First Look – Callaway Razr X Irons

This is the THP FIRST LOOK at the new irons coming out from Callaway Golf in 2011. These are in hand pictures and THP has had the opportunity to test these extensively before release and a full review will be coming very soon. This new iron line looks to offer something for everybody as they make their way to market in the next few months. The new line takes shape with 3 new models and those are:

Razr X
Razr X Tour
Razr X Forged

Callaway Razr X Forged

Callaway appears to have something for each golfer in dealing with the aesthetics for this new line. From the high technology looking Razr X to the refined looking Razr X Forged. Colorful to elegantly simple, the entire line has something there.

Want to see TONS more pictures and others thoughts on this entire line? At the link below, the THP Forum thread has close to 20 pictures of the new for 2011 Callaway irons.

Callaway Razr Pictures Here

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  • well, it’s no secret that i’m not the biggest fan of the name but i do like the look quite a bit. i can’t wait to see them this weekend b/c i’m sure they look phenomenal in hand. i can’t wait to see a full spec sheet and would love to get my hands on the forged!

  • There’s just something abour those forged razr irons that really make me take a double take. Nice lines, sleek looking like a vette and hotter than a two dollar pistol. Seriously I think the entire new line of razr irons will make a solid impression for all skill levels this coming season!

  • What’s in a name? Apparently a hell of a lot when you are trying to market something. It seems to be the trend these days to borrow another companies branding of a completely non-related product, IE: iTunes Ping, Callaway Razr etc. I may hate the name, but that is about all I hate by just looking at them. The GI iron in the lineup is the one I fancy the least, but it is not bad at all. It is kind of like saying that Heidi Klum is the least hot supermodel.

    If I were to buy these irons, I would definitely go with the Razr X Forged. That is a very beautiful club. I am sure that this supermodel of a club won’t just stand there and look pretty, I bet it would cook for you too… cook the ball right down the middle.

  • Really like the look of that forged club in the picture. If it feels anything like the Diablo forged Im a big fan. Really looking forward to seeing these clubs in person.

  • I really like the looks of the tour and the forged and am looking forward to hearing more about them after this weekend.

  • I really like the look of the tours, look similar to the x-22 tours in shape just with different graphics. Hopefully all that jazz in the back serves a purpose and is not just cosmetic.

  • That Razr Forged Pic looks like it fell off a Dodge Challenger…. from the future. I love it.

  • I now have three rounds on my set of regulr razr x (not tour or forged) and Callaway has blown me away again. I have add 10 yards to my shoots and improved my accuarcy a ton. I had 2004 Big Bertha in the past and loved them too, but when I moved up to X-22, my game went south. These clubs have cut almost 5 strokes off my game. My only complaint is the hugh gap in loft between the PW and SW that come in the set (PW/44 & SW/54). I just ordered the AW (49) for $90 to fill the gap.

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