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When Life Rears Back and Kicks You In The Gonads


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  • When Life Rears Back and Kicks You In The Gonads

    So last weekend, I had the golf time of my life. I left my house around 11am on Thursday, met up with my Roomie (Hoosiermess), my Pardner (djt311), and Vortex for a round at Shale Creek. We played a format likely to be seen in the upcoming THP Bridgestone Championship and ended 18 A/S. Good food and drink followed meeting up with more folks about to embark on our journey.

    Played at Fox Meadow as PkorfĎs guests on Friday, only missing Pete379 to have the full contingent of THPerís that were playing in the THP Bridgestone Championship. Again, followed by more good food and drink.

    Then we embarked on the most awesome thing most of us amateur golfers will ever be offered. Playing in an event and feeling like a celebrity the entire time. THP and Bridgestone were awesome hosts and it was a great time. Sometime along the way I forgot how to golf (sorry Pardner!) but still had the time of my life. I canít thank THP and Bridgestone enough.

    In the meantime things at home had been less than stellar for quite some time. I have an illness that I havenít disclosed to most, and certainly not to my family. I suppose that may have been a mistake in retrospect but I didnít want any of my kids worrying about me if I can pull through with little to no issues (a decent probability). My oldest boy is a worrier and heíd likely struggle with it. So I said nothing. Meds Iím on have made me even more absent minded and forgetful, and I very recently realized that drinking alcohol in any amount just exacerbates that effect.

    Anyways, Iím returning home Sunday and I pull into the drive. The garage door is closed, which was a bit uncommon given my kids are in and out of the house all day during the summer and we usually leave it open. No biggie, I thought maybe my wife went somewhere. My garage door opener doesnít work so I went to the front door expecting my little doggie to be going nuts. Nothing.

    I walked into the foyer, took a couple steps, and just about died right then. There is nothing in my house. No wife, no kids, no dog, almost no furniture. Huge mess everywhere, but very little else. WTF?

    Went three days with no contact with my kids (my wife cut their number off from me and mine from them). I pretty much knew what had happened and at least in Ohio, absent a court order, what happened was kidnapping. A felony of the first degree. Times 3. And she took my dog! Thatís just cold. Sometime day 2-3ish she reached out to a family member to have them tell me what happened. She packed up, took my house as a giant free flea market, and moved out with the kids and dogs. I actually called the sheriffs department and was explaining to them that I just wanted something on file Tuesday(ish?) and told them my plight. They asked if I wanted to report it and and I said yes but I didnít want it acted on. The person I spoke with told me that if I reported it they were under obligation to issue an amber alert and they would find her and arrest her. I didnít want that, I want whatís best for my kids so I promptly told them never mind at that point.

    Since then I have seen my kids (and my little doggie). She still wonít tell me where they live, also illegal, but whatever. I get why as everything is in my name. I could go and pick up my car that she drives tomorrow and sell it for roughly a 9k gain. The other vehicles are in my name too but I have control of them. House is in my name. I do understand that half of marital property belongs to each but her car would retail for 14k or so, good luck finding it for 4500. That and she cleaned out almost everything of value from inside the house already. I donít care, I want my boys to be ok. Thatís it.

    This is getting too long to read, but I wanted to talk this out. I donít know where this goes from here. I donít care, just so long as my kids are taken care of. Iím not sure sheís capable of that, but Iíll give her that chance. I also have every intention of honoring my commitments to reviewing the Bridgestone gear, but golf is about the furthest thing from my mind right now. Iíll chime in when I can but right now Life is getting in the way.

    So Iím sorry if Iím not being real active right now when I should be. I truly appreciate what THP and Bridgestone have done for me. Life is currently in the way and once itís straightened out some Iíll be more active.
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    Jesus, that is rough. Hang in there and take care of yourself.
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      Best of luck with everything.
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      Wedges probably some MD goodness
      probably something that rolls awesome
      an awesone ball

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        Wow, man, that is unbelievably rough. I'm sorry you are going through it.
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          Can't imagine man, sorry you're going thru this. I definitely wish you the best and hope things start picking up.

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            Oof that's unimaginable! Good luck navigating everything, but mostly I hope your kids are all OK.
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              Damn. Iím sorry to hear that smiter.
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                Adults can take care of things, you in it for the kids. Stay positive for their sake, so sorry man, best of luck.

                ***Make sure you have a good attorney so you will have access to your kids****
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                  Sorry to hear that Smiter, I can’t even imagine what you’re going through. I hope things turn around for ya quickly.
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                    Wow. Will be praying for you and your boys! I canít even imagine.

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                      Good luck navigating through this. Ouch.
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                        Yikes dude. Hope everything turns around for ya soon. Thatís awful man.
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                        Putter: Huntington Beach 6
                        Ball: Tour B RX

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                          Man I'm really sorry to hear about that. I hope you're able to come to some kind of resolution quickly.
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                            Damn man, that is absolutely terrible! Praying that things work out the best for you and your kids.

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                              I don't know man.. I know you want what's best for the kids, but I'm not sure kidnapping (let's be real, that's what that was) is really instilling a good thought in their heads. They'd probably love to know where their dad is, and why they can't see you. That might be worth contacting someone who could contact her, and see what you can do to put that thought in her head a bit.

                              Well that, and maybe call from a different number and see how far you get?

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