Foresight GC3 and Bushnell Launch Pro

When it comes to launch monitors and possibly consumer facing models at that, few things in the space have been as anticipated as this launch. The teasers have set the stage for a lot of buzz and with that a lot of questions. Today we hope to answer all of them for you.

Foresight GC3 launch monitor

This is a dual launch for two separate products. The Foresight GC3 and the Bushnell Launch Pro. Before we get to the technical side of things, it is important to note that these two devices are identical from a hardware standpoint. They do however, function quite differently from a cost perspective.

Before getting to the structure of purchase, let’s go over what it does and to do that, we dropped the new Foresight GC3 into the THP Tech Studio for a full test.

Similar in fashion to the GCQuad we use for all of our equipment testing in the studio, the GC3 uses multiple cameras (in this case 3) and features the same level of accuracy that are considered by many to the be the gold standard in measurement. Why? Well a lot of reasons, but the most glaring being that cameras capture more ball and club data such as spin axis rather than use algorithms to derive what is taking place.

The unlocked GC3 does much of what the slightly larger and more expensive GCQuad does but there are some small differences. Face angle and impact location stand out as well as a much larger hitting area being 18×14 rather than 7×10 for the new GC3, but what Foresight has been able to cram into this, makes this the launch monitor that many golfers have been waiting for.

This is the part of the story where we explain the dual launch part of this. Foresight is launching the GC3, which is what we featured in the video above. Bushnell is releasing the Launch Pro, which is the exact same device from a hardware stand point, but it comes with a much different pricing structure.

The Foresight GC3 comes fully unlocked and ready to go for the price of $7,000. The Bushnell Launch Pro comes with the same hardware, but requires one of their subscription services for the cost of $3,000. We will expand on those packages below, but their costs are

Basic: $99 Per Year (1st Year Free)
Silver: $399 Per Year
Gold: $799 Per Year

How do these breakdown with what is unlocked with each package? This chart should help, but the gist of it is, Silver is needed to put golf courses on the device and Gold is going to be necessary if you want Spin Data.

Bushnell Launch Pro Review
Bushnell Launch Pro Subscription Packages

The pricing proposition really comes down to what you are going to be using the device for. Fun simulation with a few friends, the Silver Package might work out pretty well for your needs. Looking for an accurate launch monitor that will offer full spin readings? Gold is the only way to achieve that. Which definitely brings the question of the best way to purchase this device? Unlocked with no ongoing fees or unlockable with yearly costs going forward?

Regardless of which way you fall on the pricing spectrum, know you are going to receive one of the most versatile units available. Seamlessly going from indoors to out without the need for much setup. Literally put it down, turn it on and off you go.

The GC3 and Launch Pro will be available for purchase beginning October 4th. International customers, stay tuned because the GC3 with subscription based model will be coming in 2022.

We will have a lot more coming soon on the Foresight GC3 and Bushnell Launch Pro as our testing continues with the device. If you have questions, ask them below.

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