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Bad news at the OB/GYN!


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    very sorry to hear that man. Best wishes and prayers for your wife and you and hopefully a healthy baby girl or boy.

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      Best wishes to you and your family JBC3.
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        As the doctor said, sometimes these things work themselves out on their own. Babies are pretty resilient.

        Hoping everything works out for you two though!

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          My whole family’s thoughts and prayers will be with you guys. Praying for good news.

          Politicians and Diapers must be changed often for the exact same reason.


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            All my thoughts your way, truly truly truly.
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              Hoping it turns out well for you. Prayers headed your way.

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                Stay strong Cobb!! Hugely trying situation, but try and keep an optimistic view man. Well be sending up prayers for your fam.

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                  Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

                  You doctor is correct, things have a way of working themselves out naturally. All you can do is remain positive.
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                    I don't know you but your family will be in my thoughts. Hope you both stay positive and wish you well.

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                      You and your family will be in my thoughts.
                      stay strong!
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                        Prayers and good thoughts to yall, JBC.
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                          Prayers for positive test results.

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                            Thoughts and prayers man
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                              Sending my best to you and the Mrs!!
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                                Bad news at the OB/GYN!

                                My wife and I had something pop up on an ultrasound for our second and we were sent to a specialist. Was told what they were seeing could mean a lot of things even a stillbirth. Everything turned out fine with no issues in the end, but it was an agonizing two weeks from the time went the first ultrasound to the time we got to see the specialist. Our minds raced to every possible bad scenario. I know its hard to do at this moment, but it is out of your control at this point. I had to remind myself to be positive and be there for my wife. Im praying for you and your family.
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