First Look: Callaway MD5 Raw Wedges

If you don’t think that golf manufacturers pay attention to the people, then you might not be paying attention yourself. For this one, I really recommend you pay attention. 

What’s the big deal? Well, after a lot of internet outcry, pandering, and flat out begging, Callaway Golf is bringing more MD5 wedges to the people…in a raw finish. You read that right, MD5 in raw. Now, some are wondering if this is going to be like previous raw releases from Callaway that were a little on the limited side where options and grinds are concerned. That can be put to bed, as multiple lofts and grinds are on their way, even with a few new options. 

The MD5 Story

As a refresher, the MD5 is the brainchild of wedge legend Roger Cleveland, and an outside the box take on design. From the shaping to the finishes, the MD5’s were painstakingly crafted while also implementing new techniques like the “JAWS Groove” which has created a sharper edge radius increasing spin potential and creating what Callaway is calling “The Most Aggressive Groove in Golf”. 

The big picture remains not just high spin, but consistent spin that is optimized throughout the lofts. From the moment of their release, the spin has been the showstopper here, and that is about to get expanded with the new Raw release. 

Why Raw? Why now?

First, lets get the obvious out of the way, no, the offering of a raw wedge is not about more spin, it’s about giving the people an option that they have been literally begging for while also making a Tour Preferred option available to the masses. Raw is very much a feel and glare reduction thing, and to some of us, raw wedges are just cool. Options are always a win, and this is a big move from Callaway to eliminate the upcharge and make the raw finish accessible. 

But this is more than just a finish, and what better explanation than from the chief designer himself:

“The launch of the JAWS MD5 wedges was the most successful wedge launch in Callaway history. Since that launch I’ve been working with Tour players on some additional models and grinds. So, we’re excited to be able to offer those to the public through our JAWS MD5 Raw Lineup”

Roger Cleveland    

What are the new options? Callaway wedge fans will be ecstatic to see that the X-Grind is making its way into both 54° and 56° options along with a C-Grind in 62° and perhaps most intriguing, Tour T-Grinds in 58° and 60°. The Raw look however, isn’t just limited to the new grinds, for RH there are options from 50° to 62° and in LH from 52° to 60° (albeit only in S-Grind). 

Are you going to give the new Raw MD5’s a look? Do you trust the rust? Be sure to comment below as well as the THP community and let us know your thoughts on Callaway giving the people what they want!

The Details

Available: 6/4/2020

Price: $159.99

RH Options: 50° (S), 52° (S), 54° (S, X), 56° (S, X), 58° (S, X, T), 60° (S, X, T), 62° (C)

LH Options: 52° (S), 56° (S), 60° (S)

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