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    Another amazing event!!
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      Going to be a amazing event, This was one area at #TheGrandaddy that I did not get to spend a lot of time I was late getting into the station. So much knowledge there.
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        Kick to the kidneys...this falls on my anniversary. And I hate it. (Not my anniversary). This is just the event that I eye balled and ogled over the most for 2019 and after the year we've had there's no way my wife gives me a pass on this one. Getting to meet up with Luke, Sean and team and pick their brains and hear their stories is worth the price of admission all by itself.

        Don't mind me. I'm going to go find a quiet corner...

        Good luck to you guys getting in on this amazing event!
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          Oh my

          Odyssey Crew+8 lucky THPers+Hammock Beach=Perfect weekend

          Get in on this!
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            Awesome opportunity right here! Just getting a putter fitting from Sean himself is worth the price of admission. Everything else is just a cherry on top. Will be a great weekend ahead!
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            Epic Flash 3W
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              The people that get into this one are in for such a great time, not to mention an insanely great putter fitting. Awesome event.
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              Wedges: 54* MD4 and 58* PM Grind 2.0, UST Recoil 95, F3 (tipped)
              Putter: Toulon Memphis
              Ball: Chrome Soft CS Truvis and ERC


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                Sounds like it will be great for sure.
                Driver Maybe something Flash?
                Fairways Some more awesome Flash?
                Irons I have no idea what might go in here!!!
                Wedges probably some MD goodness
                probably something that rolls awesome
                an awesone ball

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                  Ah damn, I think dates and financially won't work for me.. stupid house buying

                  Maybe with the sale of my place I can put some $ away so can do an event in the fall!

                  Good luck entrants!

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                    This event last year was easily one of the best THP events I have been to. Such a great group of guys from Odyssey/Toulon and eager to share so much information. With Hammock Beach as the venue, the new Stroke Lab lines, and all that is included, it is an amazing value.

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                      This is a must enter event! And that course looks amazing wow
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                      Fairway- Epic Flash 3W with a Hzrdus Smoke Shaft
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                      Irons- Big bertha 6-SW
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                      Iron Shafts- Recoils
                      Putter- Stroke Lab EXO Marxman & Toulon Las Vegas
                      Bag- Swirl stand bag & Callaway F14 stand bag

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                        Just getting to hang out with those 4 guys is worth the price of admission! Throw in the actually event and Hammock Beach and this is bound to be memorable.
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                        Wedges: 56* MD4, 60* PM Grind w/ Modus 3 Tour 120
                        Putter: Azalea
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                          I like putters and some of the most knowledgeable individuals regarding putters (Sean Toulon, Luke Williams, Austie Rollinson and Tony Toulon) will be present. I will definitely put my hat in the ring again this year.
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                            This is awesome! Would love to throw my name in the hat for this one but the wife would kill me as that is the weekend that we will celebrate our anniversary and my daughter's bday. If I went to this instead of those I wouldn't be doing so hot lol

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                            Irons: 2019 Apex CF-19 5 - AW w/ Project X LZ95 6.0
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                              Ill just yes....yes....hell yes and oh my god so much yes!!!

                              Ddog: EPIC Flash 9* ProForce Tour V2
                              FWs: F8+ 3/4 Elements Proto-Type, Rogue 5W EVENFLOW
                              Irons: 785 Combo set
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                              Flat stick: TOUR Spider
                              Ball: ​PRO V1x

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                                Awesome courses, Awesome event!
                                Sadly the dates don't line up for me, but I can't wait to follow along!
                                In my Cirrus stand bag:

                                Driver: GS53 9* ( v2 CB 7F5)
                                Wood: XD 3w/5w ( Proforce v2)
                                Irons: JGR HF 2 (Modus3 Tour 105 stiff)
                                Wedge: XW-1 52*/56*/60* (Modus3 Tour 105 stiff)
                                Putter: Huntington Beach 6
                                Ball: Tour B RX

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                                2019 Shaft Up #3 with @Olympia Fields CC


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