Foresight Sports Enhances 3rd Party Software Integration Options

Driving Range View

Foresight Sports, producers of the industry leading GC3 and GCQuad launch monitors, have announced two new 3rd party software integrations, adding both Awesome Golf and GSPro to their already robust line of gameplay and improvement software. Considered by many to be the benchmark when it comes to launch monitor accuracy for both ball and club data, these new integrations will join Creative Golf, e6 Connect, and Swing Catalyst in the Foresight lineup. In addition, Foresight offers FSX Pro, a comprehensive analysis application, and FSX Play, which includes 25 courses for simulator play. Connecting to these 3rd party options requires an FSX Play subscription, meaning customers will have access to a huge library of golf courses and skill-developing software.


GC3 playing GSPro

GSPro is well known for its expansive library of over 350 courses for simulator enthusiasts. Boasting 4k graphics and incredibly accurate gameplay physics, the software encourages users to contribute new courses, meaning the software is constantly improving. It’s an underground favorite for many sim golfers, and this new official partnership is likely to increase its fanbase among Foresight users. 

Awesome Golf

Awesome Golf on the GC3
Whispering Pines

We’re huge fans of Awesome Golf and highlighted that in an article late last year. It’s certainly worth checking that review out for more detail, but we haven’t found a more accessible and intuitive 3rd party game-improvement app yet. In addition, it offers several family-friendly games and four 9-hole simulator courses. While it may not be the end-all sim golf option, it’s incredibly easy to use, provides a ton of information to help improve your game, and comes in at an attractive price. Combining it with Foresight’s launch monitors promises to make it even better, especially considering the amount of accurate club data that will now be offered. 


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