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Do you use a single ball (brand and type) when you play?


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    Originally posted by golfandpuff View Post
    If I find something I have not hit new model in good shape I may hit it a few times per round to compare with what I started round with.

    On a side if anyone has new 1st year csx I want some. I hate the graphene feel, sorry.

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    Sort through what you get, take out the 1st gen, sell the others.

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    C130 bag & 3.5+
    M5 440 9° w/ HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 @ 45.5"
    Epic Flash SZ 3wd w/ Rogue Max 85X @ 42.5"
    M4 5wd w/ HZRDUS Black 6.0 @ 42"
    Dynacraft Genesis 4h w/ LZ 6.0
    Dynacraft Prophet MB 5-PW w/ LZ 6.0
    Titleist Vokey SM6 52F, 56F, 60L w/ Modus3 125 wedge shafts
    Stroke Lab Marxman @ 33" w/ Flatso 3.0
    Tour Velvet & Snell MTB or ChromeSoft X
    SLDR 3h w/ HZRDUS Black 85g, 6.0
    VS Proto 70X @ 44.25"
    HZRDUS Black 75g, 6.0 @ 44.5"
    AccuFLEX Evolution R @ 44.5"
    Wishon 550c 5-6 & 550m 7-PW w/ Modus3 Tour 120 stiff shafts


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      I play one one ball brand as my “gamer”

      If I find balls that are “good”
      And in good shape i’ll save them and give them to friends who just pick stuff up and play randomly
      F9 Speedback Avalanche 10.5° Driver HZRDUS Smoke Black 60
      F9 Speedback Yellow 14.5° Fwy HZRDUS Red 75
      F9 Speedback Pink 18.5° Fwy HZRDUS Red 65
      F9 Speedback 4i Catalyst 80 6.0
      F9 Speedback Pink 5-GW Modus 3 Tour 105 Stiff
      King Black 52°/56°/60° Modus 3 Tour 105 Stiff

      NEAD 8802 303 Stainless; Bronze Face/Bronze Stripe Rear Flange

      Black Cobra Connect UTX
      Truvis Shaka Ball



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        One brand and model ball...all the time...even when practicing.

        If you think using different balls affects your putting, just try mixing balls when practicing chipping or pitching!
        R15 Driver - Rogue Fairway Metal - 5DX IronWood 3 & 4 Hybrids - AP2 716 with KBS Tour 90 Taper regular 4-9 irons - Vokey Wedges 48, 52, 56 & Pro V1 ball - Scottsdale Pickemup Putter


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          My go-to’s are Callaway Superhot Bold and Truvis. I have no problem playing random balls that I find if they’re in good shape and it’s actually allowed me to try various balls that I may not have purchased otherwise.

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          In my Four 5 Bag:
          Driver: Rogue w/ Recoil ES 450
          Fairway Woods: Big Bertha Fusion 3 and 5 w/ Recoil ES 450
          Irons: Apex CF16 (4-AW) w/ Tour 90
          Wedges: MD3 S-Grind 54*, PM Grind 60* w/ Tour V 100
          Toulon Memphis 34"
          SuperHot Bold

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          - 2016 #TheGrandaddy Champions with and
          Team Green - 2016 Get Cured Team Match Play Event


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            Only use one ball. Right now it is AXV since it is lower spinning and we are in the windy season here in Texas. On calmer days I’ll use a Vice Pro+ since it spins more.

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            Callaway Epic Flash SZ set to 9.5 w/ HZDRUS Smoke 6.5 70g
            Callaway Epic Flash SZ 3W+ w/ HZDRUS Smoke
            Ping I500 3-PW w/ DG 120g
            Titleist SM7 48
            Titleist SM7 54
            Titleist SM7 60
            Odyssey O-Works #2 Putter
            Pro V1 or Vice Pro+ Red


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              I only use 1 type of ball during a round

              In my bag I have Chromesoft X, but I also have a dozen Chromesoft that I will most likely put in to play when the weather cools down
              If I find any balls on the course whilst playing I will keep them to give to Jen as, at her level of ability, it doesn't make much difference to her which ball she uses
              Bag - Tech Lock

              Driver - Epic Flash Subzero 9* - Evenflow Green 6.0
              Fairway - Epic Flash Subzero 3W 15* - Evenflow Green 6.0

              Utility - ZU85 18* - Recoil 95 F4

              Irons - Z785 4i - 6i, Z-Forged 7i - PW NS Pro Modus3 Tour 105

              Wedges - RTX4 50/54/58 Tour Satin - DG S400

              Putter - O-Works 1W
              Ball - Chrome Soft X

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                Same ball and model for 15 years now. Even the same ball in my shag bag(s).
                Driver: M4 w/ Aerotech TI Fiber Tour 70 F5 Flex
                4W: M2 w/ Tensei CK 70G X-Flex
                3I : G410 Crossover W/ Stock Tour Shaft S-Flex
                Irons: JPX900 4-P w/ 130g C-Taper X-Flex
                GW: 51 degree Hi-Toe W/ 130g C-Taper X-Flex
                SW: 54 degree MG W/ 130g C-Taper X-Flex
                LW: 58 degree MG W/ 130g C-Taper X-Flex
                Putter: Newport 2


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                  In practice rounds I only putt with a same new ball, which is different from the same near new ball I have been walloping around the course. If the game ball gets bladed, cart path, tree etc I get a new one. I mark two dots on the putter ball... 1 dot on the play ball. In regular rounds scoring, bets etc I use 2 new balls per 9 and carry a wet microfiber towel to clean ball/ club. I am also mindful water is left, wind is right to left and I draw the don't go there somehow before I pull a club....I don't like losing balls either, but consider the penalty stroke worse than the lost ball cost. little off topic...
                  ST-190 Driver / Graphite Design Tour AD I-Z 8x
                  CB Pro F2 15.5 / Fujikura Fuel 70x TS
                  CB Pro f2 18 / Fujikura Speeder 757 Evolution x
                  Ezone MB 3,4i Matrix Altus, 5-7i XP100x, 8-PW X100
                  Wedge Series 51,55,59 DG wedge
                  SC Red X5 Putter 33.75
                  Tour B xs


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                    Always the same ball...always. Found balls are strictly for the shag bag at home

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                    Proud Member of Team 99 Malort & 2017 Callaway Gauntlet Champs!

                    G410 Plus 9* Fujikura Atmos Black TS 7X
                    3WOOD: TS2 13.5* (B2) PX Even Flow T1100 6.5 (Tipped 1")
                    3 HYBRID: Aeroburner 19* Accra FX-H300
                    4-PW IRONS: Z765 2* Flat KBS Tour X-Flex 130
                    WEDGES: Vokey SM7 Brushed Steel: 50F, 54F, and 60D with TT DG S400 Tour Issue
                    PUTTER: Mullen 2 Brushed Copper 34”
                    BALL: ERC Soft


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                      one ball brand/type per round...but different for different rounds.
                      I have my tournament balls (Bridgestone 330)
                      I have my "scramble with prizes" balls...found Pro-V1s
                      and I have my "just hacking around with the regular foursome" which will be 3 of whatever brand I have 3 of, with my custom marking job on them. Pretty much anything except the rocks known as Top Flite


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                        I play two different balls mostly just depending on how I am feeling. If I am not playing well or feel tight I play the cheap Wilson double dozen Zip. Its actually a really good ball for the cheap price and doesn't hurt my feelings if I lose a few. If I am playing well and feeling good, I go with Srixon Z-Stars. They are just a fabulous ball and work really well for my game when my game is on.
                        King F9 Tour Length Driver Prototype Stiff Shaft
                        King F8 3/4W Pro Green 7/8W NVS
                        Steelhead XR 3H Stiff Shaft
                        King Forged TEC Black 5i-PW Recoil 780 F3 Black SW
                        CBX Wedges 50*, 54*, 58* Rotex Shafts
                        Huntington Beach #1
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                          I play the same ball all round. That being said, I will play about 4 or 5 different balls that all suit my game.

                          If I find others on the course, they go in the bag for hitting into the woods at the house.
                          Always remember, the same country that invented golf and called it a game, invented bag pipes and called it music.


                          Driver and FW:
                          Cobra F9 10.5, 45", Fujikura Vista Pro 55, R, Jumbo Pure
                          XR16 5 Wood, Fujikura Vista Pro 55, R, Jumbo Pure

                          Big Bertha 4H, Mamiya Recoil ES, 460, F3, R, Jumbo Pure
                          Big Bertha 5H, Mamiya Recoil ES, 460, F3, R, Jumbo Pure
                          Big Bertha 6H, Mamiya Recoil ES, 460, F3, R, Jumbo Pure

                          Ping G30, 6I, Nippon NS Pro Zelos 7, R, Jumbo Pure
                          Ping G30, 7I, Nippon NS Pro Zelos 7, R, Jumbo Pure
                          Ping G30, 8I, Nippon NS Pro Zelos 7, R, Jumbo Pure
                          Ping G30, 9I, Nippon NS Pro Zelos 7, R, Jumbo Pure

                          Ping G30, PW, Nippon NS Pro Zelos 7, R, Jumbo Pure
                          Vokey VM7, 50, Mid Bounce, Jumbo Pure
                          Cleveland RTX4, 56, 2dot, True Temper Dynamic Gold, Jumbo Pure
                          Cleveland RTX3, 60, 2dot, True Temper Dynamic Gold, Jumbo Pure

                          Odyssey, Red Ball, WinnPro 1.18 Grips

                          E-12 Soft, TP5 or ProV1



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                            I'll play the ProV1 pretty much all the time. Sometimes I might switch it off and play the TP5X once in a while

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                            Driver: TS2 HZRDUS Smoke 6.0
                            Fairways: TS2 13.5* & TS2 19* HZRDUS Smoke
                            Irons: 718 T-MB 4-iron & AP3 5-PW Pxi 5.5 MCC Align
                            Wedges: Vokeys SM6 48*, 52*, 56*
                            Putter: Newport
                            Ball: ProV1

                            2017 Ultimate Club Testing Event w/ Titleist
                            2018 THP Championship
                            2019 ????

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                              I will play the same brand of ball the whole round. I have been trying different ones throughout the last year and will be sticking with the Bridgestone Tour B RX. Any balls I find go to the son in law.
                              Driver- Epic Flash with a Hzrdus Smoke Shaft
                              Fairway- Epic Flash 3W with a Hzrdus Smoke Shaft
                              Hybrid- Big Bertha 4-5
                              Irons- Big bertha 6-SW
                              Wedges- 56/PM grind 60/PM grind
                              Iron Shafts- Recoils
                              Putter- Stroke Lab EXO Marxman & Toulon Las Vegas
                              Bag- Swirl stand bag & Callaway F14 stand bag

                              Proud to be a member of the 2019 Odyssey Experience


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                                Always the same- TM Project (a) or TP5, they're often easily found recycled for about $1.50 each, all my regulars know that's my brand, so there's rarely any question about which is mine, and I like the consistency of play.


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