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  • Ping Glide 3.0 Wedges

    Not exactly a well kept secret, but these became official today. Here is the release with some info.

    In developing the new Glide 3.0 wedges, PING’s engineers took a grip-to-grind approach, re-designing every component of the club to create a higher-spinning, more forgiving, lighter overall design that offers multiple sole grind options to custom-fit golfers of all skill levels.

    The tour-proven Glide 3.0 wedges are available for custom fitting and pre-sell beginning today at authorized PING golf shops around the world.

    “In the Glide 3.0 series, we’re broadening the appeal of our wedges and providing more differentiation within our own line and the rest of the marketplace,” said John K. Solheim, PING President. “We approached the design with a goal of creating higher-spinning, great-looking wedges that also deliver more forgiveness with the improved feel from our other proven technologies. Every detail in the Glide 3.0 is designed to improve short-game performance, from the longer grip for choking down to the Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish that helps the wedge glide through the grass.”

    “From a fitting standpoint, we engineered four distinctly different sole grinds, including an Eye2 sand-wedge-inspired option, to ensure that trained PING club fitters can properly match a Glide 3.0 to a golfer’s swing and playing conditions,” Solheim said. “We’re excited about getting it into golfers’ hands. It had a win its first week on the PGA Tour when Nate Lashley used one in his amazing and inspiring victory at the Rocket Mortgage Classic.”

    Improved Feel and Forgiveness
    In the Glide 3.0 wedges, PING’s engineers put a premium on the feel and forgiveness by leveraging the multi-material construction that combines a 431 stainless steel head with a larger and softer elastomer Custom Tuning Port (CTP) insert. Similar to the popular i210 irons, the additional volume of the CTP allows for a larger insert covering more of the back of the face, resulting in activation of the elastomer at impact to produce a soft yet solid feel. The new, patented cavity design and larger CTP expand the perimeter weighting to increase the MOI and position the center of gravity higher to yield lower-launching, higher-spinning trajectories for more control.

    “The Glide 3.0 wedge is a great blend of a players-style design and game-improvement technology,” said Solheim. “At address, it provides the clean look of a tour-style wedge. We’ve added some offset based on tour player feedback to provide a more captured look. At the same time, we’ve increased the perimeter weighting and improved the feel with the softer insert material to ensure golfers have the forgiveness they need to play with confidence on approach shots. The combination of those attributes really sets the Glide 3.0 wedges apart and gives them a much broader appeal.”

    Precision-Milled Grooves
    Patented wheel-cut grooves developed by PING’s engineering and manufacturing teams enable grooves with a sharper edge radius, which increases interaction with the ball at impact, creating more friction for improved spin and trajectory control. The grooves in the lower-lofted wedges (46°, 50° & 52°) are milled with a 20° sidewall and a .005" edge radius for optimal full-shot performance. The higher-lofted versions (54°, 56°, 58° & 60°) feature an extra ½ groove at the bottom of the face for added spin and are milled to a .004" edge radius with a 28° sidewall to impart more spin, especially around the greens.

    A Focus on Fitting
    With an emphasis on expanding the wedge sole options to better custom-fit golfers, PING engineers crafted four differentiated sole grinds in the Glide 3.0 series. Each is designed to best match a player’s angle of attack and typical turf conditions while providing performance and versatility on full and partial shots around the green.

    “We see tremendous opportunity in wedge fitting in general,” said Solheim. “It starts by focusing our product designs on meeting the needs of golfers of all abilities and swings. With the new sole grinds and multiple loft options, a fitter can really dial in the wedges to help improve the player’s performance based on how they dynamically deliver the clubhead and the type of conditions they typically play in. During the process, they can also determine the best combination of wedges to provide proper distance gaps between each club.”

    Grind Options:
    Standard Sole (SS) grind (46°/12°, 50°/12°, 52°/12°, 54°/12°, 56°/12°, 58°/10°, 60/10°)
    Mid-bounce sole with heel relief. Engineered for golfers with a moderate angle of attack. Exceptional performance in a variety of turf and sand conditions. Fits most golfers.

    Wide Sole (WS) grind (54°/14°, 56°/14°, 58°/14°, 60/14°)
    Most forgiving through the ground. Round and cambered sole with significant bounce. Recommended for golfers with a steep angle of attack who typically play in soft turf and sand conditions.

    Eye2 grind (54°/10°, 56°/10°, 58°/8°, 60°/8°)
    With the high toe design pioneered by Karsten Solheim nearly 40 years ago, it matches the original Eye2 SW sole/face profiles and narrow hosel transition for the ultimate in bunker performance and touch shots near the green.

    Thin Sole (TS) grind (58°/6°, 60°/6°)
    Facilitates precise shot-making and versatility from tight lies. Extreme heel relief with PING WRX-inspired bounce grind. Ideal for firm conditions and a shallow angle of attack.

    Lighter Shaft and Grip
    The Glide 3.0 wedge’s grip and shaft have been lightened by six and five grams, respectively, contributing to an overall weight reduction of 15 grams for the entire club. The Dyla-wedge Lite grip, which is ¾-inch longer than a traditional grip and features a reduced taper, allows golfers to choke down for more versatility and trajectory control. The PING Z-Z115 wedge shaft is made by Nippon and custom engineered with a lower balance point closer to the tip to provide lower launch with more control and enhanced feel.

    “The lighter overall weight allows the Glide 3.0 to better blend into a golfer’s full set and help them swing the club easier,” said Solheim. “We’ve also reduced the head weight by approximately four grams while maintaining our traditional wedge swing weights to ensure golfers still benefit from the clubhead feel they need to play with control and precision.”

    Multi-material construction: 431 stainless steel head, elastomer insert, Hydropearl 2.0 finish
    Available in 10 color codes (lie angle). Black is standard.
    Swingweight: D2 – D4, depending on loft
    Stock grip: PING 360 Dyla-wedge Lite in three sizes (Aqua -1/64", White Std., Gold +1/32")
    Stock steel shaft: PING Z-Z115 Wedge made by Nippon

    Stock graphite shaft: Alta CB Red (SR, R, S)
    Aftermarket shaft options (no upcharge): True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 (R300, S300), True Temper Dynamic Gold (S300, X100), True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 (S300, X100), Project X LZ (5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5), True Temper XP95 (R300, S300), Nippon Pro Modus Tour 105 (S, X), KBS Tour (R, S, X)
    U.S. MSRP: $160 per club w/steel shaft; $180 per club w/graphite shaft

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    CBX 50* and RTX-4 56* & 60* PM Grind 19
    Chrome Soft X

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    Just not my favorite looking wedge
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    Putter: Toulon Memphis
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      Looks great. It will be interesting to see the testing on these. Ping makes some great stuff.

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        They sound like very solid options. I like the simplicity of the head without a bunch of badging or extra stamping.
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          Man I wish they stayed with the 8620 CS they had in the 2.0 stealth instead of reverting back to the 431 SS. Stealth felt better to me than the normal glide 2.0. With that said, plenty of options here and something I be certain to give a look at.
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            Originally posted by ddec View Post
            Man I wish they stayed with the 8620 CS they had in the 2.0 stealth instead of reverting back to the 431 SS. Stealth felt better to me than the normal glide 2.0. With that said, plenty of options here and something I be certain to give a look at.
            If I was a betting man I would say they will end up releasing the Stealth again.
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              The 3.0 and Eye2 will be on the must try list. Sometimes how they look in pictures compared to in-person are very different. I always like the "original" Eye2.
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              Wedge- CBX 58* Aerotech i95
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                Am I the only one that finds it odd they skipped 48* in the standard sole offering?
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                  I like what I see, but I may wait on the stealth to come out (if it does)
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                    They don't fit my eye but neither did the previous generation

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                      This year I put a glide 2.0 54* in the bag and love it, first wedge I actually have confidence in when full swinging. I have a Callaway Forged 58 that I use around the green. It's easily the most used club in my bag and is due for replacement. I was going to get the 2.0 but after seeing some talk of the 3.0 a couple weeks ago I'm holding off until the 3.0 is released and then replacing the Callaway forged.
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                        I love the look of the Eye2 wedge but the rest of the lineup doesn't do too much for me. I was a little disappointed in the feel of their last lineup, hopefully they're a little better in that regard.
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                          The Eye 2.0 is classic but for some reason just does not fit my eye like a high-toe or PM grind does. The 3.0 back of the wedge as well really make sit look like an SGI wedge.
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                            I'll give these a try when I decide to get fit for irons again. Things are going well and I would prefer them to release these in "stealth" again. I am sure the results from these will be solid.
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                              I got to hit the new Glide 3.0 wedges over the range last night (they're a Ping fitting range).

                              The 3.0's all swung nicely, if you know what I mean, not overly heavy or light, head wasn't too heavy either, standard shafts weren't overly stiff like some wedges I've seen and tried.

                              They all felt pretty nice at contact, that insert in the back does do something, they felt/sounded softer and springier (even with Srixon Range Balls) than my current CBX in general, could have been strike influenced admittedly. Even toe shots didn't feel too harsh and seemed to go roughly the distance. The grooves on all I tried were shedding the balls quite nicely on crisp strikes.

                              The "normal" Standard Sole was nice, I'd say a touch more forgiving than a normal bladed edge, the Wide Sole felt most like hitting my CBX wedges off the mat with the bounce/sound etc, didn't try the Thin Sole as that's not my preference....but then there's the Eye2.

                              The grip took me a few swings to adjust to visually as it's that little bit longer and looks odd at my normal grip point, but that soon disappeared when I utilised the lower grip points.

                              I know it's looks aren't for everyone, but it's basically exactly what I've been waiting for since I started playing again - Eye2 shaping and sole which I always loved in my old second hand ones, simply nothing better out of sand, but now with brand new grooves. I think Birthday and Christmas is sorted for me this year.

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