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What would you shoot at The Masters?


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  • What would you shoot at The Masters?


    Lets say you got to play a round at Augusta National. What do you think your score would be?

    For me, I doubt I would break 100, with a TON of 5 jacks on the greens! [emoji23]

    What say you?
    Bag: Pro 6 Way
    Driver: 2017 M2 w/ Evenfllow
    Hybo: JPX CLK 16deg
    Irons: MP-18 MMC 3FLi-hi, 4-PW
    Wedges: MD4 Tactical 50-54-60
    Putter: HB Soft 8.5

    Proud Member of Team Paradise at the 2017 Morgan cup
    Team White in 2017 #SnellKickoff thanks to THP & Snell!

  • #2
    Tournament condition? Those tees?

    - M6 9.0 -
    UST Mamiya LIN-Q Blue 77F5
    TaylorMade - Original One 13.5 - Fujikura Evolution V X
    PING - G410 19.0/22.0 - Alta CB 70S
    Callaway - Apex CF19 Combo 5-PW - True Temper Elevate X100
    Cleveland - RTX4 Raw 48M/54M/60XL - DG TI S400
    - Tour Proto Savage Too -
    Center-Shaft 373g
    Taylormade - 2019 TP5x


    • #3
      140 from those tees and on those greens.
      2019 Participant in Ben Hogan Experience!
      2018 Participant in Ultimate Testing with Titleist!
      Proud member of Shaft Up #1 and Shaft Up Finale with UST Mamiya

      TS2 Evenflow White
      3 Wood- TS2 Evenflow White
      Hybrid- XR
      4-PW- 565 Recoil F4 110
      50/54/58- RTX-3 Recoil F4 125
      Putter- Bettinardi


      • #4
        Tournament conditions and those tees? I would be happy to double bogey every hole so 110 would be amazing.

        Realistically were looking at 130+
        #MorganCup #TeamParadise


        • #5
          Championship tees and pin locations......115 maybe!!!!
          Callaway Epic 10.5, Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 5 Shaft (R)
          Callaway Rogue 3 Wood Evenflow Blue 65 Shaft (R)
          Rogue Hybrids (3,4) Evenflow Blue 85 Shafts R
          Callaway CF 16 Irons 5-AW Recoil Proto 95 Shafts F3
          Callaway MD Wedges, 54, 58 Recoil Proto 95 Shafts F3
          Putter: Cameron Newport, 34"


          • #6
            My low-spin approach game and awful short game would get destroyed out there. I'd be lucky to break 100.
            Epic Flash 9.5* [Tour AD-IZ 7x]
            Epic Flash Sub Zero 15* [Tour AD-IZ 7x]
            Big Bertha 3H & 4H [Tour AD-DI 95 S]
            Apex Pro '19 5-AW [DG Tour Issue 120 S-400]
            MD4 56* S-Grind & PM Grind 60* [DG Tour Issue 120 S-400]
            Odyssey Stroke Lab ONE
            Chrome Soft X


            • #7
              In tournament conditions, I would be thrilled to break 115.
              GBB Epic Sub Zero 15
              Apex Hybrid 20
              Tour V6 Irons
              Mack Daddy 4 W Grind 50, 54 & 60
              Custom MySpider Tour
              Chrome Soft
              Tour X


              • #8
                I'm confident I could break 70

                on the front 9
                Driver: Cobra KING F9 9 | Fairway: Cobra KING F8+ Frankenwood
                Hybrid: Adams Pro Mini | Hybrid: Wilson Staff c300
                Irons: Wilson Staff c300 Forged 5i-PW | Gap Wedge: Tommy Armour VCG
                Sand Wedge: Nike Engage Toe Sweep | Lob Wedge: Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP Gun Blue
                Putter: SWAG Handsome One Vice | Glove: Puma Pro Hybrid


                • #9
                  Masters’ conditions? I’d like to like to think I could break triple bogey golf.
                  In my Alpha Convoy RTC or Super Swirl stand bag

                  Epic Flash SZ 10.5 Even Flow blue S, and
                  15 (14) and 20 (19) Diamana Red M+60S
                  APEX 23 HKuro Kage Black 80 S
                  M6 5-AW C-Taper 120 S
                  PM Grind 19 54and 58 HI-REV 2.0 W
                  Palm Beach
                  ERC Soft with TTT

                  Proud to be a part of the 2019 Odyssey Experience


                  • #10
                    I have no idea how to putt on fast greens so definitely 3 digits

                    Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
                    Driver- G400 Max with Xstiff KK
                    4 wood- Callaway Rogue w/ Hzrdus Yellow
                    Irons- 4-P Callaway Apex pro 16
                    Wedges- SM7 + MD4
                    Putter- Odyssey 2CSM


                    • #11
                      62 no problem. #Internetgolfer
                      Driver: GBB EPIC 10.5 HZRDUS 6.0
                      3 Wood: XR16 Pro
                      Utility: X Forged UT 18* C Taper Light
                      Irons: JPX 900 Forged 4-PW LZ 6.0
                      Wedge: MD4 50*,54*,58*
                      Putter: Cameron & Crown Mallet 1


                      • #12
                        At least 110... although i played the back 9 to 40 in our winter sim league [emoji23]
                        Custom fit by Danny Le at @ #ShaftUp2
                        Epic SZ 10.5* N/S Helium Prototype 59g F5

                        Rogue 3W VTS Silver 8F4
                        Steelhead XR 5W VTS Silver 8F4
                        Apex 4-AW Recoil 780 ES f4
                        CBX 54* Wedge Proto
                        RTX3 58* Wedge Proto
                        Big T V-Line CS

                        Proud member of #TeamRedemption


                        • #13
                          M9 Cart Bag
                          M1 2017
                          Exotics EX10 Beta 4W (16.5*)
                          King F7 #3-4H (19.5*)
                          Edge 5-PW
                          F8 5-GW
                          RTX-3 CB 54* & 68*
                          TFI 2135 1.0
                          Z Star


                          • #14

                            Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro


                            • #15
                              205? I mean, those greens that pressure? Nah. Im good.
                              In My 2018 #TheGrandaddy
                              Alpha Convoy cart bag:
                              Driver: Epic Flash
                              FW: Epic Flash 3w
                              Hybrids: Big Bertha 3/4/5 Recoil ZT9 F4
                              Irons: Big Bertha 5-AW Recoil ZT9 F4
                              Wedges: 2019 PM Grind 54 Recoil 95 F3
                              Putter: Stroke Lab 2 Ball Fang OR Stroke Lab EXO 2 Ball
                              Ball: ERC Soft


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