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    I like these. They’re not gorgeous but they look far better than some other irons in this segment.

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      Originally posted by Shakey View Post
      Did some more digging on the website & found the following link:

      It gives specs, a deconstruction diagram of the head & more detail.

      The biggest surprise is the lofts. I expected modern lofts, but they went with weaker lofts & consistent 4* gapping. The 7 iron is 34*. That's 8 iron territory for most GI iorons these days. Based on that, I don't expect them to put a premium of spin/accuracy rather than distance.
      The lofting is the same as the PTx. Mine was the low flight lofting, so all of mine are 1* weaker than the Edge. My 7 is 33*. I do like the 4* between all clubs.
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        I actually like how it looks. It's an updated look to a throwback iron.
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          I actually don't mind the looks, love the satin finish, so-so on the badging, wish it was more like the PTx, but I like the lofts and gaping. I wonder if these are the "game improvement" irons or just another offshoot of their lineup.

          The price point for a satin forged club is spot on, but I don't know if it will translate into sales. They seem to be trying hard at getting new product out, hopefully they succeed at it.
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              Seeing a lot of negative comments about them but I personally love the look. That satin finish is sweeeeet! I'm definitely rooting for these guys and based on the look of this iron I hope they're on their way to getting back to where they once were. We'll see!


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                Nice throwback design.

                Hollow construction combined with a traditional cavity? Not common at all.

                "Weak" lofts combined with offset and lots of perimeter weighting? High Launch might be an issue.

                Seems like Mizuno has some new competition in the Forged SGI category.
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                  I typically like the look of satin irons and would have no problem gaming these.
                  -- Bill --


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                    I like the satin and the “Edge” and “Forged” markings.

                    I really dislike the overall shape, especially of the cavity. The badge looks outdated/cheap to me as well.

                    I guess I was looking for an update to the PTx irons, but understand these are a different category of iron.
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                      Those look fantastic, I love the classic style with modern tech hidden. Much better than any other hollow iron I've seen
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                        Two thoughts:

                        1. I think they look cheap and uninteresting, the antithesis of the awesome aesthetics the prior two iron offerings had. If you took the Hogan name off of them they'd look like a generic bland uninteresting discount brand's offering. Really disappointing to me.

                        2. The badging is our proof this is a different company. The prior regime railed against badging as something that's a cheat to cover up for perimeter weighting designs which reduce feel and responsiveness. I'd bet a buck we'd have never seen badging on any product from the prior Hogan company.
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                          These don’t trip a lot of levers for me honestly. They’re not terrible looking, but they’re nothing special. I’d give be them a swipe or two, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to try them.
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                            Originally posted by IceyShanks View Post
                            Are they allowed to say "V-Sole?"
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                              Honestly I think the dimpling on the back would have looked sharp if they had gone with blue like the staff bags. Right now they just look "meh"
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                                Definitely an old school look to em. Not my style.
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