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    Most meat, chili peppers, and not much else for me.

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      Hamburger meat, hot dogs, smoked sausage, ham, bacon
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        Originally posted by McLovin View Post
        pretty much anything. pasta and cheese as the medium, what clashes with that?!
        I knew I liked you
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          Acceptable Mac & Cheese Add Ins

          Bacon, maybe beef, Lobster, some meats..

          And it may sound crazy but Broccoli

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            Originally posted by JB View Post
            What is acceptable to add to Mac and cheese and what is not?
            I like bacon and spinach or maybe some left over chili. Kids like hotdogs.

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              Went to a restaurant called Lucy's this past weekend. They offered pulled pork mac and cheese. One of the people at our table ordered it and said it was very good.


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                Originally posted by JDax View Post
                Crawfish is one of my favorite add-ins.

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                that sounds awesome

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                  Originally posted by Tadashi70 View Post
                  Diced Tomatoes
                  ^^^^^ yes
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                      Not together: bacon, hot dog, more cheese

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                        Smoked sausage and corn was how my uncle would make it when I was a kid. I still have it that way every now and then.
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                          Pulled/BBQ Chicken/Pork

                          Onions & Apples

                          Great combo for the kids/healthy is hot pasta salad style with ham/chicken and loaded with broccoli, tomatoes, cubed cheese, pepper, onion & whatever other veggies the household likes.
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                            Corn. And I am 100% serious. The sweet crunch really adds a layer of texture that is unbeatable.
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                              Originally posted by badolds View Post
                              Kale and quinoa. just kidding bacon and more cheese!!
                              You shouldn't ruin kale and quinoa with mac n' cheese LOL!!!!
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                                I had Dungeness crab mac and cheese in San Francisco and it was awesome.

                                At home I usually add frozen chopped kale (it doesn't need thawing) and if I take the time caramelized onions. Panko crumbs on top with more cheese.
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