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2019 US Open Contest and Thread


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  • #61
    Xander Schauffele
    4.5, 14way
    ARCCOS sensors on all clubs
    CP2 midsize grips
    XR16 driver set to 10.5 deg
    GBB fairway woods (2015)
    2019 Big Bertha 5-AW irons steel shaft
    CBX 54 deg and 58 deg wedges
    33" Red Ball putter
    Chromesoft X Triple Track


    • #62
      El Tigre
      M5 Tour / Tensei CK Orange 60
      M2 3HL / White Tie 70x4
      Apex UT 18º / Recoil 680 F4
      Apex 3i / Tour V 110, Apex Pro 19 Smoke 4-PW / LZ 6.0
      J40 52º
      MD4 56ºW
      Studio Stainless Newport 2 by Kick Ass Clubs


      • #63
        Going with Dustin Johnson

        Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
        Representing #TeamNEWENGLAND in #THPRegionalRivalry

        Driver: G400
        Fairway Wood: Epic Flash Heavenwood
        Fairway Wood: M5 Max Carry
        Irons: 585 6-PW Tour 90
        Wedges: 50/56 MD 4, 60 PM Grind 19
        Putter: FGP
        Ball: Chrome Soft/ Truvis


        • #64
          I'm going Rory - guy was on fire this past weekend.
          Driver: EXS
          Hybrids: XRail 20, 23
          JPX 919 HM/HM Pro 5-GW with Recoils
          Wedges: PING Gorge 54°,58°
          7s O-Works


          • #65
            Rory McIlroy!
            Should be an awesome week!!!


            • #66
              Tiger Woods.

              Love this tournament, especially at this venue.
              Epic Flash SZ, 10.5* (-1/N) HZRDUS Yellow
              F9 14.5 Evenflow White
              18* X-forged UT HZRDUS Black
              4 Apex Smoke TT Elevate Tour Black
              5-PW Apex Pro Smoke DG Tour Issue
              MD4 49*S 54*S 60*C
              Toulon SL San Diego

              Proud Member of 2017 Grandaddy Runner-Up Team Prestige


              • #67
                I’ll go with Dustin Johnson ...

                Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
                Driver: Rogue SZ w/ Helium Proto 5F4 Shaft
                3 Wood: Rogue SZ 3W+ w/ Synergy
                Hybrid: Rogue X 18 Degree w/ Hybrid Proto
                Hybrid: Rogue 21 Degree w/ Hybrid Proto
                Irons: Apex '19 5-AW w/ C-Taper Lite
                Wedges: RTX-4 54 Mid 58 Low w/ Dynamic Gold S400
                Putter: Garage Columbus
                Ball: “The Ball” or Z-Star
                Testing: Equalizer Wedges - 54 & 58 w/ Recoil 780 F4 SMAC Wrap
                #TheGrandaddy Alumni- #TeamPrestige


                • #68
                  I've got to go Tiger, I have a good feeling about it!
                  Proud Team THP alum in #TheGrandaddy 2018

                  Epic Flash 10.5* w/ XT60
                  3 Wood: Epic Flash Sub Zero 15* w/ XT60
                  5 Wood: Epic Flash Sub Zero 18* w/ XT60
                  Hybrid: Apex 23* w/ 80HY
                  Irons: Apex Pro 5-AW w/ Modus 3 Tour 105
                  Wedges: 56* MD4, 60* PM Grind w/ Modus 3 Tour 120
                  Putter: Azalea
                  Golf Ball: Chrome Soft X Triple Track


                  • #69
                    I am going with Matt Kuchar to win his first major.
                    TS3 10.5* with THCE 6.0 shaft
                    Big Bertha 3 Hybrid 18* Recoil ES 780 Stiff
                    Big Bertha OS 5 Hybrid 25* Recoil ES 460 Stiff
                    Apex 19 6-AW with Elevate 95 Stiff

                    SM6 54* and 60* with wedge flex
                    Sigma 2 Tyne Stealth 35"
                    8.0 Cart
                    Aim L10 Rangefinder

                    Proud participant of the 2015 THP #King in Carlsbad, CA
                    Proud participant of the 2016 THP Project X THCE in Carlsbad, CA
                    Proud participant and winning member of Team NorCal from the 2017 THP Regional Rivalry NorCal VS SoCal in LakeSide, CA
                    Proud participant and winning member of Team Swedish Tiger from the 2017 THP Championship. sponsored by BudgetGolf in Chicago, Ill
                    Proud Participant of the 2018 Titleist Ultimate Club Testing: Metalwoods in Carlsbad, CA


                    • #70
                      Rory McIlroy

                      Dude is playing really well right now. As in, in the last 48 hours :).
                      In my ultralightweight 2019 Morgan Cup bag:
                      F9 10.5* with Atmos TS Blue 6R
                      3-4W & 5-6W with Atmos TS Blue 6R
                      4H with Atmos TS Black 7R
                      5-GW ForgedTEC Black with Tour 90 R Flex
                      56 and 60* King Black wedges with Tour 90 R Flex
                      O-Works 7s Red
                      Q-Star Tour, Z-Star or Chrome Soft X TT


                      • #71
                        In my Alpha Convoy RTC or Super Swirl stand bag

                        Epic Flash SZ 10.5° Even Flow blue S, and
                        15° (14) and 20° (19) Diamana Red M+60S
                        APEX 23° HKuro Kage Black 80 S
                        M6 5-AW C-Taper 120 S
                        PM Grind 19 54°and 58° HI-REV 2.0 W
                        Palm Beach
                        ERC Soft with TTT

                        Proud to be a part of the 2019 Odyssey Experience


                        • #72
                          I'll take Dustin Johnson

                          Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
                          Driver: 2016 Callaway XR16 10.5*
                          3W: 2016 Callaway XR16 15*
                          3 Hybrid: SLDR 19*
                          Irons: 2019 Callaway Apex Irons 4-AW
                          Wedges: Mack Daddy 3 56* S grind and 60* W grind
                          Putter: TFI 2135 1.0
                          Testing Wedges: XW-1 50, 54, 58

                          2019 Graphite Challenge with
                          2019 Championship Participant @ Firestone CC


                          • #73
                            I'll take Tiger for the official contest pick, but I could see Rory, Brooks, DJ, or Phil taking it home... in that order.
                            C130 bag & 3.5+
                            M5 440 9° w/ HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 @ 45.5"
                            Epic Flash SZ 3wd w/ Rogue Max 85X @ 42.5"
                            M4 5wd w/ HZRDUS Black 6.0 @ 42"
                            Dynacraft Genesis 4h w/ LZ 6.0
                            Dynacraft Prophet MB 5-PW w/ LZ 6.0
                            Titleist Vokey SM6 52F, 56F, 60L w/ Modus3 125 wedge shafts
                            Stroke Lab Marxman @ 33" w/ Flatso 3.0
                            Tour Velvet & Snell MTB or ChromeSoft X
                            SLDR 3h w/ HZRDUS Black 85g, 6.0
                            VS Proto 70X @ 44.25" HZRDUS Black 75g, 6.0 @ 44.5" & AccuFLEX Evolution R @ 44.5"
                            Wishon 550c 5-6 & 550m 7-PW w/ Modus3 Tour 120 stiff shafts


                            • #74
                              I'm going to take DJ.
                              Honored to be a part of Team THP for the 2019 #TheGrandaddy with Callaway Golf

                              Driver: Epic Flash SZ 9* -1/N HZRDUS Yellow 75 (#THCE Edition)
                              3-Wood: Rogue SZ 15* HZRDUS Yellow 75 HandCrafted
                              Hybrid: TBD in December 2019
                              Irons: XR Pro 4-PW
                              Wedges: MD3 50* 54* and 60* TBD in December 2019
                              Putter: Stroke Lab Marxman


                              • #75
                                If you are coming to the event this week and the weather stays like it is today, forget what you’ve heard about Monterey! It’s is a scorcher!!!!!!

                                Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
                                DRIVER: XR 16 10.5* (N +2*) with Hand Crafted shaft with #FiberLaunch technology #THCE
                                FAIRWAY: Big Bertha V Series Heavenwood stiff
                                HYBRIDS: 2017 M2 4&5 hybrids regular
                                IRONS: P790 with Recoils with smacwrap 760 es F3
                                WEDGES: SM7 54 S grind & 58 D grind
                                PUTTER: O works #1WS black edition
                                BALL: SNELL MTB Red in Optic Yellowy


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