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Contest and Live Update Thread: 2019 Bridgestone Championship


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  • Contest and Live Update Thread: 2019 Bridgestone Championship

    This weekend is the THP Event called the Bridgestone Championship. 8 THP Forum Members will be at Firestone CC for a weekend to remember for a long time. While they will be attending a VIP function with Bridgestone execs and players, there will be a little golf played as well.

    Part of the weekend is two man team competition and here is a look at the squads.

    Zack Kupperbusch & Adam Rehberg - Bridgestone Team A

    Elliot Mellow & Heather Arnold - Bridgestone Team B

    Team 1: Pkorf & GMan79

    Team 2: Vortex & Hoosiermess

    Team 3: Nerdy_81 & Pete379

    Team 4: djt311 & SmiterOfPv1x

    The itinerary for the event is filled with amazing at every turn with multiple rounds of golf, VIP dinners and of course ball fitting. Every participant has been swagged out with more surprises on the way and a prize to the winning team that is awesome.

    This thread will serve as your Live Update thread to see the fun, swag and of course learn all about golf balls and ball fitting.

    The Contest
    Just because you are not in attendance, does not mean you cannot be part of the action. Your job will be to pick which team you think will win. The caveat is that there are two competitions going on, one where all of the teams are playing against each other and one where all of the teams are competing against the two Team Bridgestones. We will randomly select a winner out of those that choose correctly and they will receive a THP Prize Pack filled with Bridgestone Golf goodies.

    So your job is simple. Pick the team of THPers (not teams Bridgestone) that you think will win the 2019 Bridgestone Championship and as a bonus, pick which of the two Teams from Bridgestone fares better against the Teams of THPers. Your entry will look something like this.

    Official Entry: Team 1
    Bridgestone Entry Team A

    Entries must be in by this Friday at 7pm ET
    One entry per person
    Good luck everybody
    In my 2018 #TheGrandaddy THP Event Bag

    Epic Flash w/ Helium Shaft 45"
    Driver 2: XXIO Prime w/
    Custom THP HZRDUS Shaft 43.5"
    Fairway Wood:
    5 Wood
    Hybrids: Launcher HB
    Irons: Apex 19 w/ Recoil Proto 95
    CBX 50* and RTX-4 56* & 60* PM Grind 19
    Putter: EXO Stroke Lab Marxman
    Chrome Soft X

  • #2
    Official entry team 3

    Bridgestone Team B
    2019 Ben Hogan Experience

    GS53 10.5* - Helium
    GS53 4w - Smoke
    CB1 7w - Red Tie
    Edge 5-P - 90
    Equalizer 48*, 53*, 58*, 62* Tour V
    Tour B RX


    • #3
      Official Entry: Team 2
      Bridgestone Entry Team B
      Driver: Rogue SZ 9* HZRDUS black
      Fairway: Rogue 4w evenflow blue
      Irons: JPX919 forged 4-PW nippon n.s.Pro1050gh
      Wedges: MD4 50*, 54*, OG PM grind 58* vs 19 PM grind 60*
      Putter: SL ONE vs Karsten anser 2
      Grips: tour wrap microsuede


      • #4
        Official Entry: Team 4
        Bridgestone Entry Team A

        This is going to be fun to follow!!!!!
        G400 9 HRZDUS Smoke HC
        Rogue 4 Wood Graphite Design MAD
        Apex 3 & 5 hybrid
        Apex 6-P
        SM6 50 & 54
        Glide 2.0 60
        Sigma G Tyne H


        • #5

          Official entry team 1

          Team A

          Going to be an awesome event!

          Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
          Driver- G400 Max with Xstiff KK
          4 wood- Callaway Rogue w/ Hzrdus Yellow
          Irons- 4-P Callaway Apex pro 16
          Wedges- SM7 + MD4
          Putter- Odyssey 2CSM


          • #6
            This will be a good one! Curious to see how the course plays and who's prepared for it.

            Bridgestone Team B

            Team 3: Nerdy_81 & Pete379

            Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
            - Justin -

            In my Grom Stand bag:
            Driver - F9 Speedback 9* Tenesi CK Blue 60 x-stiff
            3W - Hi-Bore XLs 15*
            2HY - Hi-Bore XLs 19*
            3-PW - CG16 Black Tour S300
            GW - RTX-3 52* S300
            SW - RTX-3 56* S300
            Putter - EXO Rossie
            Ball - Q Star Tour


            • #7
              Official entry: Team 1
              Bridgestone Entry Team B

              Good luck everyone, has to be like the week leading up to Christmas!!
              Irons: Apex 19 Combo 4-AW, Modus 105 S
              Wedges: Vokey SM6 56, 60
              Hybrid: XR 3
              Fairway: GBB Epic 3
              Driver ST190HL, Tensei Blue R
              Putter Newport Studio Stainless
              Ball: Pro V1x (usually)


              • #8
                Official entry: Team 1
                Bridgestone Entry Team B

                Good luck everyone and enjoy!
                Proud member of #Team441 in #TheCup 2016! Thanks and !

                Driver Rogue 10.5*
                Woods Rogue 3-wood
                Hybrid 3 and 4 Apex
                Irons Apex CF 16 5-AW
                Wedges MD3 54*w/58*w
                Putter White Hot RX V-Line Fang
                Ball Chrome Soft Truvis yellow/black


                • #9
                  Official entry - Team 2
                  Bridgestone entry team A
                  Srixon Z785 Driver 9.5* W/Aldila Rogue Silver Stiff
                  Srixon F85 3W 15* W/ Aldila Rogue Black Stiff
                  Srixon H85 Hybrid 16*
                  Srixon U85 22*
                  Srixon Z785 5-PW W/C-Taper Lites
                  Cleveland RTX 4 Mid 50, 54 & 58
                  Odyssey SL Double Wide 34.5”
                  Srixon Z-Star

                  2019 Distance Powered by Srixon & Cleveland Golf #TeamNoelle


                  • #10
                    Official Entry: Team 2
                    Bridgestone Entry: Team B

                    Proud to represent Team THP in the 2019 Grandaddy
                    Driver: TBD
                    FW: TBD
                    Hybrids: TBD
                    Wedges: TBD
                    Putter: TBD

                    2016 THP/UST Shaft Spectacular
                    2017 Morgan Cup - Team Hackers
                    2018 THP Sweep participant
                    2019 Grandaddy - Team THP


                    • #11
                      Official Entry: Team 4
                      Bridgestone Entry Team A
                      King F8 Volition Atmos Tour Spec
                      F9 One Hybrid 19*
                      Forged One Length 4 - PW
                      Vokey SM5 54F, SM5 60
                      Studio Stock 28 Slotback Armlock


                      • #12
                        Team A

                        Team 3

                        Cant wait to follow this!
                        In my - LUX 2.0 Black / White 14 Way Cart Bag:
                        Driver - F9 9.5* HeLium Proto F5 49g 4X stiff 45"
                        3W - CBX 119 15* HZRDUS Smoke 65 6.0 S
                        2 Hy - CBX 119 20* EvenFlow Black 85 6.0 S
                        4I - ZU85 23* Recoil 95 F4
                        5I-PW - Z765 Recoil 110 F4
                        GW - RTX-4 50* Mid Recoil 110 F4
                        SW - RTX-4 54* Mid Recoil 125 F4
                        LW - RTX-4 58* Full Recoil 125 F4 Proto
                        Grips - MCC +4 Midsize Grey Color
                        Putter - DB2x 34" Pro X 1.32
                        Ball - Q Star Tour

                        2017 THP Regional Rivalry - ILL/MO vs MN/WI Champions sponsored by @ Tournament Club of Iowa Des Moines
                        2018 The Game Changer by with World Long Drive Champion & Tour Pro Jamie Sadlowski @ Talking Stick Resort Scottsdale
                        2018 Shaft Up #3 by @ Olympia Fields Country Club Chicago
                        2018 Shaft Up Finale by @ Mission Inn Club Orlando
                        2019 TEEm Tour Edge Participant


                        • #13
                          Official entry:
                          Team 1
                          Bridgestone Entry Team A

                          LETS ROCK THIS PARTY
                          Flex Tech Crossover Stand Bag:
                          RocketBalls 3 wood
                          18.5 hybrid
                          Bridgestone JGR 4-AW KBS C-Taper Lites
                          Coming soon- Taylormade 54 deg High Toe
                          Odyssey Marksman Putter-Super Stroke 2.0 slim pistol Grip << soon to be Spider X

                          Lived the 2019 Injected Speed with Taylormade Golf
                          And it was damn good.....


                          • #14
                            Going with:

                            Team 2
                            Team B
                            Epic Flash 10.5* EvenFlow Black 65g 6.0
                            917 F2 16.5* HZRDUS EvenFlow White 75g 6.0
                            CBX 119 20* hybrid with EvenFlow Blue 70g 6.0
                            JPX919 Hot Metal 4-GW Nippon Modus 3 Tour 105 R
                            Vokey SM7 54.08 M Dynamic Gold Wedge
                            Hi Toe 60 KBS Wedge 2.0
                            Precision Milled BHB02 Super Stroke Slim 3.0

                            Proud member of TEEm in 2019!!


                            • #15
                              Official Entry: Team 2
                              Bridgestone Entry Team A
                              In my RAZR Staff Bag:
                              Driver: Epic Flash 9˚-1/N
                              Woods: EX10 beta 3w
                              Hybrid: EX10 4/EXS 5
                              Irons: Epic Forged Irons 780 SMACWrap F4 6-GW
                              Wedge: New Level Proto
                              Toulon Garage Atlanta

                              Proud Member of 2017 Grandaddy Runner-Up Team Prestige


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