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To twirl or not to twirl, that is the question.


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    I'll throw a twirl on fades but not draws... goes with the shot shape
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    H85 20 & 23 HZRDUS Black
    Z-Forged 5-PW Nippon Modus 120S | RTX-4 Black 50 54 58 Nippon Modus 120S
    SWAG Suave Too
    Z-Star XV | Tour B XS


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      Love the twirl after a well struck ball.

      Tend to do it a lot on the range while watching the ball flight.
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      C200 4 - AW, Cleveland RTX-3 54* & 58*
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        I need to work on my club twirling skills.

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        Driver: Cobra King F9 speedback 10.5* driver (yellow), tour length UST Helium 5F4 stiff shaft
        Fairway: Cobra King F9 speedback 3-4 wood (avalanche white) with Atmos blue 7 stiff shaft.
        Cobra King F9 speedback 5-6 wood (avalanche white) with Atmos blue 7 stiff shaft.
        Cobra King F9 speedback 7-8 wood (avalanche white) with Atmos blue 7 stiff shaft.
        Irons: Cobra Forged TEC Black 5i-GW. Nippon Modus3 Tour 105 stiff shafts.
        Wedges: Cobra King black wedge 54* (bent to 55*), Versatile grind. Nippon Modus3 Tour 105 stiff shaft.
        Cobra King black wedge 58* (bent to 59*), Versatile grind. Nippon Modus3 Tour 105 stiff shaft.
        Putter: Odyssey Exo 7 counterbalanced
        Ball: ProV1x / TP5 / Snell MTB.


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          Originally posted by MWard View Post
          Flick your right thumb across the grip, and then pose for admirers to enjoy the sauciness.
          Sounds difficult! [emoji89]

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          Bag: Pro 6 Way
          Driver: 2017 M2 w/ Evenfllow
          Hybo: JPX CLK 16deg
          Irons: MP-18 MMC 3FLi-hi, 4-PW
          Wedges: MD4 Tactical 50-54-60
          Putter: HB Soft 8.5

          Proud Member of Team Paradise at the 2017 Morgan cup
          Team White in 2017 #SnellKickoff thanks to THP & Snell!


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            I'm more likely to go for the pre-apex tee grab than the twirl, although I should try to work it into the repertoire.
            What's in the Ogio Grandaddy bag:
            Driver: Rogue 10.5* - HZRDUS Yellow 6.0 63g
            FW: GBB 3W 15* - HZRDUS T800 6.0 65g
            Hybrid: Apex 2H 18* - Mitsubishi Kuro Kage
            Irons: XR Pro 4-AW - True Temper XP 95 S300
            Wedges: RTX-3 54/11, 58/6 - True Temper Dynamic Gold Wedge
            Putter: EXO Rossie 34"
            Ball: ChromeSoft/ Penta TP/TP5


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              I typically go twirl, twirl, slam as I screw up the 3rd on a par 5.
              Epic / Aldila Rogue
              Epic 3W & 7W / ProjectX Hzrdus
              Epic 3H & 4H / Recoil ES 780 F4
              Apex CF 16 5-A / UST Recoil 110 F4
              RTX 3.0 CB 54 & 58 / UST Recoil 110 F5
              Evnroll ER2

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                Originally posted by 93civiccpe View Post
                I need to work on my club twirling skills.

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                I need to work on hitting the ball well enough to work on a club twirl.

                Dirver Bio Cell 10.5
                Fairway V Steel 4w 17*
                Hybrid Altitude 3 Graphite
                Irons Exotics XCG6 4-pw
                Wedges ATV 50,54,58
                Putter Spider Tour Black
                Ball Zip/DUO
                coin ball marker


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                  On well-struck shots I have been known to twirl
                  Bag - Tech Lock

                  Driver - Epic Flash Subzero 9* - Evenflow Green 6.0
                  Fairway - Epic Flash Subzero 3W 15* - Evenflow Green 6.0

                  Utility - ZU85 18* - Recoil 95 F4

                  Irons - Z785 4i - 6i, Z-Forged 7i - PW NS Pro Modus3 Tour 105

                  Wedges - RTX4 50/54/58 Tour Satin - DG S400

                  Putter - O-Works 1W
                  Ball - Chrome Soft X

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                    Nope, I just try not to fall over

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                    Callaway EPIC Flash SZ TD 9* GD AD BB 7X
                    testing UST Mamiya Lin-Q 6F5 (thanks Obedt)
                    Titleist TS2 15* PX Hzrdus Smoke 6.5
                    Titleist TS2 21* Fuji Atmos red 6X
                    Callaway EPIC Flash 11 wood Evenflow black 7X
                    Callaway CF19 APEX Pro 5-AW PX Catalyst 100 6.0
                    Titleist SM7 54* PX Catalyst 100 6.0
                    Titleist SM7 58* PX Catalyst 100
                    Toulon 19 Atlanta


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                      I've never done it. I guess that makes for something else I need to practice!

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                      Driver-Callaway Rogue
                      3w and 5w -Taylor Made Aero Burner
                      Irons-4-G Mizuno JPX 900 Forged
                      Cleveland 60* Lob
                      Cleveland SW
                      Ping Answer 2i putter


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                        I'm very thankful that I don't twirl, and if I ever start for some reason I'll do my best to stop.


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                          No twirl, but I've been busted as a poser in my youth. Nowadays, when I pose it's more because I'm trying to see where the hell the ball went. Which I'll say when someone calls me a poser. "Dude, I can barely see my ball, I gotta stare."
                          Cobra F8 driver
                          Cobra F8 One Length 3H-PW
                          Ping G20 AW & SW
                          Odyssey #9
                          Ogio Shredder bag
                          A ball

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                            Mine is a chiburi ... the circular whipping motion used to remove blood from a Japanese sword. Only on particularly good iron shots or putts, though.

                            G30 10.5 Driver
                            G30 3W, 5W (14.5, 18) Fairway Woods
                            G30 4-9 Irons
                            G30 P, U, S, L (45, 50, 54, 58) Wedges
                            NGC Condor P4 mallet Putter
                            X-Outs Balls
                            U-Series 4.0 Cart Bag


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                              Nope, I'm a pick up my tee before the ball lands kind of guy.


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                                Originally posted by Nate View Post
                                Nope, I'm a pick up my tee before the ball lands kind of guy.
                                This and a club twirl on really well struck shots... so maybe once a round haha.
                                In my Hauler Grandaddy Bag:
                                F9 with HZRDUS Smoke
                                Rogue 3/5 wood- HZRDUS Yellow
                                4-PW ONE F9 with C Taper Lites
                                MD4 50, 55 and 60 wedges
                                Phantom X 6 STR
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