Fit Like a Pro with Bridgestone Golf Coming Soon

Earlier this year we announced that we had a something special coming called Fit Like a Pro with Bridgestone Golf. Today we are excited to share the details with you, and the best part is, it’s 100% free of charge, courtesy of THP and Bridgestone Golf.

When & Where
May 20th-21st
Bridgestone Golf HQ in Covington, GA

The lucky winner will be whisked away to GA, where they will be taken to Bridgestone HQ. From there they will meet myself and the Bridgestone Golf team for a day to remember. Full behind the scenes tour of R&D, an area rarely shown to the public. Get fit for your golf ball the same way and at the same place that the players shown above do. Then go play a round of golf with the Bridgestone team to test out the ball you are fit into. From there a quick dinner before retiring for the night and then a trip to the airport to head home the next day. A whirlwind of a day that is going to be INCREDIBLY SPECIAL!

How to Enter
Stay tuned to the THP Forum and this thread specifically for information on when the contest begins and how the easy signup process will be.

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