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    Originally posted by Canadan View Post
    makes me think of Hilfiger in the 90s.
    Agreed. Heavy rugby influence here.

    Not for my taste, but I I'll applaud them for trying to mix some designer street clothing trends into golf wear.
    Callaway GBB Epic 9* Matrix Red Tie
    Callaway GBB 15* Project X T800
    Callaway GBB 18* Project X T800
    Callaway Epic 24* Mitsubishi Kuro Kage
    Callaway CF16 Apex 5-PW Project X LZ
    Callaway Mac Daddy Forged 50* & 55*
    Titleist SM5 60*
    Odyssey O-Work 7s Black Edition
    Callaway Chromesoft


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      HARD pass!
      My Current Bag (Beginner):

      Driver: R7(10.5) w/ MAS2 Stiff Flex Shaft
      Driver 2: GT Titanium 410 Tight Lies(10) w/ Super Shaft Regular Flex
      Fairway Woods: Tight Lies 3/Strong 5
      Irons: GT2
      Wedges: Harmonized 56*
      Putter: QB6
      Balls: Snell MTB-X
      Bag: Versa Stand Bag

      Next upgrades: More Wedges, possible Maltby irons.


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        There is a way to sport retro clothes... IMO this ain't it

        Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
        Custom fit by Danny Le at @ #ShaftUp2
        Epic SZ 10.5* N/S Helium Prototype 59g F5

        Rogue 3W VTS Silver 8F4
        Steelhead XR 5W VTS Silver 8F4
        Apex 4-AW Recoil 780 ES f4
        CBX 54* Wedge Proto
        RTX3 58* Wedge Proto
        Big T V-Line CS

        Proud member of #TeamRedemption


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          Looks more like soccer shirts, no thanks!
          Callaway Epic 10.5, Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 5 Shaft (R)
          Callaway Rogue 3 Wood Evenflow Blue 65 Shaft (R)
          Rogue Hybrids (3,4) Evenflow Blue 85 Shafts R
          Callaway CF 16 Irons 5-AW Recoil Proto 95 Shafts F3
          Callaway MD Wedges, 54, 58 Recoil Proto 95 Shafts F3
          Putter: Cameron Newport, 34"


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            Originally posted by Canadan View Post
            makes me think of Hilfiger in the 90s.
            Just wait until they bring back the 90s Fubu look.

            In my C130 Cart Bag:

            917D2 10.5* w/ stiff Diamana Blue
            Big Bertha 15* 3w
            D200 3,4 Hybrid (22*) w/ stiff MRC Kuro Kage Black 90 HY
            M3 5 - PW w/ stiff KBS Tours
            MDF 50*, 54* & 58*
            O-works #1

            PROUD CAPTAIN of Champion #TeamShowMePrairie in the Regional Rivalry Sponsored by True Temper


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              Gross isnít strong enough a word.
              - M6 9.0 -
              UST Mamiya LIN-Q Blue 77F5
              TaylorMade - Original One 13.5 - Fujikura Evolution V X
              PING - G410 19.0/22.0 - Alta CB 70S
              Callaway - Apex CF19 Combo 5-PW - True Temper Elevate X100
              Cleveland - RTX4 Raw 48M/54M/60XL - DG TI S400
              - Tour Proto Savage Too -
              Center-Shaft 373g
              Taylormade - 2019 TP5x


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                I'll join the chorus - no way would I own that.
                F9 Driver - 9*
                F9 Fairway - 14.5*
                F9 Irons - 4-G (Modus 105s)
                KING Black Wedges (52*, 56*, 60*)
                Stroke Lab #7s


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                  In the Custom Epic Flash Fusion 14 Bag:
                  Custom Epic Flash Driver 10.5 - HZRDUS Smoke 75
                  Epic Flash 3W 15- HZRDUS Smoke
                  Epic Forged Irons -4-AW - Catalyst 80
                  Vokey SM7 48.10F, 54.08M and 60.12D
                  EXO Stroke Lab Marxman
                  Pro V1x

                  2019 Budget Golf Championship Team #BadKitty


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                    I'm going to go ahead and pass on these. At $110/shirt I think they are a bit out of their league....especially with those designs. Yikes.
                    F9 - THCE "The One"
                    F9 fwy 3/4, 5/6 - Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 70s
                    King F9 4i - KBS C-Taper Lite
                    King Forged CB/MB Flow Set 5-GW - Nippon Modus 3 105X
                    King Black Wedges 54V, 58WL

                    Newport 2


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                      Those remind me of naval signal flags....hard pass for sure !

                      Driver: GBB Epic 9.0* 3-Wd: M1-3HL Hybrid: Superfast 2.0 - 18* Irons: Apex CF-19 5-PW
                      Wedges: 52, 56, 60 Putter: Ghost Spider Ball : Chrome Soft Yellow


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                        Originally posted by drumdog View Post
                        those remind me of naval signal flags....hard pass for sure !

                        november oscar !!!!!!
                        Triton Driver
                        Squareway 3 wood
                        F9 4-GW RECOIL 460
                        54V 58WL KBS C TAPER S 120 MATTE BLACK
                        Newport 2 (ready to take to the foundry to melt down)


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                          Originally posted by McLovin View Post
                          that is wrong on so many levels
                          I could see you at the Hideaway rocking that bad boy!!!

                          stand bag
                          DRIVER- F9 10.5*/ Attas PUNCH 6S
                          MINI- Original One 13.5*/ Diamana 7S
                          WOOD- M6 15*/ Tensei Orange 7S
                          HYBRIDS- U85 3/ DG120/X100
                          IRONS- 785 4-9/ DGTI/X100
                          WEDGE-:Cleveland: RTX4 46*, 52*, & 58*/DGS400
                          PUTTER- SquareBack Select Custom or Double Wide
                          BALL- ZStar yella plz
                          RF- Tour V3 and Garmin G80 Approach

                          2019 Shaft Up #3 with @Olympia Fields CC


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                            I'm going to jump on the no wagon here too. It looks like they added the word "golf" to traditional polo shirts. Not exactly a disruption.


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                              My '96 self would so own these

                              Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
                              Epic Flash SZ
                              Epic Flash 3W
                              Big Bertha 4H
                              CF16 - Recoils
                              MD4 (50,54,58)
                              PM GRIND 19
                              Toulon PDX


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                                Iíll pass

                                Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
                                Cobra F9 Avalanche 8* Atmos Blue TS 6s
                                XR Steelhead 15* Atmos Red7S
                                818 H1 Atmos Blue 8S
                                Callaway Apex CF19 4-AW KBS C-Taper Lite S
                                SM7's RAW 50F - 54S - 58M

                                Nike 006 Paul Casey Proto (Oven)
                                Nike 006 Rory Proto (Oven)
                                Pro V1x / CSX ??


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