First Look: Titleist T100, T200 and T300 Irons

You would be hard pressed to find a more devout following when it comes to irons than those who have been players of the AP lineup from Titleist over the years. Like clockwork, when release time hits, their excitement level reaches a fever pitch. This year however, there is a different feeling in their air, well rather, there is a different name in the air.

New Name, New Game?

Let us get it out of the way once and for all, the AP lineup of irons from Titleist as we have known them for over a decade is gone, done, over, ended, henceforth ceasing to exist, and simply no more.

I’ll give you a moment to gather your thoughts.

You good? OK then, allow me to introduce you to the new era of Titleist irons, the T-Series.

T Series Irons – Titleist Golf


Being totally honest, in most club releases when I see a name-change it is taken as no more than that, but with this one, even I was taken aback. The first thing to address of course is the why when it comes to moving away from what has been one of the most recognizable names in irons. Really, the AP3 necessitated it.

For many release cycles the AP series were a one-two punch hitting the players and forgiving segments and that was enough.  In recent years though, the scene evolved with the “players distance” category and Titleist knew it was something they needed to enter into, and that lead to the AP3, which actually fit between the AP1 and AP2, so you can see where a change had to occur.

Rather than re-arranging the names, some new technology for Titleist through their R&D team (which is six times larger than it was when the first AP irons were released) made the company feel like an altogether new naming sequence was needed. Enter Titleist’s “Players’”, “Players’ Distance” and “Players’ Improvement” irons. Henceforth known to the world as the T100, T200, and T300 irons.

Max Impact

Before taking a closer look at what exactly is going on with each of the three irons in the new T-Series, it bears diving into the big tech story within two of the three sets which Titleist is calling “Max Impact”.

Max Impact Technology is Titleist’s answer to ball speed generation and maximizing it across the clubface, specifically in the T200 and T300 irons where that speed can be most put to work within the designs where the T100 hangs its hat on being a true precision focused players iron.

The name of the game here is centered around a super thin iron face to create speed but backing it with a unique polymer core created in coordination with Titleist’s golf ball R&D, which may be the coolest part of the whole story in my opinion. Taking advantage of your companies’ greatest success and strengths to help maximize the faces resilience while also keeping a sound/feel that Titleist is known for is simply smart business.

T100 Irons

The T100 irons will be where those looking for the same type of iron that the AP2 was, this is the pure players’ iron of the T-Series. This is the compact profile that so many seek out with their goals set on precision and shot making. The big evolutions here is that they have also implemented a thinner face into the T100 (but it does not utilize “Max Impact”), and this one is fully forged despite the dual cavity design.

T Series Irons – Titleist Golf


The T100 is a progressive set where the blade length, sole width, and hosel lengths are adjusted throughout in order to optimize the Center of Gravity (CG). Additionally, the T100’s have the thinnest topline and least offset of the three designs, which is to be expected. One of Titleist’s best design features from the previous AP1 irons has also carried over with an average of 66g of tungsten weighting placed within the heel and toe of the irons.

Irons: 3-P, W50

Steel: True Temper AMT Tour White

Graphite: Mitsubishi MCA Tensei White AM2

Price: $175.00/club or $1,399.00/set (steel), $187.50/club or $1,499.00/set (graphite)

Available: August 30th(Fitting begins August 8th)

T200 Irons

With the name change, the T200 may just be the irons that breakthrough the biggest for Titleist this release cycle. This one fits into what the company is calling the “Players’ Distance” category.  Utilizing their “Max Impact” design tech with an ultra-thin face and specially designed polymer backing, the T200 has a players’ style profile but with ball speed in its DNA.

T Series Irons – Titleist Golf


The T200’s shape should fit a considerable number of eyes with what Titleist calls a “tour inspired” look at address, meaning a reasonable topline and sole. The entirety of the club is not forged, but the L-Face insert is, and combined with the polymer being used in the head, Titleist believes they have managed to nail the sound and feel with which their users expect. As with the rest of the T-Series, the 200’s are progressive as you move through the set and utilizes an average of 90g of tungsten in each head to keep the CG lower for higher launch and ideally better ability to hold greens.

Irons: 4-P, W48

Steel: True Temper AMT Black

Graphite: Mitsubishi MCA Tensei Blue AM2

Price: $175.00/club or $1,399.00/set (steel), $187.50/club or $1,499.00/set (graphite)

Available: August 30th(Fitting begins August 8th)

T300 Irons

Last, but certainly not least the T300 are the “Players’ Improvement” irons within the T-Series, meaning these are the most forgiving and playable irons of the trio. The T300 also takes the “Max Impact” design to its limits with the fastest ball speed potential and highest launch from the series. Where the old AP1 irons fit into the spectrum is exactly where the T300 situate themselves, and much like with the T200, though some won’t like the name change initially, it makes a lot of sense.

T Series Irons – Titleist Golf


Profile wise, the T300 is a more mid-sized profile with 53g of tungsten utilized within the design to maximize the perimeter weighting and ensure high launch, significant forgiveness, and ample distance. Like with the T100 and T200, these are also a progressive design with one of the most significant Moments of Inertia (MOI) Titleist has designed into a game improvement style iron.

Irons: 4-P, W48, W53

Steel: True Temper AMT Red

Graphite: Mitsubishi MCA Tensei Red AM2

Price: $125.00/club or $999.00/set (steel), $137.50/club or $1,099.00/set (graphite)

Available: August 30th(Fitting begins August 8th)

Though the shock of change is likely to be received with mixed emotions by many, the new T-Series has a lot that should at the same time turn golfers’ heads. Promising a new focus on speed and distance blended with the sound, feel, and consistency that Titleist is known for, the feedback received as these sets roll out should be incredibly interesting to keep a keen eye on.

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