers more distance yet remains extremely easy-to-hit,” said Chip Brewer, President and CEO of Adams Golf. “The addition of the Velocity Slot Technology to Speedline F11 has definitely created the fastest, longest and most forgiving driver on the market today.”

Speedline drivers have collected 20 tour wins since their introduction in January 2009.

Speedline F11 Fairway Woods
Innovation is taken to the next level with the application of Velocity Slot Technology to the Speedline F11 fairway woods, making them the highest performing and most forgiving fairway woods available. Offered in both stainless steel and titanium models, the Speedline F11 fairway woods feature a deep, visible channel on both the crown and sole that acts as a leaf spring to increase deflection and reduce stress on the face, thereby expanding the coefficient of restitution (COR) or spring-like effect for on-center and off-center shots. The result is a dramatically easy-to-hit fairway wood with a 21 percent improvement in forgiveness across the entire face, better ball speeds and up to 12 yards of increased distance. The unparalleled technology of the Speedline F11 fairway woods has already impressed several Adams Golf staff members, including Tom Watson and Ryan Moore, who immediately placed the club in their bags.

“Historically, fairway woods had relatively low COR values due to the fact that their head and face sizes had to remain smaller for playability purposes,” says Scott Burnett, Director of Advance Product Development for Adams Golf. “By applying Velocity Slot Technology to our Speedline F11 fairway woods, we’ve been able to expand the COR across the entire face without adversely impacting size or durability, thereby setting a new standard for performance and forgiveness in the category. This improvement is directly proportional to the impressive COR improvements that occurred in drivers in the mid-2000s as their head size increased.”

Models, Pricing and Shipping
The entire lineup of Speedline F11 products will ship to golf shops beginning February 1, 2011. The men’s versions of the driver and the fairway wood will debut with a choice of high-performance shafts: the high- launch Aldila Voodoo VS* or the mid-launch Matrix Ozik XCON. The women’s versions are standard with lightweight Graffaloy graphite shafts. The suggested retail price (SRP) for the Speedline F11 drivers is $399.99. The SRP for the Speedline F11 fairway wood is $299.99 for the stainless steel model and $399.99 for the titanium model.

Available lofts are as follows:

Speedline F11 Driver: 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5° and 12.5° in right-handed
9.5°and 10.5° for left-handed
Speedline F11 Draw Driver: 9.5° and 10.5° in right-handed
Women’s Speedline F11 Driver: 12.5° and HL in right-handed
12.5° in left-handed

Speedline F11 Fairway Wood (stainless): 3+, 3 and 5 in right-handed
3 and 5 in left-handed
Speedline F11 Fairway Wood (titanium): 3+, 3 and 5 in right-handed
3 and 5 in left-handed
Women’s Speedline F11 Fairway Wood: 3, 5 and 7 in right-handed
3 and 5 in left-handed

Additional information on the technology behind the entire lineup of Speedline products can be found at

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