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What coffee are you drinking?


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    How do i like my coffee? In a big mug early in the AM....that simple
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    MD3 54* S-grind, PM grind 58*/10
    34" #9 Prototype Tour Series
    Q-Star Tour Yellow


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      Hot and Black.

      Driver: 917 D3, Diamana Red S+ 50g S
      FW 9017 F2 15 degree and 18 degree Diamana S+ 60g
      Hybrids: 816 H1 (i
      Irons: AP1 4-7 Iron and AP2 7-P with DG AMT Red shaft
      Wedges Vokey SM6 50, 54 and 58 degree
      Putter: X7m


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        For hot, we'll usually use the auto drip. For iced, cold brewed.
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        Fairway: Epic Flash with Tensei Blue 75
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        Irons: Apex Forged 5-PW w/ Elevate 95
        Wedges: MD4 48-54-58 w/ Modus 105
        Putter: Stroke Lab Three
        Ball: Chrome Soft X

        Thanks to PX and THP for an incredible Handcrafted Experience!


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          I am not a coffee fan, but I picked this up at Costco and it's delicious.

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          3 Wood - Cobra King F9 - Project X EvenFlow White 75
          Hybrid - Ping G400 - Ping Tour 85
          Irons - Srixon 765/965 - Nippon Modus3 Tour 130
          Wedges - Cleveland RTX 3 50*-54*-58* Tour Raw V-MG - Nippon Modus3 Tour 130
          Putter - Odyssey Exo Seven


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            Folgers with sugar when I'm home and whatever is the freshest at the office.

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            Newport 2
            Pro V1X


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              I've been drinking coffee since 1st Grade, that would be ~61 years ago! I'm easy to please. Keurig machine, 8 O'clock Original Blend for breakfast and lunch, Decaf after dinner.
              Gene E.
              Enjoy the day


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                Nothing lah-de-dah, I grind it, brew it, and drink it black.

                913 D2 10.5, Rogue Black, 60 S
                hybrids G
                25 20*, 23*,
                23* and 31* , TFC 189H S
                AP 2, 7-W True Temper XP 95 S

                Vokey SMm5 52*
                Mack Daddy PM grind 56* and 60*
                Daddy Long Legs 38"


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                  At home, Aeropress. Simple, easy, and the coffee tastes great. It only makes one cup at a time but that's fine, coffee is best when its fresh.

                  On the road, Tim Hortons Double Double...


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                    Hario cold drip coffee


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                      Originally posted by Toddg86 View Post

                      Hario cold drip coffee
                      This seems like something from Science class. I drink mostly beans from West Coast Roasters whatever he has on sale at the time.

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                      Fairway V Steel 4w 17*
                      Hybrid Altitude 3 Graphite
                      Irons Exotics XCG6 4-pw
                      Wedges ATV 50,54,58
                      Putter Spider Tour Black
                      Ball Zip/DUO
                      coin ball marker


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                        Can't beat AeroPressing a good cup of coffee. Buddy went to Costa Rica over spring break and brought me back a pound of fresh ground CR premiere coffee. Incredible!


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                          I'm simple. Brew in a keurig or normal pot. Don't care if it's flavored or not as long as it's good coffee. No milk or cream, just 2 sugars.
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                          Callaway: Rouge SZ 13.5*
                          Callaway: XR 16 pro 18*
                          Callaway: X-forged UT 21*
                          Srixon: Z765 5-PW
                          Vokey: SM6 48 SM5 54/58
                          Toulon: Garage Atlanta


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                            I love a cup of java in the morning or anytime of day for that matter. The tempurature of the water is crucial to a good cup. I have a Techivorm Moccamaster that makes the best coffee in town. Worth every penny.
                            Performance Hybrid Stand Bag
                            Driver: AeroBurner 10.5 Stiff
                            Wood: Bertha Mini 1.5 14
                            H45 4H
                            Irons: Z545 5-PW DGR300s
                            Wedges: 588 RTX2.0- 52 56 60
                            Putter: ​RX2 ​Red
                            Ball: B330RX


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                              So many coffee drinkers! You should all be enabling Trout Bum's golf habit by purchasing some of his beans.
                              Bag: Hyper-lite 3.0 Stand Bag
                              Driver: Sasquatch 10.5
                              Hybrid: DHy 18* & D100 3H
                              Irons: D100 4-GW
                              Wedges: 51, 55, 59
                              Putter: Rossi
                              Statistics: Game Golf


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                                I love my coffee as much as the next guy, but it sounds like some of you take it to the next step. I may have to investigate some of these other coffee making options.

                                I'm simple, I make my coffee at home from a Mr Coffee drip machine. My weekday coffee is Folgers or Maxwell House (whichever is on sale at the grocery store). I do like my weekend coffee to be something a little better. I'm not opposed to grinding some good beans and really enjoying it.

                                I like my coffee with cream and half of a sweet and low.
                                Driver: Rocketballz Tour 10.5
                                Hybrid: Rescue 2-16
                                Irons: G25 5-W
                                Wedges: CG14 Black Pearl 52
                                Putter: Cadence TR Blade
                                Ball: ProV1x


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