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    Yeah I definitely have garage envy. And I still want the grip thingy.
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    915F 5W, Matrix 70Q4 X shaft
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    Z565 5-PW, PX LZ 6.5 Shafts
    RTX3 Tour Raw 50, 56, 60, Tour 130x
    Fastback, SuperStroke pistol 2.0
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    and THP
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    and Jamie Sadlowski


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      Great video, really like the layout of everything.I could see myself spending an entire day in a garage if I had that set up!
      PROUD ALUMNI of Team THP in the 2018 GRANDADDY #100Birdies10kLaughs #Captain'sApprentice thanks to and

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      3W: EPIC FLASH w/ HZRDUS Smoke Black 70 6.5
      5W: EPIC FLASH w/ HZRDUS Smoke Black 70 6.5
      Hybrid: Apex 23* w/ Catalyst 70 6.0
      Irons: Apex 5-AW w/ Elevate Tour Stiff
      Wedges: MD4 54W 58W DG S200 115
      Stroke Lab Seven S / EXO Stroke Lab Seven S
      Chrome Soft / "G" Truvis Chrome Soft X / ERC Soft


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        Man, I so much want to learn club building and have a workshop like this. My dad is about to retire so maybe I need to plant a seed with him. LOL
        The #SweaterWar got me into The 2018 Grandaddy!!!

        #100Birdies10kLaughs #TheGrandaddy

        Driver: Epic Flash 10.5* w/ EF Green 55 S flex
        Epic Flash w/ EF Green 65 S flex
        Hybrids / Irons:
        Apex 19
        3h/4h w/ Catalyst 70 S flex and 5i-AW w/ Catalyst 80 S flex graphite
        54* MD4, 58* PM Grind 2.0
        Stroke Lab Three
        Ball: Chrome Soft Truvis (y&b)


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          I am really into this.

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          and THP, thank you so much - cannot wait to carry on THE REAL Tradition Unlike Any Other:
          The Freaking #grandaddy2019 !!!

          In my 2020 ???? Bag
          Drive: Probably something long, forgiving, and dead sexy.
          FW: Driver's baby brother?
          Hybrid: Rocket launcher from all lies, jailbreak goodness.
          Irons: Something from the mad scientists in Doc Hock's R&D labs.
          Putter: Whatever the hell Luke and Sean tell me to use.
          Ball: This could be interesting.

          Huge thanks to THP and for the incredible irons and shafts from #shaftup 3 - fitting and build by the amazing Danny Le. Game and life changing experience.


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            Originally posted by JB View Post
            For those that missed our Behind the Scenes video of Range Days with @Canadan and myself, talking about club data, tech and more, we wanted to share a quick tour of the THP Club Lab. Its still a bit of a work in progress as far as design, but most of the machines and benches have been installed and are in use. When the final product is complete, we will do a full video walk through with each machine as well as drawers, signage and a whole lot more.

            Torque Analyzer for Shafts

            Mitchell Bench Grinder and Ferrule Turner

            Putter and Metal Woods Precision Gauge

            Digital Loft and Lie and Bend Machine

            Digital Swing Weight Scale

            Reverse Thrust Shaft Puller

            Hot Melt

            Shaft Frequency Analyzer

            Regripping Station

            Ferrules, Swing Weights, Shaft Adapters and Tools

            Grips and Other Supplies
            That is a sweet looking setup. Definately jelly on these pictures.

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            Wedges: Cleveland CBX 54 RTX-3 CB w/True Temper Dynamic Gold and Cleveland CBX 58 RTX-3 CB w/KBS Tour 90 R
            Putter 1: Marxman Stroke Lab
            Putter 2:Toulon Coming Soon
            Ball: Chrome Soft and ERC Triple Track

            Proud to be a member of the 2019 Odyssey Experience Team


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              As someone who just regripped using the standard box cutter like I had to perform surgery (that actually performs like a 4yr old playing "operation") I want to know what the heck that was.
              The first time I saw it on your video I thought the grip was pre-cut... Something like that could take "shucking corn" to the professional level.

              Lol, getting the grips and old tape off usually takes up most of my labor time.
              W.I.T. Sync w/:
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              4H: 22o G400 w/Stock Alta
              4i - 6i: 712CB w/Dynalite Gold XP S300
              7i - 9i: 712MB w/Dynalite Gold XP S300
              PW: Vokey SM7 48o w/Stock DG S200
              SW: Vokey ​Design 54o K grind w/DG S300
              LW: Vokey SM7 60o L grind w/Stock DG S200
              Putter: Toulon Austin
              Grips: Z Cord Align
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                Great setup JB! Should be lots of cool stuff coming out from this.

                Also, I want the grip ripper...and the re-gripping station.
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                Alpha Convoy cart bag:
                Driver: Epic Flash
                FW: Epic Flash 3w
                Hybrids: Big Bertha 3/4/5 Recoil ZT9 F4
                Irons: Big Bertha 5-AW Recoil ZT9 F4
                Wedges: 2019 PM Grind 54 Recoil 95 F3
                Putter: Stroke Lab 2 Ball Fang OR Stroke Lab EXO 2 Ball
                Ball: ERC Soft


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                  Such a sick setup.

                  Really wish I had one of those grip removers back in the day. Far too many late nights removing 10+ year old grips piece by piece.
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                  Titleist SM5 60*
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                    I need all that in my life lol

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                    5w: EPIC Flash Sub Zero w/ Project X EvenFlow Green 65g 6.0 (-1/D)
                    Hybrid: GBB 4h w/ UST Mamiya Recoil ZT9 470 F4
                    Irons: 2019 Apex CF-19 5 - AW w/ Project X LZ95 6.0
                    2019 Mack Daddy PM Grind 54/58 w/ Project X LZ95 6.0
                    Strokelab DoubleWide Flowneck & Las Vegas H7 Strokelab
                    Chromesoft X Triple Track
                    Grips: Lampkin UTx Standard
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                      Quality setup and so, so clean. Everything with a place and purpose. Perfect set up.
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                      P790s 4-PW on Dynamic Gold 105 s300 shafts.

                      Currently Reviewing Courtesy of THP and Cleveland Golf : RTX-4 Tour Raw Finish in 52/Mid and 56/Mid on Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Shafts
                      Currently Reviewing Courtesy of THP and Ping: Sigma 2 Kushin C with PP60 Adjustable Grip [Update: It's awesome]

                      Current back-up set:
                      King F9 OL Irons 4-GW on stock KBS Tour Shafts (Stiff)

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                        Loft / lie machine is very cool, it would be great to have in the setup I have which is a Vise, cheap golfworks puller, cheap GW SW scale, a Dremel and a hook knife.

                        But how often would it get used is the issue, once your clubs are set maybe check them once or twice a year?

                        But I do manage to do all my own shaft work and grips with my very basic gear.

                        The THP setup is top notch and some great info will come forth no doubt.
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                        testing UST Mamiya Lin-Q 6F5 (thanks Obedt)
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                        Callaway EPIC Flash 11 wood Evenflow black 7X
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                        Titleist SM7 54* PX Catalyst 100 6.0
                        Titleist SM7 58* PX Catalyst 100
                        Toulon 19 Atlanta


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                          This is such a sweet setup. Id probably end up screwing up my clubs trying to tinker too much if I had access to this [emoji23]

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                          Proud Member of Team 99 Malort & 2017 Callaway Gauntlet Champs!

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                          3WOOD: TS2 13.5* (B2) PX Even Flow T1100 6.5 (Tipped 1")
                          3 HYBRID: Aeroburner 19* Accra FX-H300
                          4-PW IRONS: Z765 2* Flat KBS Tour X-Flex 130
                          WEDGES: Vokey SM7 Brushed Steel: 50F, 54F, and 60D with TT DG S400 Tour Issue
                          PUTTER: Mullen 2 Brushed Copper 34
                          BALL: ERC Soft


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                            Tomorrow we will be checking some shafts out and definitely give you all of the feedback.
                            In my 2018 #TheGrandaddy THP Event Bag

                            Epic Flash w/ Helium Shaft 45"
                            Driver 2: XXIO Prime w/
                            Custom THP HZRDUS Shaft 43.5"
                            Fairway Wood:
                            5 Wood
                            Hybrids: Launcher HB
                            Irons: Apex 19 w/ Recoil Proto 95
                            CBX 50* and RTX-4 56* & 60* PM Grind 19
                            Putter: EXO Stroke Lab Marxman
                            Chrome Soft X


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                              It will be real cool to see some shafts get checked and see how consistent they are in a set or one to one.

                              I have seen some huge differences on my friends CPM machine from very popular Major brands. Shafts from the same shipment that were all labeled the same as in Stiff or Regular, etc.
                              Callaway EPIC Flash SZ TD 9* GD AD BB 7X
                              testing UST Mamiya Lin-Q 6F5 (thanks Obedt)
                              Titleist TS2 15* PX Hzrdus Smoke 6.5
                              Titleist TS2 21* Fuji Atmos red 6X
                              Callaway EPIC Flash 11 wood Evenflow black 7X
                              Callaway CF19 APEX Pro 5-AW PX Catalyst 100 6.0
                              Titleist SM7 54* PX Catalyst 100 6.0
                              Titleist SM7 58* PX Catalyst 100
                              Toulon 19 Atlanta


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                                Great looking setup JB. Looking forward to seeing the analysis data.
                                Proud Supporter of THP's Team in the 2019 #TheGrandaddy!

                                Driver: W/S Cortex 10.5 courtesy of W/S
                                Woods: TEE EX9 Tour 17, "V' Series HW 20.5
                                Hybrids: Ben Hogan VKTR 24
                                Irons: W/S C300 forged 5-GW w/Elements Chrome courtesy of W/S
                                Wedges: Hogan TK-15 53 and Callaway PM Grind 58
                                Putter: 2135 TFI 6.5 courtesy of Cleveland Golf
                                Ball: W/S Duo Professional matte green
                                Rangefinder: Bushnell Tour V4 courtesy of Bushnell & THP



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