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    Lobster and more cheese. That's the only acceptable answer.
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      Bacon obviously. Chicken, jalapeño, lobster, and the right type of sausage or beef are also acceptable.
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        Brisket. Hands down amazing.
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          Originally posted by Girardcorp View Post
          Brisket. Hands down amazing.

          Had some with brisket and deep fried cornbread croutons... [emoji123]
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            Used to love lobster Mac n cheese before I developed a shellfish allergy a few years ago...

            Pancetta, bacon, hot dogs, broccoli. Bending the rules a little but I’ve done Mac and cheese cheeseburgers before and it’s great!
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              The macaroni cheese that I do is

              Cook the macaroni as per the packet instructions
              Grate the cheddar cheese
              Lightly fry some pancetta or chorizo

              When the pasta is done, drain off the water, then stir in the cheese, pancetta/chorizo and some soy sauce

              Quick and easy and very filling
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                After New Years, I always make Crab Mac & Cheese w/ the leftover crab meat.
                Bacon & Jalapeno's are also a big favorite!
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                  Originally posted by McLovin View Post
                  pretty much anything. pasta and cheese as the medium, what clashes with that?!
                  Our Regional Food Bank hosts an annual Mac n Cheese Bowl with about 30 restaurants and 12 amateurs competing. I have three years of attendance and an inch on my waistline that confirms this.
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                    Buffalo Chicken
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                      I'm in the camp of pretty much anything. We usually just add some spiced ground beef and maybe some onions. But, I've been known to make a full-blown (bachelor) casserole from mac-n-cheese.

                      We usually buy the Velveeta shell-n-cheese, but homemade works, too.

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