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    I play with an extreme range of golfers. My Uncle can shoot 120 and a friend can shoot 65.

    I never really worry about how anyone else is playing. It's always me against the course.

    The only time it's different is in a match play situation.
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      I've got a group of 3 buddies that I usually play with and we go out as a foursome a couple of times a week. Sometimes we get a few more golfers and split into threesomes. We all play about the same, and we enjoy the friendship, bantering, and always root for each other to play their best.
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        I play 9 holes once a week with a group of guys.

        By group of guys its like 30 people. It's almost like a little mini golf league. We have a huge email list and people just check in if they plan on playing. Its really all skill levels and the guy who first started the group keeps the handicaps of everyone. We mix it up into teams and the craziness and betting is fun. I would play with anyone of them any day. The group plays monday, wednesday, and friday and I usually catch them on fridays.

        They are all ages too which is cool. Nothing like watching an 80 year old beat young bucks like myself lol.

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          How much are you playing for? If it doesnít have at least 2 commas, who cares? I play with guys I give 14 strokes each. They havenít had a sniff of winning in 20+ years. Itís about being out and having fun at each otherís expense. Now, I take it a *bit* more seriously then they do and maybe play a few more rounds as a single to keep my game in shape, but they donít care if I win by 3 or 13. We had never exchanged a dollar until our recent Ocean City trip just to get them to bear down a bit and spice things up. I think I made 12 bucks over 3 rounds. It went into the drink kitty at the bar. Yes, I sometimes get a bit complacent at times knowing I donít have to try very hard, but I realize Iím doing it and buckle down again. As a single with strangers Iím usually 3-4 strokes better because Iím not thinking of insults aimed at my buddies.

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            We play with a group of senior golfers, 12-20 on any given day. We get teamed up randomly. I seem to do better when playing with better players. Maybe I just get better reads on the greens.
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