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  • Callaway And Play Yellow

    Starting today Callaway has launched a new program as part of the Play Yellow campaign. Starting today, Callaway will donate $4 for every dozen ball pack sold of their ERC Soft Yellow golf balls in support of Children’s Miracle Hospital Network. The program will run from 4/19-5/31/19.

    About the ERC Soft Yellow:

    ERC Soft Yellow is Callaway’s longest golf ball with soft feel, and features new Triple Track Technology for better alignment and a yellow design for enhanced visibility (our product media summary sheet is also attached, along with product photography).

    Quote from Callaway President & CEO, Chip Brewer: “Callaway Golf is honored to support the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals -- an outstanding organization -- through this Play Yellow initiative. We’re inspired by the golf industry’s broad effort to rally around this important cause and campaign.”

    Press Release on the Yellow Soft ERC:

    ERC Soft Yellow Golf BallPricing: $39.99

    Callaway is the fastest-growing golf ball brand since 2013, and we continue to innovate with new premium technologies that have never been seen before in the category. This innovative design will set a new standard for distance-enhancing performance.

    ERC Soft Yellow is an extraordinary achievement: it’s our longest golf ball AND it’s designed for soft feel, and increased control around the green. This is an exceptionally high level of performance for a distance ball, and it’s made possible by our groundbreaking new HybridCover. The incredibly soft multi-material cover promotes fast ball speeds for long distance through the bag, and great feel. And around the green it’s engineered to create noticeably higher spin for excellent control, allowing you to play aggressively on approach shots and in your short game.

    ERC Soft Yellow is loaded with groundbreaking technologies, including our largest Graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core. The high tech core maximizes compression energy for extremely fast ball speeds, while also promoting low spin off the driver and high launch for longer distance.

    And we’ve introduced NEW patented Triple Track Technology that utilizes Vernier Acuity
    Precision, the same visual technology used to land planes on aircraft carriers. Triple TrackTechnology helps to improve alignment compared to a regular side stamp alignment aid. And the yellow color is a popular choice that helps enhance visibility of the ball.

    Features & Benefits

    Our Longest Golf Ball With Soft Feel
    ERC Soft has completely reinvented how a distance ball performs with our new innovativeHybrid Cover. This multi-material cover creates an exceptional combination of faster ball speeds for longer distance, incredibly soft feel, and noticeably higher spin for excellent control around the green.

    Fast Ball Speeds & Low Spin Off The Driver
    In the ERC Soft, we’ve designed our largest ever Graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core. This ground breaking technology features a larger inner core that maximizes compression energy while minimizing driver-spin and promoting high launch for long distance.

    Advanced Alignment From Triple Track Technology
    We’ve prominently featured Triple Track lines on the ball for improved putting accuracy. TripleTrack uses Vernier Visual Acuity to improve alignment compared to a regular side stamp alignment aid.

    **The ERC Soft Name**

    Ely Reeves Callaway, the founder of Callaway Golf, was a visionary and an innovator in golf. He was a creator, a facilitator and a force for change. Ely powers our passion for developing revolutionary products, and ERC Soft is a ball so singular and special that there’s only one name worthy of stamping on its cover.
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  • #2
    That is awesome!!!! I will get another dozen just for that purpose.
    Driver Maybe something Flash?
    Fairways Some more awesome Flash?
    Irons I have no idea what might go in here!!!
    Wedges probably some MD goodness
    probably something that rolls awesome
    an awesone ball

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    • #3
      Wow this is awesome! And such a great charity to go to.
      Bag - Callaway Staff Stand Bag
      Driver - Callaway GBB Epic
      Woods - Callaway Epic 3+
      Hybrids - Callaway Epic 19/22 Hybrid
      Irons - Callaway APEX CF16 5-PW
      Wedges - Callaway MD4 Tour Grind 50/54 PM Grind 58 BLACK
      Putter - Odyssey EXO #7
      Ball - B XS / TP5X

      Participant in the 2018 Odyssey Experience!


      • #4
        Great job, Callaway. I'll buy a box just for this reason.
        F9 Driver - 9*
        F9 Fairway - 14.5*
        F9 Irons - 4-G (Modus 105s)
        KING Black Wedges (52*, 56*, 60*)
        Stroke Lab #7s


        • #5
          I'm going all yellow this year, already grabbed 4 dozen Chromesoft yellow, but will try a dozen of the ERC yellow for this cause.
          G400 Max 10.5 w Ping Tour 65 S
          Rogue SZ 15* Project X EvenFlow Blue 75 S
          G410 3H 19* Alta CB 70 Red S
          Apex 4H 23* Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Black 80 S
          CF16 5-AW (1* flat) Recoil 460 ESX F4
          Vokey S
          M7 54-14F & SM7 58-12D
          Toulon Design Madison (2016) H1 MID-SLIM 2.0 Green
          Chrome Soft Yellow (Love me some Yellow Balls!) and CSTTX

          Tour B RX Yellow
          Lite Rider Pro Cart Bag
          Precision Pro Golf NX7 SHOT Laser
          SuperSpeed Golf



          • #6
            Wow, that's so cool! Callaway never ceases to amaze me.
            Proud Team THP alum in #TheGrandaddy 2018

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            3 Wood: Epic Flash Sub Zero 15* w/ XT60
            5 Wood: Epic Flash Sub Zero 18* w/ XT60
            Hybrid: Apex 23* w/ 80HY
            Irons: Apex Pro 5-AW w/ Modus 3 Tour 105
            Wedges: 56* MD4, 60* PM Grind w/ Modus 3 Tour 120
            Putter: Azalea
            Golf Ball: Chrome Soft X Triple Track


            • #7
              I will buy a box for my daughter for the charity but you will never see me using a yellow ball. The bright yellow is super distracting when I putt. I don’t wear sunglasses when golfing but I feel like a yellow ball almost would require sunglasses!
              O'Works R-Line 400 gram
              Epic SZ w/ Rogue 70 I/O Silver
              TM Original One Mini Tensei CK Pro Orange
              XR16 Pro 4w Tour Green 75x
              Srixon Z765 6-GW DG x100 AMT
              Srixon Z565 5 iron
              Srixon Z H85 19* Rogue 85h
              Cleveland RTX3 60 MG
              Cleveland RTX4 56
              Snell MTB x


              • #8
                Whelp looks like I will be picking up some ERC yellow this weekend.

                Dirver Bio Cell 10.5
                Fairway V Steel 4w 17*
                Hybrid Altitude 3 Graphite
                Irons Exotics XCG6 4-pw
                Wedges ATV 50,54,58
                Putter Spider Tour Black
                Ball Zip/DUO
                coin ball marker


                • #9
                  This is so awesome! One of the many reasons I love what Team Callaway stands for!

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                  Bag: #The
                  Grandaddy Alpha Convoy 514 Cart Bag & Hyperlite 4 Standbag
                  Driver: EPIC Flash 9* w/ Project X EvenFlow Green 55g 6.0 Full Draw (-1/D)
                  3w: EPIC Flash w/ Project X EvenFlow Green 65g 6.0 (-1/D)
                  5w: EPIC Flash Sub Zero w/ Project X EvenFlow Green 65g 6.0 (-1/D)
                  Hybrid: GBB 4h w/ UST Mamiya Recoil ZT9 470 F4
                  Irons: 2019 Apex CF-19 5 - AW w/ Project X LZ95 6.0
                  2019 Mack Daddy PM Grind 54°/58° w/ Project X LZ95 6.0
                  Strokelab DoubleWide Flowneck & Las Vegas H7 Strokelab
                  Chromesoft X Triple Track
                  Grips: Lampkin UTx Standard
                  **Proud member of #TeamTHP of #TheGrandaddy2018**


                  • #10
                    That is cool I will pick some up as I really like playing these.

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                    Driver- Epic Flash with a Hzrdus Smoke Shaft
                    Fairway- Epic Flash 3W with a Hzrdus Smoke Shaft
                    Hybrid- Big Bertha 4-5
                    Irons- Big bertha 6-SW
                    Wedges- 56/PM grind 60/PM grind
                    Iron Shafts- Recoils
                    Putter- Stroke Lab EXO Marxman & Toulon Las Vegas
                    Bag- Swirl stand bag & Callaway F14 stand bag

                    Proud to be a member of the 2019 Odyssey Experience


                    • #11
                      I was going to buy a dozen ERC anyway, this just means I’ll buy yellow to support the cause
                      In My #TheGrandaddy 2.0 Team Redemption Bag

                      Callaway Epic Flash 10.5° | UST Elements Chrome F4
                      Callaway Epic Flash 3+ 15.5° | Project X Even Flow Green 6.0
                      Callaway Epic Flash Heavenwood 20° | Project X Even Flow Green 6.0
                      Callaway CF-19 Apex Smoke Combo 5-AW | TT Elevate Tour Black S
                      Callaway PM Grind 19 Tour Grey 54°/14 | 58°/12 | TT Elevate Tour Black S
                      Toulon Stroke Lab Las Vegas | Chrome Soft **


                      • #12
                        That's a great promotion

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                        Driver: Cobra King F9 speedback 10.5* driver (yellow), tour length UST Helium 5F4 stiff shaft
                        Fairway: Cobra King F9 speedback 3-4 wood (avalanche white) with Atmos blue 7 stiff shaft.
                        Cobra King F9 speedback 5-6 wood (avalanche white) with Atmos blue 7 stiff shaft.
                        Cobra King F9 speedback 7-8 wood (avalanche white) with Atmos blue 7 stiff shaft.
                        Irons: Cobra Forged TEC Black 5i-GW. Nippon Modus3 Tour 105 stiff shafts.
                        Wedges: Cobra King black wedge 54* (bent to 55*), Versatile grind. Nippon Modus3 Tour 105 stiff shaft.
                        Cobra King black wedge 58* (bent to 59*), Versatile grind. Nippon Modus3 Tour 105 stiff shaft.
                        Putter: Odyssey Exo 7 counterbalanced
                        Ball: ProV1x / TP5 / Snell MTB.


                        • #13
                          Apparently six dozen balls in my garage isn’t enough. Will definitely pick up to support the cause.

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                          • #14
                            great reminder how callaway "gets it." i will 100% buy a dozen.

                            Humbled, honored, and beaming with excitement to be the Captain (what, CAPTAIN???) of Team THP in the 2019 Grandaddy with


                            • #15
                              Awesome gesture by a great company!
                              PROUD ALUMNI of Team THP in the 2018 GRANDADDY #100Birdies10kLaughs #Captain'sApprentice thanks to and

                              In my Alpha Convoy 514 Cart Bag

                              Driver: EPIC FLASH 9* w/ HZRDUS Smoke Black 70 6.5
                              3W: EPIC FLASH w/ HZRDUS Smoke Black 70 6.5
                              5W: EPIC FLASH w/ HZRDUS Smoke Black 70 6.5
                              Hybrid: Apex 23* w/ Catalyst 70 6.0
                              Irons: Apex 5-AW w/ Elevate Tour Stiff
                              Wedges: MD4 54W 58W DG S200 115
                              Stroke Lab Seven S / EXO Stroke Lab Seven S
                              Chrome Soft / "G" Truvis Chrome Soft X / ERC Soft


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