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2019 Albatross Club is Now Open: THPers Making a Difference Helping Children


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  • #91
    Oh, yeah... I'm in. Just waiting on the button to show up under my name.
    C130 bag & 3.5+
    M5 440 9 w/ HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 @ 45.5"
    Epic Flash SZ 3wd w/ Rogue Max 85X @ 42.5"
    M4 5wd w/ HZRDUS Black 6.0 @ 42"
    Dynacraft Genesis 4h w/ LZ 6.0
    Dynacraft Prophet MB 5-PW w/ LZ 6.0
    Titleist Vokey SM6 52F, 56F, 60L w/ Modus3 125 wedge shafts
    Stroke Lab Marxman @ 33" w/ Flatso 3.0
    Tour Velvet & Snell MTB or ChromeSoft X
    SLDR 3h w/ HZRDUS Black 85g, 6.0
    VS Proto 70X @ 44.25" HZRDUS Black 75g, 6.0 @ 44.5" & AccuFLEX Evolution R @ 44.5"
    Wishon 550c 5-6 & 550m 7-PW w/ Modus3 Tour 120 stiff shafts


    • #92
      All done...great cause. Thanks JB & GG for THP and THP'ers for continued support to beat this terrible disease.
      This week:

      Epic Flash Sub-Zero w/ Project X Evenflo 5.5
      F8+ 3/4 FW w/ Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 60 (R)
      F8 3Hybrid w/Recoil SW Black 780
      King Utility Black 4U w/Recoil SW Black 780ES
      Forged Tec Black w/Recoil SW Black 780ES
      King Black wedges 50,54 & 58 w/Recoil 95 shafts
      Evenflo ER6 Putter

      Proud member of Team Paradise @ the 2018 Morgan Cup
      Special thanks to


      • #93
        Epic Flash 10.5* EvenFlow Black 65g 6.0
        917 F2 16.5* HZRDUS EvenFlow White 75g 6.0
        CBX 119 20* hybrid with EvenFlow Blue 70g 6.0
        JPX919 Hot Metal 4-GW Nippon Modus 3 Tour 105 R
        Vokey SM7 54.08 M Dynamic Gold Wedge
        Hi Toe 60 KBS Wedge 2.0
        Precision Milled BHB02 Super Stroke Slim 3.0

        Proud member of TEEm in 2019!!


        • #94
          Done and done!!!
          stand bag
          DRIVER- F9 10.5*/ Attas PUNCH 6S
          MINI- Original One 13.5*/ Diamana 7S
          WOOD- M6 15*/ Tensei Orange 7S
          HYBRIDS- U85 3/ DG120/X100
          IRONS- 785 4-9/ DGTI/X100
          WEDGE-:Cleveland: RTX4 46*, 52*, & 58*/DGS400
          PUTTER- SquareBack Select Custom or Double Wide
          BALL- ZStar yella plz
          RF- Tour V3 and Garmin G80 Approach

          2019 Shaft Up #3 with @Olympia Fields CC


          • #95
            Love the quick response by everyone!
            Driver: Epic Flash
            Fairway: V-Series Heavenwood, 915 F2 16.5
            Hybrid: G400 Crossover
            Irons: Callaway Apex CF16 5-PW
            Wedges: Vokey SM7 50, 55, 60
            Putter: Oworks Red Jailbird Mini


            • #96
              Signed up!
              Bag: C-130
              Driver: King F7
              Fairway Wood: King F7
              Hybrids: XR (19) & XR (22)
              Irons: XR (5-PW)
              Wedges: Vokey SM6 (52), Tour Trusty (56), 588 Tour Action (60)
              Putter: Toulon Long Island


              • #97
                Done & Done!

                That came quick ... another fun year of THP! Looking forward to another great year in 2019. Well maybe 8 out of 12 months for me. But hey ...
                Driver: TS2 HZRDUS Smoke 6.0
                Fairways: TS2 13.5* & TS2 19* HZRDUS Smoke
                Irons: 718 T-MB 4-iron & AP3 5-PW Pxi 5.5 MCC Align
                Wedges: Vokeys SM6 48*, 52*, 56*
                Putter: Newport
                Ball: ProV1

                2017 Ultimate Club Testing Event w/ Titleist
                2018 THP Championship
                2019 ????

                "Competitive golf is played on a 5 1/2 inch course ... the space between your ears."


                • #98
                  Happy to donate to be part of this amazing community. It's definitely been the best return on investment I've ever experienced, and I'm not just talking about my haul at the sweep this year.
                  Driver: G400 Max 9* HZRDUS Yellow 45"
                  Driver2: Epic 13.5* Aldila Rogue Silver 43"
                  4w: BB Aldila Rogue Silver
                  Irons: Apex CF16 4-PW KBS C-Taper
                  Wedges: RTX-4 50 mid, 54 mid, 58 low
                  Putter: EXO #7s
                  Ball: Q-Star Tour

                  2015 The King - Team Hashtag
                  2016 Bridgestone Championships - Team Shank
                  2017 Regional Rivalry - Team SoCal
                  2018 The Sweep - Budget Golf and


                  • #99
                    Done! I have been lurking and not posting as much lately, but I love this community and check in often!
                    Driver: TS3 8.5*(D-2) - Tensei CK Pro Orange 60 (.5" tipped) - TX
                    Fairway: TS3 15* (D-2) - Tensei CK Pro Orange 70 (.5" tipped) - TX
                    Utility: P790 2UDI - HZRDUS Black 85 - 6.5 flex
                    Irons: King Forged Tour 4-PW - C-Taper - S+ flex
                    Wedges: Vokey SM7 50/12F, 54/14F, 58/12D - Wedge flex
                    Putter: Toulon Atlanta w/ Stroke Lab
                    Ball: Chrome Soft / AVX
                    Bag: Vessel Player 2.0 Stand Bag / Player 4 Plus Stand Bag / Ultralight Cart Bag

                    Alumnus - 2019 Ultimate Testing: Metal Woods Edition
                    Alumnus - 2018 Morgan Cup sponsored by & - Team Hackers - Captain: Puttin4Bird


                    • Shout out to the kind member who paid for my 2019 AC membership. Thank you!!!


                      • Originally posted by mr.hicksta View Post
                        Shout out to the kind member who paid for my 2019 AC membership. Thank you!!!

                        Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
                        Currently in bag:
                        Driver: ST180 9.5* Kuro Kage Reg flex
                        Fairways: King F8 3w NV reg flex
                        2004 Big Bertha 5w Shaft: RCH 65 flex
                        Hybrid: King F7 5-6 HY reg flex
                        Irons: JPX919 HM 5-GW Blackout LZ A-Flex
                        Wedges: RTX-3 V-MG 54,58 with Recoil 110 flex
                        Putter: White Hot Pro #1
                        Balls: Supersoft Yellow
                        "Whatever you do, don't hit my truck." - My grandfather


                        • Done! Always the best golf related purchase I make every year.
                          Proud Supporter of THP's Team in the 2019 #TheGrandaddy!

                          Driver: W/S Cortex 10.5 courtesy of W/S
                          Woods: TEE EX9 Tour 17, "V' Series HW 20.5
                          Hybrids: Ben Hogan VKTR 24
                          Irons: W/S C300 forged 5-GW w/Elements Chrome courtesy of W/S
                          Wedges: Hogan TK-15 53 and Callaway PM Grind 58
                          Putter: 2135 TFI 6.5 courtesy of Cleveland Golf
                          Ball: W/S Duo Professional matte green
                          Rangefinder: Bushnell Tour V4 courtesy of Bushnell & THP



                          • Don't think I have ever been happier to join this amazing club! Thanks JB and GG!
                            Driver: Exotics EXS 9.5
                            Fairways: CG Black 16
                            Irons: Razr X Forged 5-9
                            Wedges: Copper Forged 48, 52, 56, 60
                            Putter: Custom made B1
                            See it. Feel it. Trust it.


                            • Done, excited for future stuff!!!!

                              In My
                              Driver- Rogue Sub-Zero 9* HZRDUS Yellow 6.0
                              3W- 915f HZRDUS Yellow
                              5W- Rogue Sub-Zero 18* HZRDUS Yellow 6.0
                              Hybrid- 816H2
                              Irons- 714 AP2 +1/2", LZ 5.5
                              Putter- Newport 2
                              Ball- ProV1x

                              And Tester for the New M3 Irons


                              • Signed up!
                                #MorganCup #TeamParadise


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