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    Price wise they would be disapointed, but on the course they would see a fair test of golf that requires some different shots. Greens aren't that overly complex, but have some nuance to them. Can't spray it off the tee either, you don't have much room to miss.
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      My course is deceptively tough. It's mostly right out in front of you, but it's tight and the greens are small so your short game better be ready. There are also several dog legs that get short real quick if you are working the ball against the curve. The layout uses the prevailing winds against you also.
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        Depends on the wind conditions that day... It's a good track, and the recent Ben Hogan Experience was held there.
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          Surprised by the lower cost, and the somewhat suprisingly decent condition for a course at that cost.. but then annoyed about the overall overbooking and slow pace of play

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            A guest would likely be happy with "my" course - a nice, well kept municipal.
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              I think they would be generally pleased. The course is fairly priced. On all but a couple of tees, you've got room, if you don't try to bite off too much. The greens are fair but, from May to September, you pretty much have to be under the hole. Long misses leave downhill plays that can get away from you pretty easily. They would likely be disappointed in the condition of the bunkers, pace of play and the lack of adult beverages and food.
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                I can only say they better have plenty of golf balls, lol.


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                  I played with a guy who had never played my 9 hole muni about 2 weeks ago. We were walking and it is a lot hillier than it appears. He was huffing pretty good by the 3rd hole. Then the 4th hole is a 430 yard par 4 uphill that plays about 460 (Driver-Hybrid). He swore that it was a lot longer. After we were done he said that he got more than his money’s worth.
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                    I think they would be disappointed with the condition of the overall course, the greens are pretty decent most of the time but they haven't put any money into the course in forever.
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                      Originally posted by Snickerdog View Post
                      This past weekend I ran into a guest at the course who wanted to chat. He was from Massachusetts and happened to see the sign on the interstate and stopped to play. He was amazed that the course in such great shape for a 9 hole muni. Said he had not putted on greens that where as good and fast as theses even in his home state. Price was great he said and he really enjoyed the course and would stop the next time he was thru to play again.

                      So if guest stop at your course, would they be happy or disappointed in course?
                      Pretty cool 'review' of a little ol' Kansas course!
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                        We have some of the best conditions around, hold the oldest 4Ball in the country and have a few industry leaders the call it home. Just to talk with the guys is worth the price. We also have a town owned municipal course which is also in tremendous shape. Acushnet River Valley and New Bedford Country Club.

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                          My home course showcases well. Good friendly service, great warmup area and grass range, conditions are always prime, fairways are carpet and greens are a beautiful combination of receptive & fast. Bunkers actually have sand in them which is rare in these parts.
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                            As to past feedback, generally very positive I'd think.

                            Most common criticism I hear is of the bunkers and I concur. The drains have been compacted and water will pool in some for days after a heavy rain.

                            They are addressing them one by one. Appreciated, but now we're left with varying conditions as to sand depth and consistency from one to another.

                            But tee boxes (some could stand minor leveling), fairways, rough, greens, fringe... all very good.

                            Challenging yet fair test from any tee. I love the place as it's made me a better golfer.
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                              I guess I should ask @alexped2393 about my courses

                              From playing league matches I have had a lot of people say how much they enjoyed my course when they have played at our club
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                                Originally posted by TheDoctor View Post
                                I guess I should ask @alexped2393 about my courses

                                From playing league matches I have had a lot of people say how much they enjoyed my course when they have played at our club
                                A very pleasant surprise, greens were in great condition as were the fairways and other short grass areas.

                                Rough was penal if you went in the mega deep stuff too which I like a lot.

                                Layout kept me interested all the way around which is a weakness for a lot of the courses around here. Great track


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