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THP Call Out: Nerdy_81 vs OhioGolfer - Part Duex


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  • #16
    I'll take the strokes with nerdy

    Have fun fellas!

    Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
    Driver- G400 Max with Xstiff KK
    4 wood- Callaway Rogue w/ Hzrdus Yellow
    Irons- 4-P Callaway Apex pro 16
    Wedges- SM7 + MD4
    Putter- Odyssey 2CSM


    • #17
      As tough as giving up 4 a side is gonna be I’ve gotta go with my boy OhioGolfer! Eye of the Tiger homie!
      ShaftUp #1 ‘17 and Grand Finale participant in 2017 and 2018
      2019 Distance Event with Golf on #TeamNoelle

      Z785 9* driver
      F85 15* 3W
      H85 3h
      U85 4-6i
      Z785 7-PW
      RTX4 50/54/58 Mid Tour Raw
      TFI 2135 1.0

      THP’er formerly known as so-illhacker


      • #18
        Tough choice but give me Nerdy. Can’t wait to follow along

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        Representing #TeamNEWENGLAND in #THPRegionalRivalry

        Driver: G400
        Fairway Wood: Epic Flash Heavenwood
        Fairway Wood: M5 Max Carry
        Irons: 585 6-PW Tour 90
        Wedges: 50/56 MD 4, 60 PM Grind 19
        Putter: FGP
        Ball: Chrome Soft/ Truvis


        • #19
          From one set of pops to another: Never bet against the pops!
          Nerdy FTW!
          In My 2018 #TheGrandaddy
          Alpha Convoy cart bag:
          Driver: Epic Flash
          FW: Epic Flash 3w
          Hybrids: Big Bertha 3/4/5 Recoil ZT9 F4
          Irons: Big Bertha 5-AW Recoil ZT9 F4
          Wedges: 2019 PM Grind 54° Recoil 95 F3
          Putter: Stroke Lab 2 Ball Fang OR Stroke Lab EXO 2 Ball
          Ball: ERC Soft


          • #20
            Blue Balls FTW!
            F9 Speedback Avalanche 10.5° Driver HZRDUS Smoke Black 60
            F9 Speedback Yellow 14.5° Fwy HZRDUS Red 75
            F9 Speedback Pink 18.5° Fwy HZRDUS Red 65
            F9 Speedback 4i Catalyst 80 6.0
            F9 Speedback Pink 5-GW Modus 3 Tour 105 Stiff
            King Black 52°/56°/60° Modus 3 Tour 105 Stiff

            NEAD 8802 303 Stainless; Bronze Face/Bronze Stripe Rear Flange

            Black Cobra Connect UTX
            Truvis Shaka Ball



            • #21
              I got to go with my Charleston cart partner Ohio golfer!

              Sent from my SM-T817V using Tapatalk

              Driver-Callaway Rogue
              3w and 5w -Taylor Made Aero Burner
              Irons-4-G Mizuno JPX 900 Forged
              Cleveland 60* Lob
              Cleveland SW
              Ping Answer 2i putter


              • #22
                I will go with OG here. 4 pops is a lot, but think he overcomes it.
                Driver Maybe something Flash?
                Fairways Some more awesome Flash?
                Irons I have no idea what might go in here!!!
                Wedges probably some MD goodness
                probably something that rolls awesome
                an awesone ball

                Humbled member of Team THP in the 2019 Grandaddy with Callaway.

                2016 Cleveland Short Game Shootout
                "Forget the last hole played, you can't change the outcome. Move on."


                • #23
                  Nerdy FTW!
                  The #SweaterWar got me into The 2018 Grandaddy!!!

                  #100Birdies10kLaughs #TheGrandaddy

                  Driver: Epic Flash 10.5* w/ EF Green 55 S flex
                  Epic Flash w/ EF Green 65 S flex
                  Hybrids / Irons:
                  Apex 19
                  3h/4h w/ Catalyst 70 S flex and 5i-AW w/ Catalyst 80 S flex graphite
                  54* MD4, 58* PM Grind 2.0
                  Stroke Lab Three
                  Ball: Chrome Soft Truvis (y&b)


                  • #24
                    I’ll go with Nerdy. Have fun out there
                    Black/Blue/White Stand Bag
                    M3 10.5° w/ XLR8 70g Stiff
                    EXS 3w w/
                    M6 3H w/ Atmos 6 R-Flex
                    Launcher HB 4-PW w/ C.Kua 6S Stiff
                    CBX 54° (bent to 51°), 56° & 60° w/ Dynamic Gold 115
                    Red Ball - Thanks to
                    Cut DC Golf Balls

                    Proud Participant of The Shoot Out 2017
                    Member of winning Team SoCal California Classic 2018


                    • #25
                      Gotta stick with my Team mate.... Ohiogolfer FTW!
                      Proud Participant 2019



                      • #26
                        Originally posted by Gman79 View Post
                        I'm going with Ohio Golf, good luck to both members! Are you live tweeting this?
                        Yeah we'll post updates throughout the round
                        In my Cirrus stand bag:

                        Driver: GS53 9* ( v2 CB 7F5)
                        Wood: XD 3w/5w ( Proforce v2)
                        Irons: JGR HF 2 (Modus3 Tour 105 stiff)
                        Wedge: XW-1 52*/56*/60* (Modus3 Tour 105 stiff)
                        Putter: Huntington Beach 6
                        Ball: Tour B RX

                        2019 THP Bridgestone Championship @Firestone CC
                        2019 Shaft Up #3 with @Olympia Fields CC


                        • #27
                          I'll take the strokes. Nerdy_81
                          G400 Max 10.5 w Ping Tour 65 S
                          Rogue SZ 15* Project X EvenFlow Blue 75 S
                          G410 3H 19* Alta CB 70 Red S
                          Apex 4H 23* Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Black 80 S
                          CF16 5-AW (1* flat) Recoil 460 ESX F4
                          Vokey S
                          M7 54-14F & SM7 58-12D
                          Toulon Design Madison (2016) H1 MID-SLIM 2.0 Green
                          Chrome Soft Yellow (Love me some Yellow Balls!) and CSTTX

                          Tour B RX Yellow
                          Lite Rider Pro Cart Bag
                          Precision Pro Golf NX7 SHOT Laser
                          SuperSpeed Golf

                          2017 CALLAWAY HYPE PARTICIPANT!


                          • #28
                            There will definitely be hole by hole pictures/scores
                            2019 Participant in Ben Hogan Experience!
                            2018 Participant in Ultimate Testing with Titleist!
                            Proud member of Shaft Up #1 and Shaft Up Finale with UST Mamiya

                            TS2 Evenflow White
                            3 Wood- TS2 Evenflow White
                            Hybrid- XR
                            4-PW- 565 Recoil F4 110
                            50/54/58- RTX-3 Recoil F4 125
                            Putter- Bettinardi


                            • #29
                              Lol, looking forward to following along. Love good natured rivalries.
                              REPRESENTING THP IN THE 2019 GRANDADDY!!!!!


                              • #30
                                Have fun out there fellas.

                                I'll roll with Nerdy
                                In my Alpha Convoy 514 RTC Bag
                                Rogue 9.5*
                                Rogue 2H 17* 3H 19* 4H 21*
                                Apex CF19 (5-AW)

                                MD4 54* & 58* S-Grind
                                Z-Star ProV1
                                Atlanta H4


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