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    I was fixing to clean up my clubs and didn’t know what works best. I did my first club with kaboom foam tastic ( ) and this stuff really cleaned it up nicely. Will this stuff cause any harm to my clubs? What do you use to bring a shine back to your irons?

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    I don’t know if it will hurt your clubs, but I just use water and a brush and it seems to work fine.
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      I just use mild dish detergent in water and a toothbrush. Cleans them just fine.
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        Originally posted by Sox_Fan View Post
        I just use mild dish detergent in water and a toothbrush. Cleans them just fine.

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          Originally posted by Sox_Fan View Post
          I just use mild dish detergent in water and a toothbrush. Cleans them just fine.
          Tooth brush sound like a lot of work. These work great, and do the job very well. For extremely tough to remove gunk from grooves, I'll occasionally use pumice soap.



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            Dawn + water.
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              Water and a rough surface hand towel after each round, 5 minutes and 2 year old clubs still look new.
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                I won something like this in some scramble a quarter century ago, it still works today.

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                  Water and toothbrush.
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                    Just warm water, dish soap & a tooth brush. Cleans em right up.

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                      Ditto here. Warm water with a bit of dish soap. I use old microfibers to wipe off the dirt.


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                        Covered well, warm water and dish soap with a toothbrush.
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                          Just water, possibly a soft brush if needed. But carry a microfibre towel wet on one side (I prefer the player's towel style) and it's easy to give the club a quick swipe before you put it in the bag. Keeps grooves clean for spin, especially wedges. Then usually just a quick wipe of the faces when I get home is needed.
                          I usually wipe the grips of my driver, putter after each round too, the rest every few rounds.

                          If your clubs are forged, or have a chrome finish that is getting a bit worn, you can bring back a bit of that shine and also prevent (or remove) rust spots by applying a thin coat of gun oil such as Rem Oil or WD40 once in a while. Just be sure to wipe it off fully before you play.
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                            Spit, a towel, and the sharp tip of a tee for the grooves. All you need. Bingo Bango Bongo.
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                              I clean my clubs religiously so they never really get THAT dirty and only use a water spray bottle, a dual wire brush, and a disposable cloth.

                              I spray them, brush lightly, and use the cloth to wipe the dirt away. It works like a charm and is easy. It takes 5-10 minutes for the set. If they were dirtier maybe I'd need soap too.

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