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Contest: Name the Man - The All Expenses Trip of a Lifetime with Callaway Golf


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  • Contest: Name the Man - The All Expenses Trip of a Lifetime with Callaway Golf

    If you have been on this forum for any period of time, you have seen mention of the Grandaddy. The greatest amateur event ever created. The 2019 edition is coming and we have the captains and 4 participants, but need a full team of 11 THPers. This is contest #7 and you could be joining them.

    It is an all expenses paid trip of a lifetime.

    What's Included

    Club Fitting at ECPC
    Full bag of clubs
    Tour Callaway
    Meet R&D
    Play Golf against the Zoo Crew (Callaway Marketing team)
    Play at one of the finest courses you will ever step foot on
    And so much more its ridiculous
    And you can be part of Team THP

    The Contest
    Changing The Name

    You must be a 2019 Albatross Club Member to enter. The club is open to anybody and helps benefit a wonderful charity. Details here.

    How to Enter
    AJ Voelpel has been a mainstay on Team Zoo Crew and is also one of the many Callaway members that welcomes you in with open arms and gets to know you. His partner in crime (or now Dads in crime), HashtagChad has a fun social nickname and we think AJ needs one as well. Since HashtagAJ doesn't work (and doesn't fit) we want you to come up with one. It must be 12 characters or less and be the nickname we are going to convince AJ to change his name to for social media (even briefly). Post that up in this thread. You only get 1, so make it count.

    Good luck everybody. This contest will remain open for about a week.
    In my 2018 #TheGrandaddy THP Event Bag

    Epic Flash w/ Helium Shaft 45"
    Driver 2: XXIO Prime w/
    Custom THP HZRDUS Shaft 43.5"
    Fairway Wood:
    5 Wood
    Hybrids: Launcher HB
    Irons: Apex 19 w/ Recoil Proto 95
    CBX 50* and RTX-4 56* & 60* PM Grind 19
    Putter: EXO Stroke Lab Marxman
    Chrome Soft X

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    Love it!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    and THP, thank you so much - cannot wait to carry on THE REAL Tradition Unlike Any Other:
    The Freaking #grandaddy2019 !!!

    In my 2020 ???? Bag
    Drive: Probably something long, forgiving, and dead sexy.
    FW: Driver's baby brother?
    Hybrid: Rocket launcher from all lies, jailbreak goodness.
    Irons: Something from the mad scientists in Doc Hock's R&D labs.
    Putter: Whatever the hell Luke and Sean tell me to use.
    Ball: This could be interesting.

    Huge thanks to THP and for the incredible irons and shafts from #shaftup 3 - fitting and build by the amazing Danny Le. Game and life changing experience.


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      Love this one.

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
      Representing #TeamNEWENGLAND in #THPRegionalRivalry

      Driver: G400
      Fairway Wood: Epic Flash Heavenwood
      Fairway Wood: M5 Max Carry
      Irons: 585 6-PW Tour 90
      Wedges: 50/56 MD 4, 60 PM Grind 19
      Putter: FGP
      Ball: Chrome Soft/ Truvis


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        Good luck everyone!

        Looking forward to seeing who rounds out Mclovin’s Merry Band of Misfits lol
        F9 Speedback Avalanche 10.5° Driver HZRDUS Smoke Black 60
        F9 Speedback Yellow 14.5° Fwy HZRDUS Red 75
        F9 Speedback Pink 18.5° Fwy HZRDUS Red 65
        F9 Speedback 4i Catalyst 80 6.0
        F9 Speedback Pink 5-GW Modus 3 Tour 105 Stiff
        King Black 52°/56°/60° Modus 3 Tour 105 Stiff

        NEAD 8802 303 Stainless; Bronze Face/Bronze Stripe Rear Flange

        Black Cobra Connect UTX
        Truvis Shaka Ball



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          Time to put the thinking caps on! Good luck everyone.
          In My #TheGrandaddy 2.0 Team Redemption Bag

          Callaway Epic Flash 10.5° | UST Elements Chrome F4
          Callaway Epic Flash 3+ 15.5° | Project X Even Flow Green 6.0
          Callaway Epic Flash Heavenwood 20° | Project X Even Flow Green 6.0
          Callaway CF-19 Apex Smoke Combo 5-AW | TT Elevate Tour Black S
          Callaway PM Grind 19 Tour Grey 54°/14 | 58°/12 | TT Elevate Tour Black S
          Toulon Stroke Lab Las Vegas | Chrome Soft **


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            What a great contest, get those creative names flowing!!!
            PROUD ALUMNI of Team THP in the 2018 GRANDADDY #100Birdies10kLaughs #Captain'sApprentice thanks to and

            In my Alpha Convoy 514 Cart Bag

            Driver: EPIC FLASH 9* w/ HZRDUS Smoke Black 70 6.5
            3W: EPIC FLASH w/ HZRDUS Smoke Black 70 6.5
            5W: EPIC FLASH w/ HZRDUS Smoke Black 70 6.5
            Hybrid: Apex 23* w/ Catalyst 70 6.0
            Irons: Apex 5-AW w/ Elevate Tour Stiff
            Wedges: MD4 54W 58W DG S200 115
            Stroke Lab Seven S / EXO Stroke Lab Seven S
            Chrome Soft / "G" Truvis Chrome Soft X / ERC Soft


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              Dadsnewswing. Might save him the time of telling everyone he’s working on a new swing [emoji56]

              Callaway Epic Sub Zero 9 degrees
              Callaway Epic Sub Zero 3w
              Callaway Epic 7w
              Taylormade SLDRs 25 degree hybrid
              Callaway Apex CF16 5-pw
              Cleveland RTX 3.0 Wedge 50-54-58
              Toulon Design San Diego 34in


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                I guess somebody has to break the ice so here is my entry:

                Driver: GS53 10.5 w/ Accra TZ6
                FWs: GS53 3W & 5W w/ Helium 5F4
                VKTR 22* w/ iRoD 75
                Irons: PTx Pro 5 - PW w/ Recoil 780 ES SW
                Wedges: Equalizer 50, 54, 58 w/ Recoil 780 ES SW
                Putter: BHB03
                Ball: B330-RX / Tour B RX


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                  Have at it ladies and gents!!!! Come join the team!!
                  Driver Maybe something Flash?
                  Fairways Some more awesome Flash?
                  Irons I have no idea what might go in here!!!
                  Wedges probably some MD goodness
                  probably something that rolls awesome
                  an awesone ball

                  Humbled member of Team THP in the 2019 Grandaddy with Callaway.

                  2016 Cleveland Short Game Shootout
                  "Forget the last hole played, you can't change the outcome. Move on."


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                    I love this contest! Good luck everyone.
                    Proud Team THP alum in #TheGrandaddy 2018

                    Epic Flash 10.5* w/ XT60
                    3 Wood: Epic Flash Sub Zero 15* w/ XT60
                    5 Wood: Epic Flash Sub Zero 18* w/ XT60
                    Hybrid: Apex 23* w/ 80HY
                    Irons: Apex Pro 5-AW w/ Modus 3 Tour 105
                    Wedges: 56* MD4, 60* PM Grind w/ Modus 3 Tour 120
                    Putter: Azalea
                    Golf Ball: Chrome Soft X Triple Track


                    • #11
                      Since he is the mainstay on the Zoo Crew why not a rhyming nickname,


                      Dirver Bio Cell 10.5
                      Fairway V Steel 4w 17*
                      Hybrid Altitude 3 Graphite
                      Irons Exotics XCG6 4-pw
                      Wedges ATV 50,54,58
                      Putter Spider Tour Black
                      Ball Zip/DUO
                      coin ball marker


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                        Official entry:



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                          Official entry:

                          AJ Smoooth
                          Last edited by dbigstick; 07-10-2019, 04:24 PM.
                          Cleveland HB Launcher 10.5, TM burner 15* 3W, Cleveland HB Launcher 5w, Cleveland 588 MBs 5I to PW, CBX 54* SW, Rotex-4 58* tour raw and Cleveland 2135 counter balanced 38" blade putter


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                            Love this contest. Good luck everyone.

                            Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
                            REPRESENTING THP IN THE 2019 GRANDADDY!!!!!


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                              Contest: Name the Man - The All Expenses Trip of a Lifetime with Callaway Golf

                              Official entry:


                              Play on words based on his Good Boy Originals golf art.

                              Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
                              "Have Some" - BuckNasty

                              Driver - KING F9 Speedback 9° w/ ATMOS TS Black 7X
                              3W - KING F9 Speedback 13.5° w/ HZRDUS Smoke 70 6.0
                              5W - KING F9 Speedback 17.5° w/ HZRDUS Smoke 70 6.0
                              4-GW Irons - KING F9 Speedback w/ Pro Modus3 Tour 120 Stiff
                              Wedges - KING Black Wedge 54° Versatile & 58° WideLow w/ Dynamic Gold S200 Black
                              Putter - Evnroll ER3 / Tommy Armour Impact No. 3
                              Ball - Z-Star XV / Vice Pro
                              Glove - Pur Tour / Vice Pure
                              Shoe - Ignite PWRADAPT

                              Proud member of Team Hackers @ the 2019 Morgan Cup
                              Special thanks to


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