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2019 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am


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  • Originally posted by Mark_UK View Post
    Well done Phil! I’ll give it 30 minutes then head down to the FBO and give my congrats in person hopefully!

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    Originally posted by krispyk View Post
    Tell him krispy said hello. He wont know who the hell you are talking about but it may be the closest I ever get to saying hello. Lol
    And tell him I said, "Duuuh huh!" He'll know what you mean.
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    • Originally posted by dazeedmonds View Post
      I don’t know that I’d say that Phil bullied Casey, Phil certainly wanted to play 17, and didn’t hide his disappointment when he couldn’t but he said that Casey made the right call and was well within his rights to not want to finish. Phil wanted to finish because he was playing well, I don’t think telling the official that you want to finish is bullying.
      I for one wanted Phil to stop and listen to reason. He could have screwed it all up in the dark and regretted it.
      17 and 18 at Pebble Beach in low light / dark is close to insanity.

      I just read that Phil thanked Paul Casey this morning for that.
      For Paul Casey as well finishing clear second was worth a difference of $152K

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      • Phil was on the other side of this in a major when they made them play in the dark, arguable helping Rory to win it, so I don't have any problem with him pushing to finish.
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        Ball: Chrome Soft CS Truvis and ERC


        • Originally posted by GoingLefty View Post
          Eh, I dunno about it being a class move. More likely he saw how much of a baby he looked like on TV and was doing damage control for his image.
          Perhaps his better half helped him see his way through this. He said the words so we can hope they were sincere.
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          • Piercy's three putt on 18 in the dark cost him $46000. But it also allowed two other players to get into Rivera this week. Perhaps they will pick up his bar tab in LA.
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            • Happy to see Phil finish with the W today. Hoping it gives him some good information heading into the US Open this year.
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              Wedges: MD4 54W 58W DG S200 115
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              • M.Davis apparently refused to play lift/clean/place at Pebble last week. The USGA seems to do everything they possibly can to make sure everyone hates them...
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                • Originally posted by TRA024 View Post
                  M.Davis apparently refused to play lift/clean/place at Pebble last week. The USGA seems to do everything they possibly can to make sure everyone hates them...
                  The have been given the task of protecting the field and are handcuffing them. mr Davis really needs to stop taking himself so seriously. Everyone else played lift clean and place but him. That’s a man that doesn’t get it.

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                  • Originally posted by TRA024 View Post
                    M.Davis apparently refused to play lift/clean/place at Pebble last week. The USGA seems to do everything they possibly can to make sure everyone hates them...
                    Probably never hit the fairway to be able to

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                    • Casey's call about coming back on Monday saw $300,000+ in his pocket instead of Stallings. He won $820,000, Stallings $516,000. If Casey had finished 4,5 in the dark, instead of 3,4 in the sunshine, the money would have been reversed.

                      Difficult to criticise him.
                      The band I'm in are playing different tunes.....

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                      • Going to be interesting to see how much different PB will play for the US Open.....
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                        4I - ZU85 23* Recoil 95 F4
                        5I-PW - Z765 Recoil 110 F4
                        GW - RTX-4 50* Mid Recoil 110 F4
                        SW - RTX-4 54* Mid Recoil 125 F4
                        LW - RTX-4 58* Full Recoil 125 F4 Proto
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                        Ball - Q Star Tour

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