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Iron Distances off the tee v off the fairway


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  • Iron Distances off the tee v off the fairway

    How much distance variance do you see, if any, with your irons off the tee compared to out of the fairway? I am not talking when you hit it fat. Simply a clean strike from each position...

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    For me, generally 5-10 yds longer off the tee box.
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      maybe about a half club difference when struck well. but with long irons, i'll see 1 or even 2 clubs difference because i just swing more confidently when teed up, and i strike it in a lower spin area of the face.

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        1/2 club generally speaking so 5-7 yards.
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          I donít really see any difference. Tee box teed up just helps with clean strike. But a clean strike from the fairway is the same
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            Maybe 2-3 yards at most. If I am 150 in fairway or tee I am grabbing the same club.
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              None really, if anything off the tee I have a slightly higher chance of over swinging and pulling/pushing a shot with the ball being up on a tee. Where distance might vary off the tee vs. fairway is more with the longer clubs wood/hybrid.
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                Originally posted by Snickerdog View Post
                Maybe 2-3 yards at most. If I am 150 in fairway or tee I am grabbing the same club.
                Same. If it's a 7i off the deck, then it's a 7i off the tee. If I find I'm doing a little better off the tee that day, then I'll adjust clubs as needed. But generally I use the same yardages either way.

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                  If I am not using a long iron I don't even use a tee on the tee box. I find sometimes when I do I get a tad under them and come up short. 6i and up I tee it up but very low and don't really see much difference in it unless I just flat out hit it pure and then it might be significantly long.
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                    I don't tee my ball up on par 3's very often. So, there really is no difference in distance for me.
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                      I play the yardages the same for the wedges and short irons, allowing for graduated drop off in the long irons. A tee'd 5-iron is at least 10 yards longer for me.
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                        I'm about 5yds longer off the tee with my irons.
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                          I donít think I hit it any longer from the tee box than I do from the fairway....however, I donít use a tee with my irons on the tee box

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                            I'm usually about the same however I do have more confidence hitting off the tee than the deck.
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                              Originally posted by cbaker2882 View Post
                              I don’t really see any difference. Tee box teed up just helps with clean strike. But a clean strike from the fairway is the same
                              Same for me, I never really notice anymore distance off a tee.
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