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The 2019 Morgan Cup Sponsored by Cobra Golf: Want To Be A Tour Player


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    Originally posted by obedt View Post
    JB had said at least half (7/14). Not sure split sets are in play. Guess that will be touched on during the sign up thread?

    Iím flip flopping on OL vs VL, but am leaning OL with a OL hybrid thrown in.

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    I was putting together a cool set in my mind : OL 3H, OL F9 4i, OL ForgedTec 5-G. Iím not really sure how well Iíd get on the with 8-wedges in A traditionally longer length, but I think it would be an awesome experiment.

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    and THP, thank you so much - cannot wait to carry on THE REAL Tradition Unlike Any Other:
    The Freaking #grandaddy2019 !!!

    In my 2020 ???? Bag
    Drive: Probably something long, forgiving, and dead sexy.
    FW: Driver's baby brother?
    Hybrid: Rocket launcher from all lies, jailbreak goodness.
    Irons: Something from the mad scientists in Doc Hock's R&D labs.
    Putter: Whatever the hell Luke and Sean tell me to use.
    Ball: This could be interesting.

    Huge thanks to THP and for the incredible irons and shafts from #shaftup 3 - fitting and build by the amazing Danny Le. Game and life changing experience.


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      such a fantastic location, cant wait to sign up
      Launcher HB 10.5 AD DI 6S
      Launcher HB 3W AD DI 6S
      Launcher HB 3H oban Devotion 9
      Launcher CBX 4-P Recoil 780 ES
      CBX 48*Recoil 780 ES
      RTX 54* high bounce KBS Custom White
      RTX 60* low bounce KBS Custom White


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        Let's do this!!!
        Under custom EPIC 13.5*/MASTERS Themed Elements Gold 6F4
        Epic 4-SW/LZ 6.0
        MD4 Black 60* X-grind/DG Tour Issue (Red)
        'Sure Out 2 64*/
        Stroke Lab Marxman S
        All inC130 Cart Edition


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          What an amazing start to the holiday week. If this doesn't make you all warm and fuzzy then nothing will.
          Driver 9.5* tensei pro orange S
          3+ 13.5* tensei pro blue S
          H85 2H 16* Hzurdus Black S
          Z785 Z785 4-AW recoil 780 Es S
          52* 56* RTX4 recoil 780 Es S
          Stroke Lab 2 Ball Fang 33Ē

          Put the tee in the ground and let's see what goes down.
          Pround Member Of 2018 Morgan Cup Team Paradise
          Team Cooking With Curry 2018 THP Championship Sponsored By Budget Golf!
          2019 Distance Powered by Srixon & Cleveland Golf #TeamNoelle


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            This is the must attend event of the year for me. The course looks absolutely amazing.
            Driver: F7+ Aldila NV Green 65
            3 Wood: F7 3 Wood Fujikura Pro 60
            Driving Iron: Super DHy 2 Iron Matrix OZIK hX3 White Tie
            Irons: King F7 3-GW KBS C-Taper Lite
            Wedges: Equalizer 54* KBS Tour V
            Putter: 2017 Tiki Limited Edition
            Ball: Chrome Soft


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              absolutely fantastic

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              Humbled, honored, and beaming with excitement to be the Captain (what, CAPTAIN???) of Team THP in the 2019 Grandaddy with


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                Originally posted by JB View Post
                Speaking to them yesterday, there big Member Member is the following week now, as they moved it for the Morgan Cup, so we know conditions are going to be perfection.
                Wait..... did I read this correctly? Moved Member Member for THP Event!!! December 13 letís go!

                THP clout is duly noted... [emoji3][emoji106]

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                  I know I, for one, will not be sleeping the night of Dec 12th!

                  Already compiling my set in my head just to be ready in the chance I get in!


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                    Just think 11 THPers will know BEFORE Christmas that they have been selected for the Morgan Cup! Talk about some holiday cheer! Even though I've known for quite a few months that I was captain, this gets more real by the day!
                    F9 - THCE "The One"
                    F9 fwy 3/4, 5/6 - Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 70s
                    King F9 4i - KBS C-Taper Lite
                    King Forged CB/MB Flow Set 5-GW - Nippon Modus 3 105X
                    King Black Wedges 54V, 58WL

                    Newport 2


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                      Do not want to miss the sign-up for this!

                      Grateful to have been part of:
                      - Team SoCal in NorCal vs SoCal 2016 (Unofficial)
                      - Team Finley at #TheGauntlet 2016 with
                      - Up and Down 2015 with

                      F8 driver | F7 3 wood | F7 3H | F6 4-G | PŪR 54ļ & 58ļ ■ O-Works Red Marxman


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                        On the calendar. Canít wait for the opportunity.

                        2019 is shaping up to be a great year already!

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                        Epic Flash SZ, 10.5* (-1/N) HZRDUS Yellow
                        F9 14.5 Evenflow White
                        18* X-forged UT HZRDUS Black
                        4 Apex Smoke TT Elevate Tour Black
                        5-PW Apex Pro Smoke DG Tour Issue
                        MD4 49*S 54*S 60*C
                        Toulon SL San Diego

                        Proud Member of 2017 Grandaddy Runner-Up Team Prestige


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                          I can't wait for the opportunity to see if I could play like a tour player
                          Seriously though, I'll be counting down to Dec 13th with more anticipation than Christmas!
                          Driver: G400 SF Tec
                          Fairway: G400 3W
                          Irons: Launcher HB 4-DW
                          Wedges: Tour-S 56*/60*
                          Putter: O-Works Versa Tank #7
                          Ball: Chrome Soft / K-Sig Performance + / Gamer Tour


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                            I will definitely be signing up for this one! Sign up date on my calendar.

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                            Driver: XR16 (10.5*) Out for Warranty repair, Thank you Callaway
                            4W: XR16
                            7W: XR16
                            3Hybrid: Big Bertha OS
                            4-PW: Edge Irons
                            Putter: Strokes Gained RM4

                            Proud Participant: 2018 Iron Experience. Thank you, THP and


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                              Oh this looks tremendous! And Cobra always has tons of lefty options.
                              G400 Max 10.5 w Ping Tour 65 S
                              Rogue SZ 15* Project X EvenFlow Blue 75 S
                              G410 3H 19* Alta CB 70 Red S
                              Apex 4H 23* Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Black 80 S
                              CF16 5-AW (1* flat) Recoil 460 ESX F4
                              Vokey S
                              M7 54-14F & SM7 58-12D
                              Toulon Design Madison (2016) H1 MID-SLIM 2.0 Green
                              Chrome Soft Yellow (Love me some Yellow Balls!) and CSTTX

                              Tour B RX Yellow
                              Lite Rider Pro Cart Bag
                              Precision Pro Golf NX7 SHOT Laser
                              SuperSpeed Golf

                              2017 CALLAWAY HYPE PARTICIPANT!


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                                Originally posted by Stemmy66 View Post
                                Wait..... did I read this correctly? Moved Member Member for THP Event!!! December 13 letís go!

                                THP clout is duly noted... [emoji3][emoji106]

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                                That is correct.
                                In my 2018 #TheGrandaddy THP Event Bag

                                Epic Flash w/ Helium Shaft 45"
                                Driver 2: XXIO Prime w/
                                Custom THP HZRDUS Shaft 43.5"
                                Fairway Wood:
                                5 Wood
                                Hybrids: Launcher HB
                                Irons: Apex 19 w/ Recoil Proto 95
                                CBX 50* and RTX-4 56* & 60* PM Grind 19
                                Putter: EXO Stroke Lab Marxman
                                Chrome Soft X


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