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  • I would try a 4Hyb with and an iron to the green or somewhere to the left or right of it! The driver is not consistent enough yet.
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    • Hybrid is the smart play for me in that situation but more than likely hitting driver if I donít have a great score going.
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      • Id hit a 3H, get it into the fairway and trust my irons. For me, an 8 or 9-iron isnt any more risky than a wedge, so theres no reason to hit driver or even 3-wood.
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        • 3W, much easier taking a full shot wedge. Although, on Par 5ís, Iíve gone away from hitting an iron to leave a full whatever. Doing a bit more ďgoing after itĒ if hole and conditions warrant it. If I can get it close enough to chip, Iíll do that instead of throttling back.

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          • No question, 3-wood and a full swing with the wedge.

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            • After todayís round, also going to change to 3w, full wedge. 3/3 fir, gir with that strategy today.

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              • I should play Hybrid for that and if it puts me that close, I would no hesitation.
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                • 5W / 4h all day long for me
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                  • I'm pulling 5W off the tee and putting my second shot in the hands of a short iron. I have a lot more confidence with that rather than a full wedge that I could leave left or short.
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                    • nothing of special concern on the hole? No dogleg? fairly wide hole? No real trouble except for a bad miss? Im using driver and getting close as I can. Maybe I miss hit some and end up a bit further back and or off to one side but as long as not wild who cares?

                      Add a leg or some obstacle or something I have to deal with that makes the shot one in which is now varied from a basic golf shot?, then Im using a shorter club on this shorter hole like I do on any such hole that requires something a little special.

                      Im all for managing according to ability and playing smart but when there is no real reason and the shot is a basic golf shot then too bad on me if I hit it badly.

                      That said,....if I were in a competition and havnt been hitting driver well at all then id hit the next longest club I feel I will hit the best with. Other than that and given no obstacles or special circumstances to deal with, a basic shot is just a basic shot. Im taking it and ill deal with the results.

                      I use to always automatically use a shorter club on shorter holes but then I realized if the given hole has little to nothing special about it (like a dog leg perhaps) , it doesn't really help anything. So I hit driver and get closer.
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                      • Utility iron...I should probably play it 90% of the time anyway...
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                        • Originally posted by SouthernShred View Post
                          Utility iron...I should probably play it 90% of the time anyway...
                          Nah. Shredster goes Driver/putter. Boom!
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                          • I am going to run the math in my head and roll with what gives me the best long term average score...unless I have a chance, lets say this is the 18th hole and I have a chance for a PR I am going for what gives me the best shot to make that score if I hit it well. Since my definition of wide and yours may vary, not really enough info for an informed response but going with the math always means being able to calculate the risk reward and hit the right shot, even if it does not pay off in any given instance.


                            • Originally posted by Canadan View Post
                              Here's the scenario:

                              - You're playing the sensible set of tees.
                              - Hole is plenty wide, but any sort of spray is out of play.
                              - Driver puts you at a 3/4 wedge from the green.
                              - 3 wood gives you one of your wedges at full swing distance.
                              - 5w/hybrid/UT gives you somewhere in the 8-9-PW full swing.
                              - Long iron gives you a 6 or a 7.

                              Green is mid size, but there's ugly left (bad bunker) and water short and right.

                              What do you think you SHOULD hit off the tee, and be honest, what WOULD you hit off the tee? Why?
                              You just described #3 on the South Course at Sontera CC in San Antonio, lol. It's my weaker hybrid to a full PW every time!
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                              6-PW Irons: X-Forged, Stiff
                              Wedges: 53-degree Diadic, 60-degree CG12
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                              • Iíd go with hybrid, but thatís what I use off the tee on every hole that isnít a par 3 (and some that are).
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                                Hybrids-- Mashie 3 and 4
                                Irons-- Acer XS HT 5-9, PW, AW, and SW
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