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When it comes to the world of golf, no shoe company has had a larger “footprint” in the industry than FootJoy. Many of our readers proudly wear them and there is no question that when it comes to comfort, this brand is on the short list with the best in the world. For years I have worn FootJoy Classics and found them to be the most stylish golf shoes I could find despite the fact that they often felt clunky compared to some others on the market. With the demise of the Classic Line, it left us wondering what was going to be next for this brand that is built on tradition, elegance, and class. FootJoy did not leave us wondering or waiting for long as they launched a new line called ICON that seemed to be an improvement over their previous high end offerings in terms of selection and style.

FootJoy did not step lightly with just an introduction of a new high end shoe though…They added customization to it and did so with a bang! MyJoys are nothing new to the golfer out there, but MyJoys on a top of the line shoe, are what dreams are made of for any style crazy golfer. Choosing style, colors, and so much more can leave you exhausted, but at the same time really be a blast in becoming your own fashion designer. For the purposes of this review we will be taking a look at designing the ICON shoe and then seeing the final product.

Choosing Style
FootJoy MyJoys come in a variety of styles, but as mentioned in this review, we will be covering only the ICON MyJoys and as you can see in the picture above, you have 5 choices to choose from. In this stage you will be going with style more than anything else and what suits your eye. If you are a fan of the BOA lacing system, you can chose a style that incorporates that as well. The styles all look great, however we would have loved to have the option of adding the BOA to all of the different styles, however that is merely a personal preference. For our review we made the decision to go with the FJ ICON Shield Tip. Not only did we like the style quite a bit, this pair offered the most color options throughout due to more variances in the shoe itself.

We will start out by saying that when you start to get into choosing your colors for your shoe, be prepared to not get up from your computer for quite some time. The first thing to choose is the base color. As pointed out by the arrows in the first picture, this is what the base of the shoe will look like. After this step each style will be different, but we will show the steps we took in our FJ ICON Shield Tip shoes.

The next color to choose is the saddle. Not only do you have all the choices that are available for the base, but FJ has gone a step further and added so much more. You can choose from some great textures here like Croc or Alligator in a wide variety of colors. They also have a select few patterned prints and some patent leathers for those of you that like a great shine.

The final shoe color to choose for our FJ ICON Shield Top Shoes is the accent color. You have the same great choices that you had with the saddle area minus the patterned prints. This is where true creativity can come into play when it comes to going crazy or being conservative in the terms of color and style. You will find yourself going back and tweaking all the colors and patterns while you are at this final stage.

The last step in color selection is choosing the color you want the laces to be, unless of course you have a style that uses the BOA system. While you only have the choice between black, brown, or white, they are choices nonetheless and they will give you that extra satisfaction in terms of style.

Once color selection is complete, you move onto the phase called Monogramming. This is an extra touch that can be done to most MyJoy shoes from FootJoy. Up to 6 letters or numbers can be used and you can add them to 1 shoe, both shoes, or neither. Not only do you get to choose the letters or initials that will be used here, but you can also choose from quite a few colors as well.

FootJoy has always been the king of the golf shoe when it comes to sizing and that is because they seem to offer more sizes width wise than just about any other manufacturer out there. There sizes also run true, and what we mean by that is that if you know your size for the most part, FJ shoes will be that same size. Some manufacturers routinely run large or small, but FJ definitely runs true to size in most cases. One thing that the MyJoys have going for them that few others have is the ability to order two different sizes for one pair of shoes. Many people have issues with their right and left foot being different sized, in the past it meant ordering two pairs of shoes. Well, FJ has you covered in that aspect by being able to order either shoe in any size you need.
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The biggest question when ordering a pair of custom shoes is “How Much?” and “How Long”. FJ ICON shoes will set you back about $250. While some may balk at the price, keep in mind that all the personalization we got to do only upped the cost by about $20 (based on MSRP). So for $270 you will get a pair of shoes that could last a lifetime and they will truly be unique in the aspect of design and style. Are they for everybody? No, they are cost prohibitive, but in a world where people are buying new equipment every week, compared to the latest driver, they are not over the top. However I am a golf shoe person, so my judgement may be biased on this one.

How Long? In both surprise and amazement, we got custom shoes built to order exactly to our specs in less than 2 weeks from the day we pressed submit. That part was truly exceptional and something that FJ should be commended for. I have ordered shoes online that are far from custom and had them take close to this long to arrive at my home.
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Technical Specs
From the Company:

Upper Features
Luxurious Calfskin Detailing – Calfskin is the finest shoe leather in the world. Luxurious calfskin offers unparalleled beauty and resistance to stretching.

Premium Full Grain Leather Uppers – This soft premium leather offers outstanding waterproof comfort, breathability and durability.

Two-Year Waterproof Warranty – FootJoy warrants that this golf shoe will be waterproof in normal use for two years (US warranty)

In-Shoe Features
Full Leather Linings – Leather linings provide superior comfort, slip resistance and in-shoe breathability.

Leather Covered Dual Density PU Removable Fit Bed – This leather covered dual density PU Fit-Bed creates an underfoot base that more closely mimics the natural shape of your foot, which helps provide a quality fit and cushioned support. The footbed is indeed removable for those of you that would like to replace it with a custom insert or orthotic.

Memory Foam – Memory Foam is located in the tongue and around the collar, providing a custom fit to enhance comfort. Memory Foam is a fantastic fitting technology that truly conforms the the unique shape of the the foot and retains its integrity over time.

Microfiber Heel Counter – Soft microfiber is strategically placed in the heel to ensure an optimal slip resistant fit.

Laser Last (styles 52039, 52005, 52013, 52054 and 52047) or Icon Laser Last – Icon Laser Last – Contemporary, slightly squared toe character, standard fit across forefoot and instep, with a slightly narrow heel. The Icon Laser Last is a composite of thousands of digital scans of the FootJoy Laser Fitting System. Laser Last – Full rounded toe character, standard fit across forefoot and instep, with a slightly narrow heel.

Outsole Features
Tri-Density TPU Platform – Varying densities of TPU (thermoplastic urethane) are strategically placed throughout the outsole to produce a stable hitting platform.

Dual OptiFlex Zones – Two-part forefoot flexibility channels, constructed of TPU (thermoplastic urethane) produce walking comfort and flexibility.

Stinger cleats by CHAMP – The Stinger golf spike offers superior traction throughout the entire golf swing. This golf spike also provides stability and support from the moment you step foot on the golf course. Unlike traditional spikes, its spring-flex traction makes the Stinger extra friendly to the greens.

ICON Torque Bar – Made from perforated alloy, this feature is used in the shank area of the outsole to increase midfoot stability and support. The perforated treatment also gives the Torque Bar a contemporary look.
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Concept & Comfort
After all the customization is complete and the shoes arrive, the big question is how do they look, and how do they feel? When we ordered our ICON MyJoys THP Style, we did not know what to expect. But the pictures actually do say 1000 words and they look in person just like they did in our choices when designing them. It was something we were concerned about, but the color swatches they use are as close to dead on as I have seen.

How do they feel? AMAZING! It took about 20 minutes of walking around in these to have the leather mold around our foot, and once it did, BINGO, you have a shoe that is meant for a King or Queen. Playing in these is the equivalent to playing in slippers. They grip well, offer some of the best support we have ever felt, and when your round is over, you will have zero foot fatigue. Around the collar and the tongue of the shoe you will notice the memory foam that simply molds itself to your foot and gives you a sense that these are truly custom for your feet. If you have ever slept on memory foam, you will know exactly what I am speaking about.

The FootJoy ICON golf shoe is simply that…An ICON on the golf course. To take it a step further, the brand is offering customization to its high end golf shoe that simply dwarfs the competition in terms of options. Color selection is top notch, styles and textures are unparalleled, and in the end, you get to add your initials or wording to complete the task. There are a few things we would like to see enhanced in the future, but those are merely personal preferences. Things like being able to add the BOA system to any ICON MyJoy shoe, or the ability to add multiple accent colors. But these are definitely preferences that I do not think are geared towards the masses and more show off my neurotic self as a golf shoe nut! FootJoy has done something special with the ICON line that possibly dwarfs the older Classic line if that was possible. If you are looking for something truly special that will be with you for a lifetime of golf, check out the FJ ICON MyJoys. You can read more about these as well as many other styles at

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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