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2019 Grandaddy of em All Event with Callaway Golf


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  • 2019 Grandaddy of em All Event with Callaway Golf

    The contests are going to come fast and furious throughout the year and the 1st one might just take place sooner rather than later. What do you need to know, other than it is the pinnacle of all things golf.

    Its all expenses paid
    Its the trip of a lifetime
    It's held at a location incredibly special
    Gear, Golf, Good People

    When and Where
    Early December
    Carlsbad, CA and More

    Getting a spot is as easy as winning a contest on THP and they will be coming throughout the entire year. As you can see from previous teams, tenure and/or activity have nothing to do with being selected. All it takes is a chance at a contest and your 2019 THP Albatross Club Membership, and for more information on that, click here.

    If you want to hear what the Grandaddy is all about, click here for Live Update thread on the 2018 edition that just took place. You will be able to see everything that happens and feel as though you are with the team. If you want to get down to the soul of this event, click here to see Al's speech from 2017. Al is a member of the Hideaway Golf Club, who welcomed the participants into his beautiful home and discussed what it was all about over drinks and delicious food.

    This year we have the non-playing assistant captain again, that will come from one participant of the past Grandaddy events.

    The Team
    Captain - McLovin
    Asst Captain - mikeg_74
    bigskyirish - Contest Winner #1
    JourdanInMich - Contest Winner #2
    radiman - Contest Winner #3
    zbeekner4 - Contest Winner #4
    clarkgriswold - Contest Winner #5
    snickerdog - Contest Winner #6
    tomcat - Contest Winner #7
    badolds - Contest Winner #8
    This Could be You
    This Could be You
    This Could be You
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    In my 2018 #TheGrandaddy THP Event Bag

    Epic Flash w/ Helium Shaft 45"
    Driver 2: XXIO Prime w/
    Custom THP HZRDUS Shaft 43.5"
    Fairway Wood:
    Launcher HB
    Irons: Apex 19 w/ Recoil Proto 95
    CBX 50* and RTX-4 56* & 60* PM Grind 19
    Chrome Soft X

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    Always an exciting time!
    - M6 9.0 -
    UST Mamiya LIN-Q Blue 77F5
    TaylorMade - Original One 13.5 - Fujikura Evolution V X
    PING - G410 19.0/22.0 - Alta CB 70S
    Callaway - Apex CF19 Combo 5-PW - True Temper Elevate X100
    Cleveland - RTX4 Raw 48M/54M/60XL - DG TI S400
    - Tour Proto Savage Too -
    Center-Shaft 373g
    Taylormade - 2019 TP5x


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      Pumped for contests to start up again!

      Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
      Epic Flash SZ
      Epic Flash 3W
      Big Bertha 4H
      CF16 - Recoils
      MD4 (50,54,58)
      PM GRIND 19
      Toulon PDX


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        Oh My!
        Confidence IS Contagious!
        2019 - Play Fast - Play for Fun - Meet People

        XR16 10.5*, V-Series Heavenwood, XR Steelhead 3 Hybrid
        C200 4 - AW, Cleveland RTX-3 54* & 58*
        SWAG Handsome One Raw


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          Love seeing this again, always so much fun to see the contests and of course the actual event is the best follow of the year.
          Epic Flash SZ 9* D/S ADDI 65 SR
          Epic Flash SZ 13.5/18*Rogue Elite Blue 65R
          Rogue 21* VA Composite 85R Slay
          Epic 23* D/+2 ADDI 85 S
          P790 6-AW LZ 5.0
          52* LZ 5.5
          Pm Grind 19 58* Hi Rev 2.0 115
          Stroke Lab EXO 7 mini
          Duo Professional Matte Orange


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            So fortunate that this is happening again! Bring on the contests!

            Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
            and THP, thank you so much - cannot wait to carry on THE REAL Tradition Unlike Any Other:
            The Freaking #grandaddy2019 !!!

            In my 2020 ???? Bag
            Drive: Probably something long, forgiving, and dead sexy.
            FW: Driver's baby brother?
            Hybrid: Rocket launcher from all lies, jailbreak goodness.
            Irons: Something from the mad scientists in Doc Hock's R&D labs.
            Putter: Whatever the hell Luke and Sean tell me to use.
            Ball: This could be interesting.

            Huge thanks to THP and for the incredible irons and shafts from #shaftup 3 - fitting and build by the amazing Danny Le. Game and life changing experience.


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              And subscribed.....
              In my Rogue Bag:Driver: Epic Flash 9˚S/N
              EX10 beta 3w
              EX10 4/EXS 5
              Rogue X 7-GW 780 SMACWrap F4
              Wedge: New Level
              54˚ & M-Type 58˚
              Toulon Garage Atlanta

              Proud Member of 2017 Grandaddy Runner-Up Team Prestige


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                Yup, Yup, Yup.

                Always amazing to hear the return of this year after year.
                Callaway GBB Epic 9* Matrix Red Tie
                Callaway GBB 15* Project X T800
                Callaway GBB 18* Project X T800
                Callaway Epic 24* Mitsubishi Kuro Kage
                Callaway CF16 Apex 5-PW Project X LZ
                Callaway Mac Daddy Forged 50* & 55*
                Titleist SM5 60*
                Odyssey O-Work 7s Black Edition
                Callaway Chromesoft


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                  Yes! Bring on the contests!
                  My Chev stand bag contains:

                  F7 10
                  XR 4-wood LZ stiff
                  X2Hot 3 hybrid 19
                  King Forged CB/MB Black irons (Courtesy of THP's Holiday Cheer 2018!)
                  MD4 Tactical 54 SuperSpin 58
                  White Hot RX#2

                  Proud participant in the 2014 Morgan Cup!


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                    YES! YES! YESSSSSSSS! I was literally just reminiscing and going through photos again!
                    The life altering trip of a lifetime is BACK BABY!!!

                    NO ONE deserves it!
                    NO ONE forgets it.
                    And absolutely NO ONE does it better! Callaway + THP.
                    That's a dynamic team!
                    ProudEST Member of TEAM THP for The Grandaddy 2018!

                    2019 Callaway Epic Flash SZ 9 degree, Attas Coool 7X
                    2019 Callaway Epic Flash 3W, Elements Gold Proto 7F5
                    2019 Callaway Epic Flash 5W, Elements Platinum Proto 8F5
                    2019 Callaway Big Bertha 3H, Handcrafted Black 85g Stiff
                    2019 Callaway Apex Irons 5-AW, Steelfiber 110g Stiff
                    2019 Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind 54 & 58, Steelfiber 110g Stiff
                    Garage Memphis
                    Chrome Soft X TT Ball



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                      Yayyyy! Glad to see it make the return again. Excited for contests to get rolling and the team to take its form.
                      GBB Epic Sub Zero 9 ​UST Mamiya HeLIUM Prototype
                      Rogue Sub Zero 3W (15) Project X Even Flow Blue
                      BBA 815 3H (19) Fujikura Speeder 865
                      JPX 919 Forged 4-GW ​True Temper DG 120 TI [Thanks to Ultimate Weekend!]
                      Mack Daddy 4 54 X / MD3 Milled 58 W True Temper DGTI 120 / Onyx Wedge
                      O-Works #7s Black
                      Chrome Soft X

                      Proud #DreamTeam #TheGrandaddy alum thanks to & !


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                        Oh the Grandaddy
                        In my - LUX 2.0 Black / White 14 Way Cart Bag:
                        Driver - F9 9.5* HeLium Proto F5 49g 4X stiff 45"
                        3W - CBX 119 15* HZRDUS Smoke 65 6.0 S
                        2 Hy - CBX 119 20* EvenFlow Black 85 6.0 S
                        4I - ZU85 23* Recoil 95 F4
                        5I-PW - Z765 Recoil 110 F4
                        GW - RTX-4 50* Mid Recoil 110 F4
                        SW - RTX-4 54* Mid Recoil 125 F4
                        LW - RTX-4 58* Full Recoil 125 F4 Proto
                        Grips - MCC +4 Midsize Grey Color
                        Putter - DB2x 34" Pro X 1.32
                        Ball - Q Star Tour

                        THP Regional Rivalry - ILL/MO vs MN/WI Champions sponsored by
                        @ Tournament Club of Iowa Des Moines
                        2018 The Game Changer by with World Long Drive Champion & Tour Pro Jamie Sadlowski @ Talking Stick Resort Scottsdale
                        Shaft Up #3 by @ Olympia Fields Country Club Chicago
                        2018 Shaft Up Finale by @ Mission Inn Club Orlando
                        2019 TEEm Tour Edge Participant


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                          Oh, YEA! Amazing event

                          Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

                          Rogue Draw 11 w/Even Flow ProjectX handcrafted 5.5 75G
                          Fairway Woods: Epic 3+ Wood 13.5 w/Aldila Synergy R 50G and Rogue 4 Wood 17 w/ Aldila Synergy R 60G
                          Hybrid: Rogue 4 20 Hybrid w/Aldila HY R 60G
                          Irons: F9 ONE LENGTH 5 - AW w. Fujikura Atmos 6R One Length
                          Wedges: Cleveland CBX 54 RTX-3 CB w/True Temper Dynamic Gold and Cleveland CBX 58 RTX-3 CB w/KBS Tour 90 R
                          Putter 1: Marxman Stroke Lab
                          Putter 2:Toulon Coming Soon
                          Ball: Chrome Soft and ERC Triple Track

                          Proud to be a member of the 2019 Odyssey Experience Team


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                            Always a good day when this thread pops up!

                            Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
                            In my bag:
                            Driver: GBB Epic SZ 9 Elements Chrome 7F5T
                            3 Wood: Rogue Elements Platinum 8F5T
                            2 Hybrid: Epic Recoil 95 F5
                            Irons 4-AW: Apex Combo Custom Recoil Protos 110 F5
                            Wedges: RTX-4 54 Mid & 58 Low Recoil Wedge Proto F5
                            Putter: Toulon Stroke Lab San Diego 35
                            Ball: Z-Star
                            Grips: Multi-Compound New Decade Red & Black

                            Proud Participant in the 2017 THP UST Mamiya Shaft Up #3 and The Shaft Up Finale


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                              There it is..... what makes everyone THP smile and excited

                              THP Events:
                              2017 Wilson Staff Proto:#TeamMarketing
                              2018 Ultimate Weekend of Golf sponsored by True Temper


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