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Ben Hogan VKTR Hybrids Review Thread


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  • Ben Hogan VKTR Hybrids Review Thread

    While at the 2016 PGA Show, THP TV caught up with Ben Hogan Golf to discuss the new VKTR Hybrids and the technology in them.

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    I really like the look and sound of these. Definitely on the must try list as it sounds like Hogan thought of everything to build into these.
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      Love the look plus all the different lofts. The weight adjustability makes these special in my opinion. I will have to give these a try.
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        Interesting though process behind the design. I wonder how many here feel like their hybrids don't allow them to hold greens as well as they would like.
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          These are good looking hybrids and I like what I hear technology wise with spin and launch angle. I like they keep the same thought concept with gapping at the top and offer numerous lofts
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            This was a really informative interview and I like what they are doing. I don't want distance from a hybrid, I want it to fit gapping coming out of the irons and this appears to achieve that. Between the weighting and loft specific heads, they really cover the adjustability that I would need for a hybrid.
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              I'm really intrigued by these. The shop by me stocks Hogan clubs, so I'll be looking forward to taking a few swings with these. I like the story here - iron replacement, rather than pure distance.
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                Awesome stuff! Biggest issue with my hybrids is how far they go. When I bought a "3 hybrid", I needed three iron distance, not fairway metal distance. This is a great idea by Hogan Golf.
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                  Another information packed video. The technology and thought process is great. I can't tell you how many times I tend to pull an iron over an Hybrid just for those reasons. Definitely interested in the Hogan VKTR hybrids.
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                    I really want to give these a swing, reminds me of my first set of hybrids/irons the Hogan CFT, such a great set!
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                      Really excited to try these.

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                        This was a great interview. For what they are going for, in terms of stop gapping between fairway woods and irons, this makes a LOT of sense. I know that I'm often hitting a hybrid as a bit of a smaller fairway wood, and not in terms of spin and stop properties into a green. So, to have this on the market for that capability, is new and intriguing. This is something I could see myself looking into and possibly replacing my 4 iron with.
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                          Amazing concept, getting a hybrid to a number. I haven't been in the hybrid market but I might just take a peek at these now. I like the sound of these.


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                            I love everything he was saying about the hybrid. The fact that it does not get as much roll out and they are thinking about us holding greens with them is awesome. I was hitting another companies yesterday on the sim and getting 20 yards of roll out. That would hurt when trying to hit the green. The fact that you can make the club what ever you want it to be in each loft is a nice touch. Would love to get one.
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                              I really like thought process behind these and look forward to seeing how the work for people. I'm not in the market for one at the moment, but will be trying these next time I'm up for a club purchase.
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