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On a lighter & way more important note...


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  • On a lighter & way more important note...

    This is happening again finally!

    It’s been a long long longgggg journey from two years ago when we lost our first at just under ten weeks. The fact that my wife and I were able to make it through that time and stress is a testament to our commitment to each other and we could t be happier to announce that we are expecting our first next February (around Valentines day).

    It hasn’t always been easy. The first 11-12 months after the miscarriage were brutal. Non stop doctors visits and check ups and worry about cancer or other fertility issues. Then we were given the ok [emoji108] to move forward with trying to even conceive again. The first go around, it took some time. Several fertility appointments and down the road we conceived naturally.

    This time? We tried for 8-9months and nothing was happening. We were honestly getting pretty worried about where it all was heading for us as potential parents and starting our own family. We began consulting with some infertility clinics in the Cleveland area and began the process of multiple (yes multiple) IUI treatments. Every single effing time we went in, it was, “everything looks great!!! My numbers were way above average for my count and my wife’s fertility was never a concern to the doctors. However, we weren’t getting pregnant.

    Admittedly, it’s hard to listen to a doctor say...”I think it’s time to start thinking about IVF (in vitro).” It’s especially hard to hear when IVF isn’t paid for by our insurance and thus would cost us $15-17k upfront for only a 15% higher chance of getting pregnant than the IUI process which is totally covered by my insurance. I hate to make it a numbers game but I was adamant that we weren’t giving up IUI until we were told it wasn’t going to work for some sort of medical reasoning. We completed our fourth round of IUI with some minor complications that seemed to give us some hope that potentially the first 3 were done incorrectly. There’s no way of knowing if that’s true or not but here we are.....

    9 1/2 weeks pregnant!!!!!! We have already had a fetal heartbeat scan and were told everything appeared to be normal and today was our first OB ultrasound and were told to take a deep sigh of relief because “everything right now looks to be perfect”.

    I wanted to share this with THP so many time before now because there have been so many people who have been there for myself and my wife over the last two+ years , that I don’t know if I would have been the supportive husband I tried to be without all of your encouragement and friendships. Quite frankly it has meant the world to my wife and I. [emoji26] We have a really really long way to go from here but I know that if I share this with my family here that someone who needs some encouragement in this department will read it and find some solace in the fact that some faith, persistence and a really solid support system will help you get through anything.

    So, please keep us in you’re thoughts because we will need it to continue going forward. Thanks wife Stephanie and I love you guys so much for all of the well wishes, concern and overwhelming love shown to our family are beyond anything we could have expected but exactly what we both needed daily.


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    That's freaking awesome man. Congrats to both of you!

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      Congrats to you both!!!
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        So happy for you . congratulations
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            Congratulations and may everything go well!
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              Super happy for you! Congratulations!!!!!
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                  That is awesome!! Congratulations and may you be blessed with a beautiful child.
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                  probably something that rolls awesome
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                    Congrats PKorf! Amazing news buddy.
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                      truly amazing news, my friend. just so very happy for you and your wife.

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                        In My Cart Bag

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                          If I could thank all of these responses more than once I totally would. Much appreciated everyone

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                          Epic Flash 10.5 w/ Tour AD di7X Orange/white
                          Rogue 3W w/EvenFlow Blue 75 6.5
                          KING F8 2Hyb w/ES SW 780 SmacWrap Black S-Tipped 1/2"
                          KING UT 4I w/ CTaper Lite Stiff
                          KING Pro-Black 5,6CB / 7,PWMB w/CTaper Lite Stiff
                          TourB XW-1 52/08, 56/10, 60/10 wedges w/
                          StrokeLab Double Wide 34" bent to 67*
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                          2019 Championship Participant @ Firestone CC


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                            Congratulations man. Wonderful news.
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                              Congrats. So happy for you guys
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                              Putter: FGP
                              Ball: Chrome Soft/ Truvis


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